Shifting Into the New – March 2015

10421281_10152519984812101_771199361539239041_nFollowing is a message from Steve Rother, delivered in 12/2014, discussing how we are about to emerge from the transitional portal we’ve been in since 12/2012,  late next month. It’s time we consider how we want to BE in this new 26,000 year ascended cycle, and prepare to be that, because it’s showtime.

The old will no longer hold; we are becoming free to be.

This version of the video has Greek subtitles. What the hey; I’m sympathizing with Greece right now.  :)  I’m rooting for them to rise victorious, free of the oppression and imposed austerity (ech what a word) they’ve endured by the capitalist elite – and I very much anticipate the rest of the world following suit. Greece has led the way in such amazing ways throughout history; I hold their success in the highest light to lead again. This is a big deal, and challenging. But we must have courage and move forward. OPA!

Meanwhile – the sooner we consciously (and enthusiastically) engage the NEW ENERGIES pouring in now (to permanently prevail in late March – Spring Equinox here in the States – according to this message), the truer to our soul’s incarnate purpose we’ll be — which inherently means the more FLOW we’ll know.

Our co-creation of the New Earth is accelerating. If you do not have a sense of yourSelf in the new light yet – try activating your magnificent Dream Machine that’s fueled by your oversoul AND the greater cosmos.

Affirm that what FEELS most like the truth of YOU to be and do in the new era is now coming online, and bask in that glorious glow of knowing.

You might be in for quite a surprise; something completely unexpected might show up to thrill and delight you – something that’s been waiting in the wings for the clearer frequencies to let it ride in on. Try not to let the past in any way overshadow or put drag on this; let it move freely into your awareness.

Then pay attention to the synchronicities that will be set in motion to call you forth.

Love!  W


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