The Riotous Ride of Accelerating Frequencies & Managing with Focused Intention

 Flying High / Pummeled By the Swinging Pendulum of SHIFT: Mystery, Miracles, Misery & More

(This post has been edited quite a bit since its first iteration. -W)

Merely reflecting on the past week or so is a ride in itself.

I had intended this first vignette to be a standalone post, but time is zooming along so now it’s getting ‘batched’ in with a few other experiences to collectively illustrate how wild, sudden, and seemingly haphazard energies & events are shifting & changing & whipping all over the place. Maybe these experiences will speak to you, ie, you’ve been having some whiplash shifts too. Do please feel free to share your adventures in the comments; we all benefit by learning about others’ scenarios, don’t we?

Beckoning Blue-White Spheres of Light

This event had a magical, mysterious quality to it. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and, you know, I’ve been around awhile. ;)

So: 3AM, the night of solstice; I was awakened by a  forceful wind blowing through the open windows of the house. Thinking we were in for a rainstorm, I got up, closed the windows and screen door, and hopped back into bed. After staring at the ceiling for a good while, I got up again and walked through the dark house. Through a back window, I glimpsed what resembled the round light of a flashlight aimed right at me from outside. By this I mean, it was definitely round, and definitely a light; a bluish white light, in fact. But this light had no beam shining into the house (as a flashlight would); rather, it was an emanating light.

So I saw a round light, about 5″ in diameter, glowing right outside my window. It looked similar to this, out in the dark night, appearing to be about 6″ from the window:

images-1This was not a typical occurrence. A first for me, in fact. I glanced around the room to see if some interior light source might be reflecting in the glass, creating this effect. No, this was definitely coming from an outside source.

I went to the back door, which is screened  and opens into a very rural (grass, no fence) back yard that meets dense woods a mere 20 feet or so from the house.

Standing in the back door, looking out into the yard, what do I find? About ten, maybe twelve, robust spheres of bluish-white light moving around the yard—obviously alive and navigating with intention! They were mostly in front of the trees, and mostly at an average height of about 10-12′ from the ground.

They blinked on and off and flew around, throwing off quite an aura of high-vibe bluish-white light everywhere they went. They lit up the leaves of the trees as they passed in front of them, or wove in and out of some of the branches fronting the yard space. If you imagine a wall of trees immediately behind the spheres pictured below, and imagine they’re all pretty uniformly about 5-6″ across in size, powering on and off as they float or zoom around, you have a pretty good idea:


The first thing I did the next morning was to google biophosphorescent or bioluminous insects to see if there’s some super-luminating bug I’ve never encountered before! If they had been been insects (I knew there weren’t but wanted to cover bases before coming out with this experience), they would have had to be at least the size of hummingbirds to glow to the degree these ‘beings’ did.

Anyway, my search turned up no such insect that flies and throws a bright globe of high-vibe bluish-white light like this.

Have you encountered this phenom? Do you have any ideas as to its ‘story’?

I might also add that these were not “orbs.” They were much brighter, much more “active,” and their lights would come on and go off as they flew. I could NOT see anything (or “anyone”) INSIDE the spheres of light. One of them “streaked” close by me as I stood out in the yard, wide-eyed and slack-jawed, and what I saw in that flash of a moment resembled a florescent tube, about 4″ long and 2/3″ wide. I surmise what I saw was the streak effect of the light moving by me at eye level. But the truth is, I really don’t know what to make of any of this!

I asked a neighbor if she’d ever seen this phenom. She’s lived here close to 30 years. She had NOT.

One more little detail: it was a starry night. While in the yard, I looked up at the star-laden sky. One “star” was trucking along, obviously ‘being flown.’ It was the only thing moving up there, and it was moving at a reasonable clip. It had no blinking plane lights, and no color other than white. I’m not going to insist it was a UFO (tho it was unidentified to me!) but I don’t, in my intuitive heart, believe it was an airplane. I wondered if there might be a connection between that light moving across the sky and the blue spheres in my yard.

Dunno. I’ve had many strange things happen in my life. This is a new one. :)

After just a few short wondrous minutes, the luminous spheres disappeared, and I haven’t seen them since. I *did* go looking during a couple subsequent “awake periods” during the night; all was dark and quiet as usual.

Did the sudden (and brief) wind storm “announce” or somehow escort the arrival of these beings? Did that first light in my window actually “beckon” me to come out and “meet” the others? Sure seems so.

