When Inner Suffering Meets Your Personal Divine

125x200_AnetteCarlstrom_NewToday—our Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere—seems to be beaming golden light into this blog. In other words: Here’s another blonde with a message for you ;)

I found the following to be an evocative share from Sweden’s Anette Carlstrom. I listened to an interview of hers this morning, and loved (loved loved) a blessing she did toward the end of it – a Oneness Blessing, in a Sanskrit chant. The chant was so enchanting to me, I found myself feeling like a child being ‘lullabied’ by an angel. I replayed it a few times! Maybe some deep childhood healing to be had there, never know ;)

I’ll link you to that interview in case you could use some deep comfort today, but be aware that this interview is slated to disappear tomorrow. Anette talks about “meeting your suffering” and growing your relationship with your Inner Divine. For me, this was a perfect message at this time. The link to this interview is provided at the end of the post. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, following is a recent written missive from Anette which I found rather compelling. I have to say, I’m grappling with how to deal with the concept of karma — a belief I’ve held forever – because during my kundalini days I came to believe that what lies ahead for us in the New Earth is a karma-free zone. I’m expecting the realms of higher frequencies to NOT be rife with karma being created/believed in/balanced over and over and over again! So, I add my 2 cents what it’s worth, as you read through this otherwise evocative message.

In love, Whitehawk ox

by Anette Carlstrom

In Oneness there is no creator ‘God’, the creator and creation are one in Oneness. But there is also universal consciousness, which is not the creator. This universal consciousness has no qualities or form, nor any name. But it embodies all qualities. Like a tree is embedded in the  seed, all qualities are embedded in this universal consciousness. You cannot relate to it in its entirety. You could draw out certain qualities from this universal consciousness. What you draw out is your personal God and it depends on you. You cannot be a pity person and create a big God, it’s not possible.

If you have grown, you then could draw out many qualities from this universal consciousness. What you draw out becomes your personal God, and you make use of your personal God for your benefits, it could be worldly benefits or spiritual benefits. Just like you make use of solar energy you could make use of your personal God for your own benefit. As you keep doing this, you grow and as you grow your God grows. And the bond between you and your God keeps increasing.

And finally, when you leave the planet, you become that God. Now, we know this for sure, because a number of people who were with us and who had the personal God and who are no more, they have become Gods and they work in the Temple. As they have become Gods, they have enormous power and they are helping people whenever they come to the Temple. And they have the power to go anywhere and help people. One of the objectives of Oneness is to make you into Gods who then serve humanity. Not only helping humanity while you are on the planet, but become your God and helping humanity.

And you must be very clear, in Oneness there are neither a creator ‘God’, nor judging God, nor a punishing God. In Oneness there is no God  controlling your destiny. Your destiny is being controlled by your personal Karma, your family Karma, your nation’s Karma and humanity’s Karma. The laws of Karma control your destiny.

Link to the interview with Oneness Blessing chant

(Remember it expires tomorrow)


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