SSPs*, Superwaves & The Law of One

*SSPs = Secret Space Programs
[FWIW: I’ve added some remarks (my own) ‘About Corey Goode,’ in the comment section below this post. ~W]

My readers know by now my enthusiasm over Corey Goode’s “coming out” re: the many, many “ET Conferences” he’s attended. He attained  pronounced POI (person of interest) status for me personally this past March, when details regarding his experiences (at that point, still using a pseudonym) at a galactic conference exactly matched an experience I myself had in a significant OBE last November. His verification of what had been a major experience for ME was significant!

Then, my visitation by extremely bright, luminous spheres right here in my yard at 3AM the night of summer solstice further ‘bonded’ me, so to speak, with this whole “sphere being” presence that, apparently, MANY are now experiencing. (Spheres as distinct from orbs… two different things.)

Blue AvianCorey has been discussing this on his blog as well as in his new, ongoing series of interviews with David Wilcock on GaiamTV. There has been some blow-back about the Blue Avians (I won’t get into all that here), but I can personally vouch for the following: A) ET conferences ARE being held between ETs, earthlings “of high placement,” and include “regular starseeds” like myself in attendance, and B) conscious, brilliant “sphere beings” are REAL and they’re HERE, interacting with us.

I’m so grateful that Corey has stepped up and “come out” to the degree that he has!

Following is Michael Salla’s recap of Corey’s 5th appearance on GaiamTV‘s “Cosmic Disclosure” series.

Love all, Whitehawk

PS: Salla refers to Goode as a whistleblower, but to my mind “insider” is a better term for him.

Secret Space Programs Monitor Galactic Superwaves & Study The Law of One

by Dr Michael Salla

Gaiiam-TV-Ep-5In the fifth installment of the Cosmic Disclosure Gaiam TV series, whistleblower Corey Goode reveals how secret space programs he worked with from 1987-2007 had become aware of regions of the galaxy with “superwaves” that would eventually be encountered by our solar system. It was discovered that the superwaves were made up of clouds of “vibrating energy particles” that would impact the sun, earth and humanity in ways leading to profound changes. Human consciousness itself would be directly impacted and would lead either to our rapid evolution into an advanced global society, or global self-destruction as apparently had happened in the past.

Goode says that in the late 1980’s giant spheres first began appearing in our solar system that were also interested in the superwave phenomenon. These spheres remained in an observational mode until 2011 when they became operational. The spheres ranged in size from the diameter of the moon to that of Jupiter. They were strategically placed to act as “resonance buffers” of galactic superwaves so the sun, and humanity, would not be overwhelmed as our solar system progressively entered into the affected region of the galaxy.

Goode’s revelation that galactic superwaves were secretly discovered and studied is stunning confirmation for the work of astrophysicist Dr Paul LaViolette who has predicted galactic superwaves eventually impacting our solar system. In his 2006 book Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Dr LaViolette describes pulsars strategically placed in the galaxy that transmitted warnings about these superwaves that are generated out of the galactic core in cycles spanning from 10,000 to 16,000 years.

LaViolette speculates that these pulsars were built by a very advanced Type III extraterrestrial civilization – one that understood how galactic superwaves operated, and their potential impact on solar systems and worlds. A type III civilization on the Kardashev scale is one that works with galactic scale levels of energy, while a Type II civilization can do the same at a stellar level, while a Type I civilization can do similarly at a planetary level. This suggests that those responsible for the giant spheres in our solar system – the Sphere Being Alliance – are at the very least a Type III civilization.

In the rest of the Gaiam TV interview with David Wilcock, Goode described the evolution of consciousness and how the “Law of One Material” is essentially correct in affirming the underlying unity of consciousness and all life. Goode has previously revealed that the Law of One Material is required reading for a many groups in the secret space programs:

It was … a fact that certain groups in the SSP’s and Secret Earth Government Syndicates (Cabal/Illuminati) were required to read the Law of One and Seth Material while trying to discredit it to the public with the many “PsyOp Channelings” (which says a lot in itself) [FAQ48].

Goode reveals that President Eisenhower did indeed meet with extraterrestrial delegations in the mid-1950s concerned about nuclear weapons development as a number of other whistleblowers have claimed. Goode goes on to describe his own personal connection to the Blue Avian beings that have been cooperating with the Secret Space Program Alliance in creating a “full disclosure event.”

Goode’s explanation for how humanity’s co-creative consciousness is used against itself by ruling elites is well worth listening to, as well as the importance of core message delivered by the Sphere Being Alliance.

What I found most valuable in this Cosmic Disclosure episode was Goode’s revelation about superwaves and how both secret space programs and the Sphere Being Alliance became aware of these decades ago. According to a July 18 statement by Goode, the giant spheres belonging to the Sphere Being Alliance have nearly completed their primary purpose and will soon leave.

This suggests that we will very soon be experiencing the full force of these superwaves that will bring out the best or worst in all humanity depending on how well prepared we are. This new episode will help the viewer appreciate the importance of taking firm steps to prepare for superwave related events that secret space programs have themselves been silently preparing for over several decades now.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.  July 28, 2015 


5 comments on “SSPs*, Superwaves & The Law of One

  1. I would like to know the truth about Corry ,there is a massive dissinfo campaign going on we all know this.I won’t get into it here either ,all info is good ,it will all play out and unfold,I suspect there are some who are being attacked, Kerry Cassidy as one.this is no game ,they killed all them natural medical doctors this month alone.I stay centered,in my vortex of peace, love & grattitude.


  2. Back in 75 at the Shenandoah national park tripping but not seriously hallucinating,on a high plateau at the edge of the correct I clearly seen a bunch of perfectly blue orbs moveing together into the trees.I have orbs in my home all around my pallor,one was a purpleish blue.and sort of cressant shaped.


