… and you are too!

A curious ‘moment’ happened recently that led to reflection, inspiration, and finally the desire to share it with you.

Here’s what happened: I was separating from the physical at the beginning of an OBE (out-of-body experience), and as this happened – as I ‘launched’ upward at high velocity – I spontaneously mentally roared out to the universe at large:


Ha! I have no idea where this came from so suddenly, as I had zero conscious awareness of it arising as a thought, let alone exploding in an impassioned declaration. Rather, I “witnessed” myself doing it as it occurred. Kind of liberating, actually :)

This crystal clear, lucid, and “loud” declaration was so powerful, I shot right back into my body, stunned!

I AM LIGHT has become something of a mantra in the days since. I experience a luscious expansiveness with it, and oneness becomes less conceptual and more actual.

We now know that, at a quantum level, while everything “seems” solid here in 3D, it actually consists of far more space than material substance. The point of this particular sharing (and possibly the experience itself) is to encourage myself/you/us all to realize and acknowledge that this “space” surrounding our cellular substance is NOT nothing; it IS the infinite sea of awareness that is the cosmos. It IS “conscious light,” and we are teeming with it!

Coming to realize that the universe isn’t empty nothingness but IS the Living Essence of Source – an infinite, dazzling, mysterious realm of conscious photonic energy – makes the understanding that YOU ARE THAT above all else, fairly easy.

We are Light; we’re Light Beings, light bodies equipped with physical outfits for this particular earth experience. We’re Creator Awareness having adventures in consciousness and form—within as well as beyond time—uploading our experiences to the All as we go.

So while I, Whitehawk, had no inkling that a revelatory moment was about to spring forth the other day, it *popped* from a level or dimension of Self that was outside (or inside) my conscious awareness at that moment. In a flash, I experienced an affirmation in such a delightful (even victorious) way, it served to ignite a visceral sense of Source… or Love… that has been living and expanding in me since.

This little experience serves as an example of how this shift – this ascension into higher, brighter fields of cosmic consciousness – can show up. A sudden ‘gift’ out of the blue can make enough of an impression to trigger a lasting upgrade, so to speak, to the soul. A seed has been planted, and we grow as conscious beings, extending ever upwards for ever more Light.

You are LIGHT; all is Light… and the knowing of this can transform reality from a mangled mess of pain-soaked fragments (humanity’s perceptual experience for millennia) into realized wholeness.

I seem to be “surfing the zuvuya” currently, ie, The Wave is at a frequency that I’m responding to. This happens at varying times and in various ways for everyone, as our own resonance continually interfaces with the ebbs & flows of the incoming energies. It’s helpful to be aware of this – to notice and acknowledge the dynamic waves as they arrive – as honoring them (the peaks in particular) encourages them to increase in occurrence and duration. Intention is highly magnetic.

As for the rough patches that will inevitably occur during frequency shifts… best to observe them and take them in stride. Challenges will pass sooner if we simply witness them and avoid entanglement.

May all be blessed.



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