By the way: these lights were ONLY in MY yard; they were not in the neighbor’s yard to one side of me, nor in the vacant prairie to the other side. Nor were they in the front yard, or side yard. They were only directly behind my house, up around tree-branch level, emanating light into the leaves and surrounding air.


Speaking of Rides (Touched by an Angel)

Next up in this curious string of events was, my car died, parked right here at home (for which I was grateful). Just wouldn’t start one day. My research online re: the “symptoms” strongly suggested that my alternator was fried. I had heard all the ‘right sounds’ in its death throes, and smelled the ‘burning’ one does when an alternator is cooked… which meant I was cooked as well because I didn’t have a red cent to put towards getting my car fixed – again. I was in a fine fix, in other words. Way out in the country without a car and without any family to turn to to help out with a lift or a loaner (tho one neighbor did generously loan me her car for a supplies run) is just plain stressful.

Just before my car called it quits, someone I vaguely knew, but not well, invited me to lunch to exchange mystical tales (my favorite subject). I accepted the invitation, expecting to meet him halfway between his town and my location (some 40 miles apart)… but then my car went pfft. So he came out here, picked me up… we spent some time (quite nice; there aren’t too many people w/whom I can banter about really ‘out theretopics, but he proved up to it :) … and that was that.

Then the next day he emailed me, asking how I “expected” to get my car fixed. I was embarrassed by the question, because I HAD no “expectation” re: how to do this. I had no earthly idea, and really didn’t want to admit this.

(Actually, as part of a little Solstice ritual, I had announced with clear, laser-focused intention to the universe that I am OPEN, RECEPTIVE TO, and INVITING OF magic and miracles into my life. I had been in an extreme bondage of stuck energy, not seeing options—which is, to me, a living hell. That night the spheres showed up. I believe I may have catalyzed an acceleration of events, such as those I’m sharing here, to demonstrate how responsive the universe truly IS to a highly intentioned declaration, or decree. Sometimes chaos must occur to clear the way for the good that needs to come in.)

After dithering about how to respond to his question, I ended up not answering him at all. Bless him, he didn’t let it go; he called.

To make a long story short, this “angel” got my car fixed. The long version of this “ongoing miracle” involved having to get the car towed, and having JUST gotten that perk added to my insurance policy a mere week prior, and his belonging to a community of “time bankers” which is akin to a bartering club (you might check for one of these in your area), but then discovering this would not be an option after all for my situation, and to top it off, having to deal with this whole ordeal immediately before he left town for the better part of the next three weeks.

It was crazy. It was a crazy miracle that my car died (right in the wake of the sphere visitors in the yard… any connection there??), and then this “knight” suddenly materialized from the peripheries of my social orbit and helped out immensely, and – hear this – he insisted that it “be a condition of his assisting me” that I NOT feel indebted to pay him back, or return the favor in any way. Also, happily: it was just a shorted-out battery, not the alternator!

Beyond the gift of his help in the first place, this “condition” of the help was a blessing beyond measure. If you aren’t familiar with the awkward pressure that comes with “favors” to be “indebted” to that person (in ways that satisfy that person, which may have no connection whatsoever to anything that you might be capable of)  – it is a heavy weight that typically leads to hard feelings, if not worse.

This “condition” was downright noble. My friend was ‘paying forward’ a kindness paid to him, and he was doing it very “lightly,” like a breeze in the sail of my situation. It was a beautiful thing.

Poisoned at the Porcelain Throne

Coming to the end of this post, finally. Whew! In this “scene”~

I had a little “gig” to “cat sit” while my neighbors were away at a trade show. This is typically a pleasant activity, as not only do they have a sweet kitty, but they also have TV … which I do NOT. So when I feed their cat, I also feed my yen for a few movies on HBO. Moreover, they live CLOSE, so my being without a car (as I was during part of the time) wasn’t a deal-breaker.

So, I started “sitting” last Thursday. Friday night, I felt a headache coming on. I’m a “migrainer” so this was not a welcome development. I never get regular headaches; I get migraines that do not respond to aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. I need migraine meds, which still may or may not help a particular migraine. There are things I avoid, to avoid getting migraines, but I still get quite a few of them.

Saturday: headache stays with me, increasing its intensity throughout the day. The meds were of zero help for this migraine. Saturday night – very little sleep because of the now-acute pain.

Sunday was the killer. The absolute limit.