  3. Re: Corey Goode. I’ve tried *patiently* reading what certain others have said in their attempt to discredit him. One gripe is re: Corey not blasting his story to everyone, everywhere, immediately – meaning, why doesn’t he accept ALL the requests for interviews he receives, if his info is so IMPORTANT? What’s WRONG with him for selling T-shirts (or whatever it is) on his website? (Granted, not the best choice, but try raising a family on no income and now as a bare-naked whistle-blower on top of it, and see what you might endeavor to do.)

    Some claim that the Blue Avians aren’t even REAL; they’re just a software program used in MILABS/MKULTRA mind-control efforts to control their minions. Elsewhere it’s YES BLUE AVIANS are real!! But they are 6D beings, so they would not be visible in 3D, at all.

    (I personally have NOT met any Avians. I’ve cited exactly WHERE my “attraction” to Corey’s disclosures lies—in situations that resonate with my personal experiences. I also seem to recall Corey saying they’re from 9D (or close) which, yes, would make them invisible to our lowly 3D eyes. BUT beings from higher densities CAN simply spontaneously re-calibrate and POP right into 3D, which, to my understanding, is what the Avians DO. How this is unacceptable for rampaging haters to accept is beyond me. My basic guess is they resent the attention an experiencer receives, and want to turn the world against him.)

    As to all the rest of it, time will tell, I suppose, but meanwhile I find this evisceration of Corey by a pack of blood-thirsty ferals who want their exact, anticipated “disclosure scenario” to be the ONLY possible truth, and anything else, by god, they will DESTROY… a sad ordeal indeed; one that just keeps reflecting poorly on humanity at large, and keeps the planet in separation and polarity. NO WONDER experiencers don’t want to go public; these guys are just waiting in the bushes like rabid hyenas frothing for a fresh insider to tear apart and leave in ruin!

    ALL of the above strikes me as so many mean-spirited kids in a schoolyard resenting the one kid who found the teacher’s favor one semester, and instantly determine to make his life a living hell.

    I do not know Corey. But if I were in his position, I would not go throwing myself at every ‘interviewer’ wanting a piece of me, either. Corey had been talking with Wilcock for a long time… nearly a year now I think. They’ve built a degree of trust between them. Corey apparently had many details that Wilcock sought, after speaking with so many other insiders. Of course Corey would prefer to keep whatever it is he knows disseminated via Wilcock – an ally.

    Moreover, Corey is BUSY! He’s “pulled” for attendance to these incredible conferences every few days. He misses a LOT of sleep. He has health problems, and has likely become something of a social pariah after coming out. He is a family man, too, trying to keep that life together against escalating odds. He has no income… like so many of us living on the FRINGE. He isn’t paid to be interviewed on Gaiam; he’ll merely get a small royalty for new subscriptions that specifically join Gaiam THRU Corey’s link. He’s also flying to/fro to Boulder for those interviews regularly now.

    Corey’s background is extraordinarily unique. My own life has been nowhere NEAR as bizarre as Corey’s has apparently been, and I STILL would not just go and allow every egomaniacal podcaster wanting this ‘hot topic’ feather in their cap (slight pun re: avians ;) to take swings at me just because they WANT to ‘strut and crow around the playground’… then they go whining to all who’ll listen that they’ve been dissed by Corey, who MUST have all kinds of dark secrets to hide if he won’t let them tear him apart in interviews.

    And re: the ignorant “fame and fortune” comments… it wasn’t Corey’s idea to go on GaiamTV. Wilcock tried to ‘manage’ (produce) their interviews himself but he just couldn’t take it all on, considering how fast the whole phenom was happening. I believe he tried. Meanwhile, he’s WAY IN at Gaiam, our primary alternative media “network” that tries to maintain integrity in their programming (I once crossed paths with the owner of Gaiam; I know his values). The entire Gaiam production machine was sitting there, primed for programming. When Corey came along via (popular show host) Wilcock, what media facility in their right mind could refuse??

    Also ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The fact that they “had to” go and devise a >>52-episode<< series of Corey's story does not thrill me. (And I speak from a background of producing "conscious media" .. I know how such plans are hatched in board rooms.) I'm already feeling that this very decision is forcing David and Corey into a routine of including a lot of "filler" in their interviews. I do not need Corey explaining things like "vibration" and "ascension" and "Law of One," etc; I'd prefer he stick to DISCLOSURE re: HIS EXPERIENCES, and THEIR SIGNIFICANCE to mankind.

    I'd personally endorse, perhaps, a 12-installment series, make every minute count, and meanwhile monitor Corey's ongoing experiences before considering more "must see disclosure TV" for viewers.

    Wow. I had no idea all *this* would pour forth when I sat down to tap out a little "comment" here. As always, just haring MY sense of things. What I see in this Corey blowback just smacks of a slew of people needing to huff themselves up by attempting to discredit the guy currently in the spotlight. We may learn all kinds of unflattering things about Corey Goode before it's all over. I may be wrong about things. But I feel no need to skin him alive – or anyone else for that matter.

    In the meantime, just let the man talk without all the threatened-ego, playground bully attacks. Too much noise in the field, IMHO.

    This comment may be made a proper post, I haven't decided yet. ox Whitehawk


  4. Thank you, Whitehawk, for this timely blog! I, too, have been reading some of the negative comments on Corey. On one FB, I also commented, saying that I keep an open mind on all these things. No judgement one way or the other. If people don’t want to believe this, they don’t have to…just don’t be mean about it. I’m sure these smaller waves of energy are bringing out either the best or the worst in people. Let’s hope sanity will prevail!! Love to everyone and Peace to our planet, Gaia!! <3


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