Fierce Love via the Emerging Feminine Force

This interview, for me, held a number of share-worthy gems. The woman being interviewed, Christine Anderson, was a forum administrator at the renown/notorious (depending on POV & timeframe) Project Avalon forum.

Christine was also entrusted by Corey Goode—the now “out” secret space program insider—to be his first interviewer about his amazing experiences. Those interviews are available on Corey’s sphere being alliance website. (He was still using a pseudonym at the time of these recordings.)

In this interview, Christine shares insights about behaviors and agendas that crop up on alternative forums that could easily be applied to any ‘forum’ in life – at the workplace, in interest groups, even in families. How to perceive and respond when people bomb a group endeavoring to relate at higher levels?

This is where Fierce Love might enter. Being “feminine” no longer implies having the perfect mani-pedi and a demure, accommodating, “sweet” attitude about everything.

This is also not an exchange just for women, if any men out there are up to a head’s up. :)

The blurb for the video:

Christine Anderson and Sienna Lea discuss alternative truth forums and how for the most part they have become harvesting grounds used for psychic vampirism, they disclose the levels of discernment needed to detect how this operates.



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