Confusion & Disinformation Ahead

The following message comes courtesy of Corey, the current ‘star’ back-channel intel source re: all matters disclosure, and who’s recently introduced “Sphere Beings” and “Blue Avians” into our awareness and parlance. This is – naturally and as always – for your discernment. I fixed a few typos but haven’t impacted meaning.  ~Whitehawk

We are entering a new time period that I have been briefed on that will be considered a very confusing “Disinformation War” to control the narrative and also manipulate the very powerful tool of humanity’s joint consciousness and its co-creative abilities. There are also some groups that are trapped here, whose “custodian gods” have abandoned them or put them up as a pawns to barter their own freedom, who are now in total panic and turning on one another.
Now that they know they will be trapped here for the “events” and many unsettling disclosures they are putting everything they have into their massive disinfo campaigns to control the narrative as much as possible. Their heads are literally on the line and they are highly motivated.

This briefing has indicated that most of these agents have either been in place for some time not knowing of their role, or have recently come on the scene with a carefully planned out agenda and PsyOp/Disinfo campaign that has started to trickle but is set to turn into a flood. Those with poor discernment or easily jump from topic to topic based on what is new or intellectually interesting are going to have a very hard time of it. Those few with well developed discernment are going to have to stand fast.

(Whitehawk here: I’m not sure this italicized part is in reference to the ‘agents’ or the general public trying to keep abreast of wild events with discernment. Corey continues… )

These are going to be very cleverly designed operations that use long established belief systems along with some very new and highly deceptive disinformation to sway as many as possible. It will confuse many and will get some attention off of them for the short term. However when the full disclosure of their crimes against humanity are revealed they will just have to stand there slack-jawed and take what comes their way by the angry masses who have been deceived for so long.

I was not encouraged by the latest briefing about this new disinfo campaign but not shocked by it either. Put on your seat belts… It’s going to be a real mind-musher of a time in the coming weeks and months ahead.



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