Cosmic Reset – Report from 13 Day Brazil Event

Reposting this piece by Stephanie South, aka Red Queen — Jose Arguelles’ partner before he passed, and still tirelessly continuing their formidable & illuminating work. If the Mayan calender and Arguelles is of interest, this one’s for you. (If not, it’s still for you. The “ancient” Maya are deeply involved with this shift! :)  I’m posting quickly under somewhat dodgy conditions; not sure the graphics will come along but if they don’t, click thru to the source of this piece for the whole eye full. Love all, Whitehawk!

The entire world of form is a symbolic code and the true nature of reality has been covered over by the material world of artificial time. We have to reflect over and over about the nature of reality, and then begin to ask new questions. – Red Queen

When you truly want to be released from this earth dream there is no power that can stop you from attaining liberation–never doubt it.   — Yogananda, Kin 102

As we make our way through this holographic earth matrix, energies can get intense and perceptions can become distorted or confused at times.  But we mustn’t give up. There is always another way, a path unseen available just to the periphery of our conditioned mind.

Recently the FLT  [FLT is either the Family of the Law of Time, or the Foundation of the Law of Time, if I remember semi-correctly! ~Whitehawk]  held a 13-day Cosmic Reset retreat in Brazil that began with the Lunar eclipse on Kin 1 (April 4), just 15 days after the solar eclipse. The eclipses were followed by a devastating earthquake in the Himalayas in Nepal and a massive eruption of the Calcuco Volcano in the Andes of Chile.

“The Himalayas and the Andes represent the spiritual axes of our earth – the Andes anchoring the Divine Feminine pole and the Himalayas anchoring the Divine Masculine pole. These events deliver yet another urgent message to humanity. The Great Mother is shaking at Her core and seeking to restore equilibrium at Her poles. Each one of us may assist by re-establishing balance within our beings. We are Her Body.” –esoteric astrologer Phillip Lindsay.


The best way we can give back to the earth is through cultivating profound states of receptivity (feminine energy) .We explored  how our physical bodies are bio-electromagnetic batteries. When we enter states of receptivity, then we can merge with the earth’s geo-electromagnetic battery which then connects us with the Sun’s solar-electromagnetic battery.

We also explored different facets of cosmic science which shows how the human body is plugged into the greater cosmos. We are learning to generate new plasmas within our chakra system in conjunction with the planetary chakra systems to create an interactive force field between our body and planets.

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Confusion & Disinformation Ahead

The following message comes courtesy of Corey, the current ‘star’ back-channel intel source re: all matters disclosure, and who’s recently introduced “Sphere Beings” and “Blue Avians” into our awareness and parlance. This is – naturally and as always – for your discernment. I fixed a few typos but haven’t impacted meaning.  ~Whitehawk

We are entering a new time period that I have been briefed on that will be considered a very confusing “Disinformation War” to control the narrative and also manipulate the very powerful tool of humanity’s joint consciousness and its co-creative abilities. There are also some groups that are trapped here, whose “custodian gods” have abandoned them or put them up as a pawns to barter their own freedom, who are now in total panic and turning on one another.
Now that they know they will be trapped here for the “events” and many unsettling disclosures they are putting everything they have into their massive disinfo campaigns to control the narrative as much as possible. Their heads are literally on the line and they are highly motivated.

This briefing has indicated that most of these agents have either been in place for some time not knowing of their role, or have recently come on the scene with a carefully planned out agenda and PsyOp/Disinfo campaign that has started to trickle but is set to turn into a flood. Those with poor discernment or easily jump from topic to topic based on what is new or intellectually interesting are going to have a very hard time of it. Those few with well developed discernment are going to have to stand fast.

(Whitehawk here: I’m not sure this italicized part is in reference to the ‘agents’ or the general public trying to keep abreast of wild events with discernment. Corey continues… )

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“Interesting times.”

It’s been quite a week – a “stellar display” of the uptick of frequencies upon us, penetrating our world to its core.

Old structures – physical and psycho-emotional – are disintegrating in new frequencies

This cottage, my shelter, seems to be dismantling its 3D self, for starters. A friendly but extremely noisy contractor has been in fairly constant presence here lately, trying to keep up with this disintegration. The dB of his various power tools combined with his blaring boom box is “somewhat distracting” to my typically peaceful world. But the house needs work and he’s its ‘surgeon’ so to speak. Just something to roll with for the duration.

While he’s been sawing, drilling, hammering, sanding, caulking etcetc, and totally unrelated to his commotion, the rod in my closet fell four times in one day, dumping all the clothes to the floor each time. It simply would not stay up. This has happened before, but it’s been fixable. This time extraordinary measures went into keeping that rod where it belongs… tho in its view of reality, it apparently no longer appreciates its gig!

That same day a favorite mug fell and broke into pieces, a raw egg rolled off the counter and splat on the floor, and an explosion of little ants started invading from numerous places I can’t even identify. It was crazy chaotic.

Also this week I was pulled into an extraordinary entanglement around something that someone wanted me to do on an ongoing basis. This “something” has an extremely negative emotional energy to me, and is one of the very last things on this earth that my soul would consider “mine to do.” The cost to my own well being would be profound. To someone else it might be exactly what makes their heart sing; exactly what they are here to do, and be.

Not me; not mine.

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Single Soul Occupancy

Lisa Renee’s new newsletter follows. I’m posting before reading all the way through to get it out there. It speaks to topics that are up for me currently, viz a vie the whole GoodET/Corey disclosure coming out now that spoke to me so strongly. It is intense stuff, and if you want a fluffy rah-rah read right now, this wouldn’t be that.

