Calling Your Genius

mind1This may sound goofy to readers… but when I watched this video about calling on your genius that’s just waiting to be invited in, I flashed on the crazy old Frank Zappa song, “Call Any Vegetable.” Zappa sang, “Call any vegetable, and chances are good that the vegetable will respond to you!” Then he yodeled “rutabaga, rutabayaga, rutabaaayga”! I mean it was just silly, but I couldn’t resist sharing it!  The vegetables responded when called; maybe they were a Zappa metaphor for creative ideas :)

In the video below, Soliera Green talks for just a few minutes about packets of genius that sort of hang around in the field of consciousness – the noosphere some might call it – looking for a receptive mind to bring through their luminance. You might “light up” from a couple of her vignettes, as I did.  You might become aware of ‘genius’ waiting for your invitation to come through you!  All manner of creative material is actually “poured” from higher realms, wanting to find receivers here to bring them through into manifestation. Are you game?

ox Whitehawk





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