May You Be Blessed

This teaching with Matt Kahn is significant, even potentially life altering. Liberating. Inspiring. Honoring. Clarifying.

Please open to it (IT being your own mastery) … and may you be blessed.  Love … Whitehawk


2 comments on “May You Be Blessed

  1. Nice whitehawk & may you be blessed ,all the learning,I wanted to study so much & I have heard this approach before that all the learning we do isn’t necessary once on the path .no one i ever heard put it so clear & it resonates true. Namaste, joke… I origionally found you at contact2ascension,thank you for being of service.


  2. Hi Robert, thank you for commenting. Yes this is quite different from the ‘question everything’ routine; the incessant need to know/understand, which I certainly grapple with!

    Years ago I went to an event; a celebration hosted by a spiritual teacher. It was a real standout of an affair… enchanting, really. Arriving was like walking into magical space, in a genuine sense, not hokey theatrics. Volunteers were everywhere, emanating joy and goodwill… not in an overbearing sense (ie, “join our org”), but in a genuinely light-filled way.

    I spoke to one of the volunteers, telling her how amazing the event was; how truly special. She said the teacher had a secret. “Wanna know what it is?” she asked, smiling. “Sure!” I responded, riveted. “SHE BLESSES EVERYTHING!” was the victorious answer, which impressed me no end. I used that model for some time after that… until I “forgot” and my info-junkie nature insinuated itself to the fore again. My “need to know” ego has dominated my (rather tormented) mind forEVER, and hearing this talk from Matt inspired me to re-set my priorities again, and it feels so right… like it CAN be “life” if we just remember to remember to be the beacon that just keeps beaming. And now… to start blessing the day ahead, and everything it will hold. Love…


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