How Will the World End?

 The following paragraphs — while not exactly in current “ascension language” — easily explain where we’re at now, and where we’re heading if we can truly forgive where we’ve been!

In my own mind, I substitute Christian references like “the Father” and “sin” etc into my own language, but the message fits the moment perfectly, imo. It also brings to mind the Ja’li messages – some resonance there.

A video exploring this material at the end of the post is one you might enjoy if the excerpt speaks to you.

With love & (aiming for) total forgiveness,


“Can what has no beginning really end? The world will end in an illusion, as it began. Yet will its ending be an illusion of mercy. The illusion of forgiveness, complete, excluding no-one, limitless in gentleness, will cover it, hiding all evil, concealing all sin, and ending guilt forever.

So ends the world that guilt has made, for now it has no purpose and is gone. The father of illusions is the belief that they have a purpose; that they have a need or gratify a want. Perceived as purposeless, they are no longer seen. Their uselessness is recognized and they are gone. How but in this way are all illusions ended? They have been brought to truth, and truth saw them not. It merely overlooked the meaninglessness.

Until forgiveness is complete, the world does have a purpose. It becomes the home in which forgiveness is born, and where it grows and becomes stronger and more all embracing. Here is it nourished, for here it is needed.

A gentle Savior, born where sin was made and guilt seemed real. Here is His home, for here there is need of Him indeed. He brings the ending of the world with Him. It is His call God’s teachers answer, turning to him in silence to receive His Word.

The world will end with the benediction of holiness upon it. When not one thought of sin remains, the world is over. It will not be destroyed nor attacked nor even touched. It will merely seem to cease to be.”

– Excerpted from the Teachers Manual of A Course in Miracles.

I (Whitehawk), via a few clicks, came upon the following video of one very young Course student and teacher. Her emanation of innocence and total trust impresses me. Some of her ‘girlishness’ might turn some off, but in my view, she is living what she’s learned through ACIM. I found her youthful intoxication with this passage refreshing, and her comments insightful; we can tend to get a bit craggy as life does its thing to us over the years.

I came upon her (Britney Shawley) when I heard about a new ACIM documentary being made, in which Britney and her partner Tom Glod are featured prominently because it’s their way of doing life that inspired the filmmaker to pursue ACIM himself. (In the ‘very small world’ department, Tom and I loosely crossed paths via the ‘net while working on a website for a spiritual publisher.)

The following video, however, was done before Britney & Tom met – and they’ve just recently become parents – all the while winging through life trustingly saying “yes” to virtually everything.

I find them each to be genuine and “on course,” so to speak.


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