Just a quickie to mention this week has been energetically *quite* odd for me… been feeling really queasy, swimmy, off balance; even actually staggering a little bit a few times. Still functioning but definitely feeling an “instability in the force” so to speak; something magnetic seems to be akimbo. Some odd computer behavior as well.

Anyone else??? 2508056c4fecdfb64f29e1cf33d416c5


2 comments on “Swimmy!

  1. Absolutely squirmy ,I am getting the word to let go of the old paradigm,this I hear is what’s causing this ?.I began a cleanse again to ground me from beliefs. obey,consume,type you know.if I don’t like the way I’m feeling I do a healing but these energitics are very dense. robert11011


  2. Comment for your ‘swimmy’ post…. sending a reply…because if I log in using FB account it gives both my first and last name! Anyway…. Only occasionally a momentary distortion…feeling like I’m slightly lightheaded…mostly in the evening. More of the ‘time’ disappearing quickly. Seems like I just start my day and then the hours pass like a blink of an eye. I used to procrastinate fairly often, but this is different. Like an artist when they’re painting and all of a sudden the day is gone. So totally immersed in something you forget to eat (happens to me often). Seems like bedtime comes and I say to myself “I was just doing this…what happened to the day?” A lot of it has to do with the computer…I know. I’m always looking things up that I want to know about. There are so many subjects to investigate and I have insatiable curiosity! But mundane stuff rarely gets done. I’ll do the dishes or wash some clothes…beyond that it seems like I just don’t care anymore…like the inch (well, not a whole inch) of dust on all the shelves and the stuff on them. Oh well…that part just doesn’t seem to matter so much…we don’t get many visitors. I feel like I’m half in and half out of this ‘dimension’ just biding my ‘time’! [?]


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