Loose Ends

It’s been pretty strange here lately; not sure what to make of it. This will likely be a rambling post about numerous little things.

First, the physical stuff – this “occupying a body” business. Mine doesn’t seem to know which way is up. This past week or so, I’ve been shifting between anxious and jumpy and fatigued and heavy and queasy and not very interested in food and completely attention-deficit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The last few nights have been K-active (kundalini for newcomers), which is to say, my spine – particularly from mid-back, down – has been writhing away the midnight hours. I don’t know why this activity ‘saves itself’ for when I’m completely relaxed and ready for sleep, but it’s always been this way. I’m sliding into sleep, when suddenly I can’t lie still. I can’t control this. Holding one position for more than a few seconds becomes impossible. And it just goes on and onnnn like this… and while I’m rocking & rolling in bed (and not the fun way), I see a white sparkler against a black background behind closed eyes. Actually mine has a more vertical orientation than this one has in the photo, but it’s close enough.

I’ve lost ten pounds over the last three or so weeks. This is fine because I managed to pack on twenty over the winter! But it’s seemingly all so random, not in response to my habits.

Had a disturbing dream about one of my cats the other night – the black one. Creepy, and the significance completely escapes me, symbolically speaking. Then I heard about a dead black cat discovered outside a neighbor’s house. The actual event (that killed that black cat) happened months ago, but I just heard about it this week, after my dream. My blackie irritates the hell out of the alpha cat in the house; she seems to blatantly court the negative reactions she gets. Not at all fun for me, tho, having fighting felines knocking things around here every day.

I go back and forth also about this “blue avian/spheres” etcetc business. It’s not these avian beings that are so (consciously) significant to me; it’s this business about attending “et-interface conferences” in the lightbody state, and then hearing someone else describe something strikingly similar. I wrote about that here on the blog, and then closed that post, and then opened it again, and as of now it’s “hiding” again. I want very much to compare notes with others who are having experiences similar to mine… but I have to say, it makes me nervous to do so, as well. I hear all kinds of tales about experiencers being targeted and intimidated, threatened, or worse. I do not need that.

I did contact the man who’s been ‘debriefing’ David Wilcock a LOT about his experiences. I described my “conference” experience, including a specific detail that sparked my outreach to him. He came here to this blog and offered a comment in response, which got blocked by WordPress, pending approval. But that comment was loaded with his personal ID data, automatically added by his service somehow.

I wrote him again, telling him all his personal info was attached to his comment, exposed. He asked me to post the comment as myself, deleting his personal data for privacy. So I did. He instantly came back saying all his personal info is still exposed in his comment I posted, which was impossible because I simply copy/pasted his words, popped them into my own comment window, and posted it as a quote from him. I looked at it again after hearing from him – NOTHING was exposed, I had honored his privacy, but the whole ordeal kind of spooked me so I deleted the whole comment.

Anyway the upshot there was that “my” conference wasn’t the same one he described, according to him. He went on to say these conferences are actually going on all the time now, so paths are likely to cross among them. Someone offered to set up a new website for him, which is now up, and you can read through his posts there and hear him interviewed at length in a couple of (audio only) youtube videos. He’s had quite a ride. Should high strangeness, secret space programs, and various ETs interest you to pursue: http://spherebeingalliance.com/. He and David Wilcock recorded many hours together recently detailing his experiences; that whole series will be posted for free viewing once it’s edited.

That’s about it, at 1:11 pm today. Ciao for now,  ox Whitehawk


3 comments on “Loose Ends

  1. No worries…it’s all an illusion and a distraction to keep us from discovering our infinite power as Divine Sparks of Universe/Creator/Source/God. Just trust in the fact that we are One with All That Is, that we are experiencing exactly what is best for our spiritual evolution, and that we are learning so many wonderful lessons along the way.

    And never forget that we’re in this TOGETHER!
    With Love,


  2. Thanks for the post. What do you think the sparkler/back discomfort is? I have had mid/lower back burning for the past few months. Mainly at night. Feeling like it comes and goes. Light absorption and transmutation? Also, I can not keep weight on right now. Just thought I’d share.

    Sent from my iPhone Gwen Morgan



  3. Gwen, it’s kundalini ascending up the spine, creating ‘kriyas’ – involuntary movements. Kriyas can become very elaborate, making mudras with your fingers and twisting the body into hatha postures, all without your “help” or even consent. The sparkler light is the energy bursting into my head. Your heat may be another expression of K… and my weight went way down when the energy was most active some years ago.


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