It would be something for you if you have gotten/are coming to realize the complexities of our situation here on earth and in the cosmos of which earth is a part. Some of this post can be helpful to understand what Corey is talking about, as he is really letting loose lately through multiple outlets re: his lifetime of experiences.  I may be back with more to say later, once I’m a bit more awake. ox W

Dear Ascending Family,

We live in a multidimensional world with every kind of spirit force one could imagine.  With each successive portal opening, membranes that used to separate realities are collapsing, and more beings are sharing space with us. There are new levels of support for those of us on the path with this understanding and context. This newsletter will serve as an entity primer, discussing the necessity of Single Soul Occupancy, with some suggested tools for spiritual deliverance.  The good news is that recent changes in the architecture have made the extraction of parasites and entities that have been plaguing this planet, much easier.

intothepixel-2009-craft_cosmosSince December’s major portal opening, we have undergone sequential events that have radically shifted the Universal Geomantic Structure. This is the architecture linking celestial bodies, constellations, and stars with our planet. During the Easter Weekend, transmissions activated the planetary body to communicate with the intelligent living matrix of the Canis Major constellation and the Sirius Star System. This activated previously dormant or corrupted communication links and ley line networks into the planetary body. These new links cannot be circumvented by alien machinery or their synthetic timelines. These triad communication networks are analogous to dropping a new intergalactic wireless internet hook up from Sirius B and the massive Sirius Sun, into the planetary body.

The main axis of this network was placed in the 33rd North Parallel line and is intended as a support for the Starseeds that work the grids in service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law. Additionally, this new network supports progress with the alien invasion problem located in the Equator line of the planet, with an infestation of nests and phantom wormholes.

[Following graphics found online and inserted by me, Whitehawk,
for those of us not clear on where the 33rd North Parallel lies.]

us_map2 death-row-33-degrees

This is significant because this is a demarcation point in the war over consciousness memories that relate to the future timelines of evolution of the human race on this planet. This planet has been in a war over consciousness memories where the truth of human evolution histories has been erased.  Continue reading

Loose Ends

It’s been pretty strange here lately; not sure what to make of it. This will likely be a rambling post about numerous little things.

First, the physical stuff – this “occupying a body” business. Mine doesn’t seem to know which way is up. This past week or so, I’ve been shifting between anxious and jumpy and fatigued and heavy and queasy and not very interested in food and completely attention-deficit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The last few nights have been K-active (kundalini for newcomers), which is to say, my spine – particularly from mid-back, down – has been writhing away the midnight hours. I don’t know why this activity ‘saves itself’ for when I’m completely relaxed and ready for sleep, but it’s always been this way. I’m sliding into sleep, when suddenly I can’t lie still. I can’t control this. Holding one position for more than a few seconds becomes impossible. And it just goes on and onnnn like this… and while I’m rocking & rolling in bed (and not the fun way), I see a white sparkler against a black background behind closed eyes. Actually mine has a more vertical orientation than this one has in the photo, but it’s close enough.

I’ve lost ten pounds over the last three or so weeks. This is fine because I managed to pack on twenty over the winter! But it’s seemingly all so random, not in response to my habits.

Had a disturbing dream about one of my cats the other night – the black one. Creepy, and the significance completely escapes me, symbolically speaking. Then I heard about a dead black cat discovered outside a neighbor’s house. Continue reading

Kundalini: Awakening or Psychosis?

I remember first reading about Paul Levy’s experiences about 12-15 years ago. If memory serves, he had a rough relationship with his father, before his kundalini ‘exploded’ in a sudden and radical way.  This phenomenon typically plays out very differently from person to person; it seems to depend very much on the experiencer’s “contents” (psyche, spirit, and body) that need to be “moved” to clear the path for a pronounced up-shift in consciousness to occur.

The process can range from blissful to shockingly unpleasant and physically painful – causing the person and those around him to often respond with fear. Spiritual emergence can quickly become a spiritual emergency, and contemporary western civilization is not prepared to support someone anywhere along this spectrum. The following article, which  originally appeared on, is somewhat unique in that it tends to be women who experience and write about kundalini.  ~Whitehawk

Imagine having a kundalini awakening and having the gift of literally seeing the connection of all human beings, then being diagnosed as psychotic. That’s what happened to this man after his spiritual awakening!

by Paul Levy

In 1981, I was sitting in meditation when, just for an instant, a bolt of lightning flashed through my mind. I began acting so unlike my normal self that a friend brought me to a hospital, afraid I was going crazy. Though I was let out of that hospital after three days, the experiences that began to unfold were so overwhelming that I was hospitalized a number of other times during that first year. I was diagnosed as having had a severe psychotic break and was told that I had a chemical imbalance and had manic-depressive illness. I was put on lithium, and at times, haldol (an anti-psychotic). I was told I would have to live with my illness for the rest of my life.

xfhdzfhdzfhdxI was one of the lucky ones, as I was able to extricate myself from the medical and psychiatric establishment. Little did the doctors realize that I was taking part in some sort of spiritual awakening/shamanic initiation process, which at times mimicked psychosis but in actuality was an experience of a far different order. In 1993, after many years of struggling to contain and integrate my experiences, I started to teach about what I was realizing. I am now in private practice, assisting others who were spiritually emerging and beginning to wake up to the dreamlike nature of reality. In a dream come true, psychiatrists consult with me and send me patients.

In ancient wisdom cultures it was understood that there were certain individuals whose craziness was the sign of a passage into a higher consciousness. They realized that the person needed to be both honored and supported in their process. Continue reading