Cosmic Reset – Report from 13 Day Brazil Event

Reposting this piece by Stephanie South, aka Red Queen — Jose Arguelles’ partner before he passed, and still tirelessly continuing their formidable & illuminating work. If the Mayan calender and Arguelles is of interest, this one’s for you. (If not, it’s still for you. The “ancient” Maya are deeply involved with this shift! :)  I’m posting quickly under somewhat dodgy conditions; not sure the graphics will come along but if they don’t, click thru to the source of this piece for the whole eye full. Love all, Whitehawk!

The entire world of form is a symbolic code and the true nature of reality has been covered over by the material world of artificial time. We have to reflect over and over about the nature of reality, and then begin to ask new questions. – Red Queen

When you truly want to be released from this earth dream there is no power that can stop you from attaining liberation–never doubt it.   — Yogananda, Kin 102

As we make our way through this holographic earth matrix, energies can get intense and perceptions can become distorted or confused at times.  But we mustn’t give up. There is always another way, a path unseen available just to the periphery of our conditioned mind.

Recently the FLT  [FLT is either the Family of the Law of Time, or the Foundation of the Law of Time, if I remember semi-correctly! ~Whitehawk]  held a 13-day Cosmic Reset retreat in Brazil that began with the Lunar eclipse on Kin 1 (April 4), just 15 days after the solar eclipse. The eclipses were followed by a devastating earthquake in the Himalayas in Nepal and a massive eruption of the Calcuco Volcano in the Andes of Chile.

“The Himalayas and the Andes represent the spiritual axes of our earth – the Andes anchoring the Divine Feminine pole and the Himalayas anchoring the Divine Masculine pole. These events deliver yet another urgent message to humanity. The Great Mother is shaking at Her core and seeking to restore equilibrium at Her poles. Each one of us may assist by re-establishing balance within our beings. We are Her Body.” –esoteric astrologer Phillip Lindsay.


The best way we can give back to the earth is through cultivating profound states of receptivity (feminine energy) .We explored  how our physical bodies are bio-electromagnetic batteries. When we enter states of receptivity, then we can merge with the earth’s geo-electromagnetic battery which then connects us with the Sun’s solar-electromagnetic battery.

We also explored different facets of cosmic science which shows how the human body is plugged into the greater cosmos. We are learning to generate new plasmas within our chakra system in conjunction with the planetary chakra systems to create an interactive force field between our body and planets.

5D Upgrade: New Operating System

The overriding theme of the 13 days is that we are being upgraded with an entirely new fifth-dimensional operating system. Different codes can then be plugged into this new operating system generating fresh perceptions and new context for the time-space that we are living in.

These synchronic codes, mathematical in nature, are keys to descrambling the time distortion matrix by equipping us with a multidimensional lens  in which to decode “reality.”

This new operating system, feminine in nature,  requires the nurturance and care for the totality of our being, not just one aspect, but the whole package must be taken into consideration and balanced: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Our goal is to increase planetary consciousness by developing higher faculties of the mind that break us out of the old conditioned boxes that we have been born into. It is up to us to develop a new model of what we are becoming. To do this it is helpful to have images or symbols to work with. We think in pictures.

hvvhvvkWhen we have no image for what we are becoming,  then we have to create it. There is no model outside of ourselves. It is up to us to solve our own dissonance between the worlds (i.e. on the one hand having high mystical experiences while also worrying about how to pay bills–the human dilemma). Imagination is key. Imagination breaks us out of our limited boxes. In fact, the true Queen is Divine Imagination. The true King is Divine Will, which is the will to act after having received the pulse of the divine imagination born of supreme receptivity.

13-Day Recap

In this 13-day Cosmic Reset,  we went to the root of our primal woundings, did ceremony to heal the masculine and feminine, explored the origin of Easter and how our world is artificially programmed, created music and explored new planetary myths, journeyed through the six mental spheres opening to a new cosmic psychology, dipped into the plasma universe, planetary geomancy and what it means to be a crystal human, conducted a planetary love ritual to empower each of us, performed galactic theater, wrote our personal/planetary mission statements, released our emotions, created wonderful vegetarian meals in our earth families, participated in a heart opening cacao ceremony after exploring the nine time dimensions, entered into the synchronotron and the 11 dimensional universe, while concluding with exploring time travel and group sharing.

images-10The main points highlighted is that the entire world of form is a symbolic  code and the true nature of reality has been covered over by the material world of artificial time. We have to reflect over and over about the nature of reality, and then begin to ask new questions.

At a certain point we realize that Something is pulling us Somewhere. Ultimately we are being magnetically drawn into the Collective Present Moment.  We have been living in a past hologram for so long, replicating the same programming with all of its scary monsters, forgetting who we are, what we are doing and what our mission is on this planet.

For many of us it can feel like we have to exert so much just to keep our head above water — disciplining the mind, generating love in the face of darkness, and exerting in new patterns. But it is all worth it.

We were blessed at this event to tap this memory and experience the pure resonance of this divine grace together as one.  Resonance is experienced as moments of complete melting into a situation and getting to a place where there are no barriers between what you think you are and what the situation is.  It all Just IS.

Anytime pure resonance is experienced by a group, it is registered into the Noosphere (planetary mind) making this energy more available for the collective.  When we all simultaneously enter the Eternal Now, we remember that we are connected to something so vast, so amazingly intelligent, electric, dazzling,  beautiful, radiant pure love  beyond our wildest imagination. It is very humbling.

Our confidence comes from the remembrance that peace has already been accomplished and we are just projecting backwards remembering how we got there and how we solved all these problems. If we begin to respond from the future rather than recreate the past, then the solutions will present themselves more readily.  Everything comes from opening into the NOW…186283273dglobewithfloweroflifesymbolSource


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