Sacred Masc/Fem, Twin Souls, Tantric Sex, Shakti, Art

Venus & Her LoverI came upon this mature & worldly couple living a juicy, highly creative & colorful life in Ecuador.

They inspire me…

Perhaps you’ll appreciate this interesting pair in a 1:23:00 video interview with the Conscious Consumer Network. There’s much more info at their illustrious website, linked at the end.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that their hair is silver AND they’re wonderfully *luscious* with life!

ox W

(I’m noticing more and more North Americans are relocating to Ecuador. Apparently it averages 76º the year round, as opposed to the sweltering heat one might expect at the equator! And the cost of living is low, the ocean is there, and trees are filled with birdsong and drip with fruit. Sounds rather nice?? … I say this with a yard full of deer as I write … :))

Venus and Her Lover website


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