Awash In Eros

What I’m about to share with you I experienced four months ago. I’ve had this post started and sitting in draft form for some time because, well, it’s a tricky subject, and in all honestly I’m not clear how it will progress (it being what I’m involved in—in higher planes—in its early stages of emergence), and where we’ll end up with this phenomenon I’m about to discuss.

Actually the recent posts by others have been sort of filling a gap while I geared up to articulate this one.

All I can do is share my experience and all you can do is read it and perhaps ponder the implications as we move ahead into fields of radically different energies.

09ec38a3a76b2b76a5eec0569bea7e8bThis out-of-body adventure began as most of them do: I just suddenly realize I’m “somewhere,” as tho some aspect of myself got me there before my awareness caught up to the fact that I was out and about. (There’s an annoying mechanism that seems to cut off much of what happens there from memory here.)

So, “suddenly” I realize I’m seated at a table with a group of others – about ten to twelve people altogether. It seems I’m about to guide them in an experience of some sort. At the moment, we’re waiting – waiting for what isn’t yet clear.

Meanwhile, a man I dated briefly in college comes up from behind me, leans down over my left shoulder in a gesture of greeting. I reach up and stroke his face in acknowledgment of his arrival. (This man – a brief blip in my 3D storyline – has made quite a few appearances in my OBEs. I don’t understand this odd connection, but it’s there nonetheless. I have no unresolved issues re: him… we just seem to have a continuing alliance of sorts in 4D. There are a few ‘unlikely’ people I’ve known who turn up in this state with some regularity. Maybe someday I’ll understand why.)

I’m aware that these people in my group are feeling a bit awkward about what’s soon to transpire – which involves me, along with other facilitators and other groups also gathered nearby (think small-group ‘breakout sessions’ during a seminar) in a meadow-like setting.

Then I realize we’re about to introduce the concept of EROS as an energetic presence on the rise currently, and explore and introduce of the actual embodiment of it here on Earth.

Sexual Healing

This is a very expansive subject that will deeply influence the experience of being human in the ascended frequencies. I’ll just describe what happened in this very foundational beginner’s session that occurred in the “night schools” that most everyone – aware of this or not – attends while their bodies sleep. I’m feeling a bit tentative about entering this water myself (in attempt to describe this phenom), because I still grapple with the full picture of what it will really be like to have this energy in full swing on a planet where humans are so deeply wounded and distorted in this department.

To continue: my group is now up out of their seats, still obviously a little uneasy. The idea here is to acclimate them in a safe and caring setting to open to Eros.

Let me be clear: this is not to be confused with “sex orgy 101.”

It’s more aptly about humanity’s ability to engage and enjoy—celebrate, even—Eros as an aspect of the ascended self, in relation with ascended others. I keep coming back to the image I was given on a few occasions years ago about this incoming energy being effervescent—actually consisting of quantum bubbles! I know there’s a post here entitled “A Fine Fizz it Iz” that motivated readers can search out easily enough in the blog’s search box.

So, in a way we might draw a parallel of sorts between today’s energies and tomorrow’s incoming energies as akin to having enjoyed water for centuries, and NOW the water will be sparkling. What would swimming in clear, sparkling water would feel like? Rather a new sensation, ya? Maybe a bit more vivid or visceral?

As our session begins…

A man comes to serve in the capacity of “anointing” (for lack of a better word) the participants. How this looked was, people would stand before him with their arms outstretched toward him. If they had long sleeves, he would gently roll the sleeves up, exposing the arms up to the elbow. Then he would caringly ‘wash’ the person’s arms and hands with water he had there… similar to a baptismal scene, actually, but the water was applied to the hands and arms in a sacred manner instead of the head. This symbolized the purity of Eros, and the purity of the spirit in which we would begin experiencing it, which involved touch.

(As a little aside, I noticed the arrival of the facilitator for the next group over in the meadow – it was George Harrison! He quietly approached the group he’d be working with… and my attention returned to my own people, and our cleansing ritual in progress. Curiously, I’ve had a few casual GH encounters over the past year.)

Some tentative touching was starting. I noticed some people were more “on board” with it than others.

And here is where I have to stop! I don’t remember where it went from there. Odd (and frustrating) but true. So, I offer what I can here. :)

WHY would “Eros training” even be “a thing” you might wonder. What I can say to this question is, the entire sex/gender issue on this planet is a mess. Sex is used for all kinds of disturbing and destructive purposes. Young people are being conditioned in unimaginable ways re: perverse practices that are capable of destroying their spirits and any hope of a healthy future. Industries (entertainment, child abductions for sex slavery, etc) abuse this powerful energy beyond all belief. It is also used as a bargaining chip in many if not most relationships. Humans in general have a troubled relationship with sexuality and the ability to enjoy true intimacy.

When my kundalini was roaring, so was the Eros. Oh. My. God. Intense distraction in this regard. Sadly my experience involved a man who – despite what I truly believed about him at the onset – was seriously blocked re: all of the essentials: intimacy, love, joyhealthy erotic sharing… women in general, actually. Very wounded being he was, and I wouldn’t be surprised if today he still jumps from woman to woman hoping one of them will save him somehow, while simultaneously defying anyone to get close.

It was agonizing for me to have “all that” going on, so much higher love, and have it “spent” on someone who was nowhere near open to that vibrational field.

In fairness, kundalini can bring one to a level of “exquisite” that’s rare and possibly even intimidating (if not downright annoying or frightening) to others around it, or “in its crosshairs” as was this man, who talked an exceptional talk but just could not walk it.

And: this is what’s coming up for transformation! This whole shadowy subject that is SO vital to life itself!

It is Life Essence Extraordinaire!

So with my sorry experience behind me, I am encouraged that these practice “sessions” in higher planes are in progress to gradually filter Eros into the earth experience to make for a smooth and joyous transition in this regard. Everyone knows how fun it is to meet someone “of interest” and flirt with them! That joyful, playful feeling … I think of it as innocent excitement. Effervescence! Life affirming! Bubbling with anticipation of possible sweet shared intimacy!

Nothing depraved or decrepit about it. Nothing shameful. All in a energy stream of higher love. Maybe take a moment to relax and gaze into the little graphic up top here. Feel into it energetically, and check out the hand placements.

It’s coming – *playing* in the theater of our lives soon! Also playing in the video below:

 Steve Winwood & Chaka Khan

Think about it – there must be higher love, down in the heart or in the stars above


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