The Restructured Truth Pattern

So much energy is on the move lately, I am seriously challenged to stop in the midst of it and write my Whitehawk perceptions and experiences here on this blog. Moreover, I’ve been in a wave in which the body has been challenged to assimilate so much energetic change without numerous difficulties springing up. It happens.

images-4This is an amazing, amazing journey we’re on, friends. What we are on the very brink of ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ as earth-dwellers is just… eiye! Old words like “transformation,” “ascension,” “shift,” and “transmutation” I fear can’t do justice to the “incoming.” We’ve heard them for so many years, they’ve sort of lost their juice over the long haul.

You, like me and so many seekers/pathfinders/way-showers, have been exceptionally (or excruciatingly) aware of an acceleration of deep change going on currently. Much of it can feel somewhat like a living evisceration. Not at all pleasant, having one’s life at its deepest levels just start ripping into a heap of debris not only all around you, but within you. I know “evisceration”! It can wreak major havoc with one’s faith in what we’ve believed is going on here, for decades… even from pre-incarnation, where we signed up to be here for the big show. I mean, survival through all this kinda begs for some acknowledgment, would you agree? (I know, patience.. )

As an aside, a quick shout-out re: our beloved canine companions, many of whom seem to be involved in a mass exodus from this plane currently. The sad reports of dogs suddenly becoming very ill and dying within hours seem to be constant lately. Just mentioning. Exactly why, or what it means, I can’t say. Maybe they are going before to become guides for their ‘people’ in higher realms? A nice thought, at least. Woof  :)

Meanwhile, back at the morphing ranch: what has been considered “the way it is” for centuries is falling. Not only all the deeply held structures of this world – those structures that were originally sold to the people as “life enhancing” … the very stuff we think of as “foundations of civilization” – but also the relatively NEW ideas that have come down the pike since, say, the “peace movement” of the 60’s are being dismantled. Many “progressive” notions re: what to DO here are approaching likely dissolution. Also many “new age” thoughts, as well, are antiquating and dropping away. Dropping away…

images-2What’s coming is such radically different “scaffolding” our 3D psyches will be challenged to accept much of it, if we can even entertain some if it in the first place. This scaffolding upon which our reality (personal and collective) is constructed IS heading into deep and profound change. Awakening human consciousness facilitates this change.. we are like the monkeys in the trees flying from vine to vine across the jungle, knowing that the next vine will be there to keep us from splatting on the ground below—while others are on the ground looking up, slack-jawed, utterly afraid of heights—and “letting go” of that last vine in faith that the next one is JUST within our grasp!

images-1Yes folks I just analogized myself and kindred others as monkeys swinging in jungle canopies. We may merely seem like so many crazy apes up there to others who can not release their secure (habitual) grip on ground level, but we are paving the way in the noosphere for everyone who wants to – who feel inspired enough to GO FOR IT – to follow. This is no small ‘service,’ regardless of whether or not we’re stopping to report our experiences and findings in blogs or on youtube or what have you.

I am SO far behind my personal sharings on this blog at this point (some donations would be encouraging, hint hint)… it’s starting to look herculean to get them up here. Writing is NOT an easy thing, lest you think it must be for someone like me to step up and do it to the extent I have here over the years. It’s WORK, and it’s time consuming, and by the way, from this end it’s been by and large a one-way energetic flow – from me to you. Won’t you please find the pink heart button and pitch in if you are able?? Thank you!

About The Restructured Truth Pattern. I saw those words in a title on an etheric book. I read the title, glanced away, then looked back at the book, and that title had already changed. I got the point! Almost everything we think we know as “true” is about to HOLD TRUE NO LONGER. Just… prepare for this. Some of us have debated about science and politics and eco-concerns and spiritual ideas/ideals etc etc all our lives, as though we “knew stuff.” We’ve read books and newspapers and have watched news, we know things, right? Well, what we thought we knew, we likely didn’t. But our egos sure did get their rah-rahs believing we knew, didn’t they! The era of egoic domination, like so much else, is passing. Let it go. Open to what’s coming, because it’s so vastly better!

Yes, in between the paradigms is some chaos. No way around it. C’est la vie. Just don’t lose faith.

We don’t know much about what is soon to unfold. What’s coming had no scaffolding to project itself onto, you see, even for most “evolved” people with “vision” or “contacts upstairs” or what have you. The scaffolding that would hold those “what’s coming” projections hasn’t existed before. Many of the stories or information that’s come down the pike over the years were hunches of possible outcomes. For myriad reasons, what we actually will experience will be entirely fresh.

If we just hold on and know that we’re on the right track if we practice not judging harshly, and seek ways to extend kindness or support to others, and, in general, in the hundreds of little choices we make daily, where one choice “shines brighter” than another… choose that brighter option, even if it is a wee bit out of your way to do so.

Remember, humanity is a weave of light in a shifting divine hologram. We can be circuits that keep allowing that light to flow forward and expand out – ever expanding…  OR we can be a glitch that gloms up the flow, and disrupts the delivery of exactly that which we crave!  Who wants to be that point where the signal either just stops, or gets backed up into a gnarly mess of entanglement when all systems at this point are geared for go:go:go:flow:flow:flow?

Out storyline is changing into something we may not even recognize as a story, or a line, because chronological time will soon give way to KAIROS, about which I’ve written here before – the ever-unfolding OPPORTUNE moment. The moment in which we always make the more kind, loving, enlightened choice and the world LIGHTENS accordingly in response. Sacred synchronicity. Or, to borrow an old phrase from Deepak: SynchroDestiny.

So: practice, practice, practice BEING the divine ascension. We are ingeniously distributed all throughout this vast, mass restructuring in order to support – and be supported by – one another.

Shine on,

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One comment on “The Restructured Truth Pattern

  1. Hi fellow spirit monkeys , these recent energies are the most powerfull as of yet , for me, I way back cut loose my brain & activated my heart/intuition & stayed in my vortex,it makes no sense going inside oneself , being centered, balanced,alert of syncronicities & the many downloads that just come from inner standing.I have tried wakeing up my son,his wife & son &_they for long thought I was insane.I can now see these energies effecting them positively, although I do believe my 360° illuminated head may be partly responsible.they’re now watching history channel/UFO’s etc.they both seen one , outside our phila.row home window, simotaniously .we have much work ahead I am ,we are one ,god & goddess’s .


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