Never have I experienced worse pain than I had on Sunday. My head felt as tho a bomb had detonated in my skull, and this is not dramatic exaggeration. I was in agony. Moreover, I was intensely nauseated and couldn’t keep down a mere sip of water. For 24 hours I was in some of the worst physical agony of my life. I have myriad health problems, so when I say this, I mean serious, violent agony.

I was heaving (nothing to ‘heave’ but there I was) so violently, I couldn’t even inhale between violent abdominal convulsions. The thought blipped thru my mind – could I actually die here on the bathroom floor of asphyxiation from inability to inhale while convulsing like this????  Seriously, on that day, in that condition, I felt as POISONED as a person could possibly feel.

Moreover: the violent heaving blew out my back.

electromagnetic-radiation My brain felt as though it could be swelling from some mysterious problem to such an extent that I might not survive. The pain was just. beyond. belief. And that heaving—for what purpose?? And not being able to even swallow water for a full 24 hours—so dehydration was surely aggravating whatever this was that was going on.

But poisoning – like some jungle disease or something… some horrible brain disease, and inability to swallow anything – is definitely what it felt like. The agony just defies adequate description here.

WHY was this happening? A headache started Friday and built and built until I was in THIS dire shape all Saturday night, Sunday, and through Sunday night. I mean, a person could start wondering about meningitis and the like – deadly serious matters!


Then I thought: GOD, could this be about my hanging out in my neighbors’ house, which is a WIFI-networked environment? Did I just submit myself to RADIATION POISONING? Could that possibly be THIS terrible?

“Death by entertainment?”

Then I read we had a solar storm at the same time. Did the WIFI and the CMEs create the “perfect storm” for me to – swear to you – nearly die from “invisible” poisoning?

I’m better now (I would never have been able to write in that condition… it was all I COULD do to pray for help). But this wretched experience was a huge wake-up call to me. I knew I had E/M “sensitivity,” which is why I need to be a work-at-home person, to the best I can. Offices (and all public places, really) are LOADED with WIFI devices beaming to/from ubiquitous cellular towers and of course electrical wiring & devices beyond anything the human energy field should be immersed in.

But most people aren’t aware of this serious toxicity. It’s energetic; people don’t SEE it. It’s not like smoking three packs a day; that ‘hazard’ has become very known and obvious (tho still, some people can smoke all their lives and not have a problem with it). Or asbestos fibers “getting in there” and having cancer develop around them. Or black lung from coal mining.

111swisselectrosmogI assure you – electro-smog and radiation toxicity is REAL. I may have just received a severe demonstration of my own limitations these past few days, much to my sadness. I just wanted to enjoy a few movies!! But WIFI houses are basically microwave ovens; just more subtle. Cell phones and all wireless tech are toxic, regardless of their not being perceived.

This is NOT a popular opinion or position to take; people often think E/M-sensitive people are deluded, or paranoid, or… “the problem,” similarly to how people suffering with fibromyalgia, Lyme, and other “not understood” diseases are summarily dismissed.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been “nailed” by EMFs. And – I can’t prove this is in FACT what happened to me. But it does make sense. This time I “got it” in a way that was so torturous, I will have to be more mindful in the future.

E/M toxicity is cumulative, as are many toxicities. You can smoke for years before “suddenly” getting hit with cancer, or drink for decades before “suddenly” having a black mass of dead tissue for a liver. Or live amid power lines and cell towers a while before things start going south with your health.

This form of radiation poisoning is the disease of tomorrow, coming on strong NOW, if we don’t wake up to the obvious and find alternatives. It’s a TOUGH row to hoe, because cell towers are EVERYWHERE. WIFI devices are everywhere—home, office, car, cafes, all public buildings, and in the streets. It’s so “convenient,” it’s the new addiction, in fact, to be hunched over a smartphone every waking moment, as tho the world needs our rapt attention to carry on.

I spent 12 years in high-tech environments, surrounded by computers and servers and all manner of hot, humming equipment. It’s possible my challenge started then. And now all I can do is ABSTAIN from these bio-invasive energies as much as humanly possible. Which is no small feat.

It’s important. It’s easy to ignore. Please be mindful and watch out for yourself, and your family … including your animals.

Love to you,


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  1. I have seen one on a photo in my living room .in 1975, in west Virginia I seen a slew of them passing by me through the trees they gave off intense emotions and were a sight to see.


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