Birdsong’s Many Gifts

Here’s a glimpse behind ‘the veil’ re: a sweet phenomenon to which we tend to give next to no attention: the delightful voices of our avian friends.

Life has exploded in lush majestic splendor in recent weeks here where I live. On a small local road yesterday I was overcome with appreciation for the Life Force billowing in the breeze all around me. It put me in a little reverie where I imagined I was in South America somewhere… with Nature expressing so bounteously in so many forms.

singing-birdsI’m tuning in more to birdsong lately. Have you heard the expression “Singing up the Sun”? In this magnificent, multisensory weave of Creation, all is in symbiosis with all else. Life is a chorus of ongoing, mutually supportive resonance. *Sound* is integral to life’s functions and processes. I’ve been turning my attention to this aspect lately—the voices.

Right now, for instance, what might be a single bird in a tree out front of the house is singing such an incredibly diverse array of expression, I can’t help but wonder what it all means! Is it “singing up the seeds” in my little garden, calling forth the future veggies they will become? Is it transmitting a long story to neighbor birds across the field in the mountains? Is it simply celebrating its own creative vocal range in the sunlight?

Whatever its purpose, it doesn’t seem to be repeating any particular refrains; it just keeps coming, fresh and new!

The other day I turned off everything in the house that made noise so I could really take in the various birdsongs. At the time a conversation was going on between one bird very near by and IMG_2834-1-1another almost inaudible one at a distance, never missing its turn in their exchange. Tracking one another’s whereabouts is one function of their singing. I even unplugged the buzzing refrigerator (the most grating sound in the house) to listen!

The famous mystic Rudolph Steiner said that for the agricultural process to happen—for seeds and plants and trees to grow—birdsong is absolutely essential!

This is a beautiful truth known by very few. But birds call and sing not only to quicken plant growth; they also call to awaken the divine human seed in us. They are actually singing for our sake as well. Birdsong calls forth the blossoming of our consciousness, caressing and enlivening our hearts in tandem! Tune in and experience this for yourself :)

11174901_783953011711929_1573058981103295660_nHere’s a special flower (and yes it’s REAL) for you to ‘take in.’ Don’t you love it? Birds helped this flower emerge into its glorious fullness. So I’m gazing at this flower’s incredible form, smiling and typing and listening to birds outside contributing to this fertile moment with their lovely voices.

If we can start to listen, really listen, birdsong will draw us into greater consciousness. They can be our teachers, able to point us to our inner nature… calling us there in their special way… to a place where we intuitively know we are integral to the weave of ALL. Turning our appreciative attention to the gifts of nature reminds us of this. Such a gift just a “notice” away!

When we can listen to what the birds have to sing, and what nature has to say, and when we perceive the ever-unfolding beauty of nature, then we are completing the circle and returning this physical world to its source through our own consciousness. It’s an infinite interweaving among realms in the perpetuation of existence itself.

As an aside—a sweet vignette—yesterday my kitty was 100% focused on something right outside the window. Turned out to be a tiny wee bird on the ledge, with a tuft of fluff in its beak. As we watched, it put its bit of fluff down by its feet to stomp and squish it together into a more manageable, condensed form, which it then picked up again and flew off to a nearby tree. “A moment” with cat and bird and fluff and flight.

Also: last week I ‘harvested’ a few tufts of cat hair from a brush (it’s shedding season) and threw them into the nearby woods, in case birds (or any critter for that matter) would find fur appropriate for nesting. Not sure that’s what this little bird had, but it looked similar.

If you have any interest, this enature website has an archive of many wild birds and their songs… and of course here’s the ultimate source for all things avian: Audubon.

Or – just get offline and walk along a nice nature trail, or open a window—physical and perceptual—and listen!

Love and blessings, Whitehawk

Post inspired in part by an interview with Peter Kingsley in PARABOLA Magazine, from the Spring 2006 issue, “Coming To Our Senses.”


2 comments on “Birdsong’s Many Gifts

  1. Yes! I get up fairly early where I live to start work (I work remotely as a software developer) and I’m usually awake before my alarm and before the sunrise. I lay in bed and listen to the bird song; they start singing about 15 minutes before sunrise, and sing non-stop until about 15 minutes after. Just amazing hearing them singing up the sun, like you said. <3


  2. Shortly after I fully awaken 2 years ago I noticed clearly how everything in nature turned vibrant, squirles glissened,birds,flowers,trees,the blue sky changed to a more beautiful blue and the sun which was once yellow became a brilliant luminescent White. I have never since I was young seen so many beautiful birds,hawks flying in sync in flew down right over my car windshield driving.bumble bees are everywhere.yellow jackets I don’t see anymore and that concerns me. may you be blessed…


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