Meeting Mick

2457_mick_jagger_performance_1970A quickie about an odd “dream” that was in progress when I was awakened by the lovely sounds of a cat horking a hairball!

There’s an opening line for ya!

I’m using “dream” in quotes because this was unusual and had overtones of a “more significant” experience.

Here’s what was going on. I was with, of all people, Mick Jagger. Not my usual company! And the way this was going, it had signature attributes of one of my ‘night jobs,’ being, escorting people to the other side when they pass. So after I got up and scoured the hairball from the carpet (eh!), I hopped online to see if there was any news of Mick either being dead or possibly in a coma.

No such event in the news as of 6AM Sunday March 15, 2015.

The attributes of this encounter were, first: he appeared as he looked in his 20’s. This old rocker is in his 70’s now so this was *quite* a noticeable difference!

Next, all activity was of Mick walking and walking around what appeared to be “undeveloped space,” by which I mean, something like you’d see backstage or in a building that did not have its interior areas set up and furnished yet.

While he was walking, I was “there” somehow, right with him, and he kept looking at me. I mean, imagine being a… camera just sort of permanently fixed about 18 inches from a 28-year-old Mick Jagger, and having him, close up, constantly looking into the lens (being me) while also wandering around unfinished environs, and that about sums this up. There was no conversation, just all this eye contact. Let me say, lots of close, direct eye contact with a young Mick Jagger is rather intense.

Oh, and this: an unusual phrase kept repeating in the ethers. Very annoying that I couldn’t capture that phrase when the cat ordeal pulled me out of the scene, because I know it was meaningful to the experience! Just a few words, like one line of lyric or a poem or some string of words uniquely crafted, repeating over and over while all this walking and eye contact went on.

So when this untimely cat situation* pulled me into waking consciousness, it felt to me as though I had been with Mick, who was pacing around sort of disoriented (but not agitated or freaked out or anything… just attentive like one might be when trying to work out a puzzle or mystery), and kept looking at me, perhaps wondering who I was or what I was doing there or what HE was doing there or where there even was. I have no idea what he might have been seeing – ie what I appeared as to him – though I must have appeared as a person about the same height as himself, because all that eye contact was deep. (In this realm, anything is possible, and anyone can morph or ‘be morphed’ via perceptual shifts.)

* I say “untimely” but actually, this may have been part of the orchestration, for me to “catch” at least the gist of this experience. I’ve mentioned before that for many years I would be called to full consciousness from major experiences by the ringing of bells. All kinds of bells! They’d ring at a precise moment to allow me to capture a paranormal experience rather than just dozing off and losing it. The bells ring no more, sadly, but other things do happen to let me catch things… this hairball bit could be one such “meaningful coincidence.”

Also this business of him appearing so young! Most of us “appear” to be at prime age when we dream… typically about 30. I’m always this age in my own dreams. And when we take up residence in the afterlife planes, most of us assume a 30-ish form there as well.

(People who pass on younger than this tend to “grow up” – actually mature into adulthood – on the other side, and then “stay put” in early adulthood… if they are conscious enough to be aware that they did in fact cross over. If they aren’t aware they’ve crossed, and haven’t been “found” by a friend or family member in the afterlife, say, or possibly someone like me who travels other planes and helps people transition, they – like any other unconscious deceased person – can remain caught in a timeless astral loop of their pre-death situation, in which case they’d remain a child until they do become aware of what’s going on and click into a new lifestream there.)

Maybe I just somehow met Jagger in his dreaming. All kinds of things happen when the body rests, you know! I’ve never been a Stones fan (tho I did see them in concert ages ago… 3rd row center, in fact), so this isn’t some kind of wish fulfillment dream of mine. Even if it were, he wouldn’t have been so incredibly young! And there would have been a plot of some sort, had it been my own dream.

So this all leads me to suspect that this is about him, not me. It smacked of how I tend to “turn up” to help someone cross over – the disoriented nature of that person, for instance, is typical. The “transitional” nature of the environs (ie, “backstage” between “performances”) seems quite credible for a possible Jagger crossing. Who knows, maybe it was a rehearsal!

In a way I hesitate to post this, because I’m certainly not wishing the man dead! It was just so visceral, I wanted to document it in case something does happen immanently re: a Stone who might be preparing to roll.

ox W


One comment on “Meeting Mick

  1. Hi, Whitehawk! As I was making up the bed this morning, I found a hairball in the covers which didn’t not consist of my hair at all, and I knew that I would find out more details later … So … this was what it was all about !!! Ha! Very amusing …


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