Catapulting Beyond “Understanding”


I may have just heard the “message of all messages” and share it with you because I believe it would do no harm (understatement) to “act as if” it is true.

Actually I heard this yesterday, and thought I’d sit with it, sleep on it, and listen again today before spreading it around. I’ve decided to embrace it, and, as always, advise you to filter it through your own heart of truth.

Now, I can’t imagine anyone who’s found his/her way to this blog not noticing the energetic shift that’s been expressing in such amplified ways lately.

I mean, gawd, it’s ALL hitting the fan now. Everything “old energy” is FALLING. Like dominoes. It’s like psycho-spiritual whiplash, witnessing it all now!


This woman, Sophia – new to my awareness – received an amazing message a couple days ago. Her source, known to her as “One” (which typically, to me means one’s own highest level of awareness… our souls ALL map back to pure godhood… it’s just a matter of where on the frequency dial we can tune in for ‘reception’), came to her with an extremely powerful bit of news.

THE news of ALL news, in my humble opinion. The news that changes everything.

Unfortunately (to my mind) this news is not in written form, or I’d plug that in here. It’s only available (thus far, to my knowledge anyway) in an audio she made of her own ‘dictation’ of the message she received. That audio I’ve linked for you below.

The message claims that the “demiurge” or “poser” who’s been lording over earth as THE GOD to be worshiped, obeyed, feared, etc…  has now been re-absorbed by the True Light, the True Source of All in this universe, taking all its FALSE light – that has enslaved humanity for aeons – with it!

In other words: WE ARE FINALLY FREE of the enslavement that has kept us like mice on an endless karmic wheel for longer than humanity can even remember.

Let that sink in.

What does this mean?

If Sophia’s information is correct, the controlling power – the ultimate malevolent, bottomless-pit sucker of human energies, that we’ve had to PAY over and over and over, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, with sweat, toil, FEAR, PAIN, endless life/death cycles, etc etc etc – the one to whom the cabal has ultimately reported all these millennia, and through them, enslaved humanity – has at long last been removed from THIS WORLD.

[Note to Self: we also signed up to participate in this experiment, once upon a forgotten time, long ago when we were naive as to the way it would play out!]

Put another way: we are no longer forced to STAND and STRUGGLE UNDER THIS DARK POWER. We are no longer standing under (or “understanding our place” of servitude to) THIS POWER, as it has finally been called back to – reintegrated with – the True Source, the True Light, which has allowed this “experiment of separation from it” to go on for the duration of the 26,000 year cycle that is now OVER.

We are survivors! We are now FREE!

This means we now MUST CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL WE DO. For all we ARE. For all we can BE!

The shackles are OFF. Shake free! Happy dance! No more fear, no more blame… no more DISTRACTIONS from what we know we must do now… no more distractions re: the truth of WHO WE REALLY ARE!

As I heard at the end of one of my active kundalini episodes (and this whole ascension process IS a MASS rising of Gaia’s kundalini)

“You are being cleansed of all you THOUGHT YOU WERE, so you can finally become who you REALLY ARE!”

Begin CREATING the NEW EARTH, free of fear, my friends!

Ok, so, there’s no way to PROVE the truth of Sophia’s message.

But just imagine the WAVE of energy humanity will create if we embrace and fully embody our true, sovereign FREEDOM to bring through all the Creator Light we literally are wired to bring through in our expressions as humans in partnership with one another and with GAIA… without RESTRAINT!

Forgive all the “caps,” I’m just “emoting,” not (quite) shouting! It’s a good thing – a GOD THING – that’s now the One True Thing… if we let it be!

Here’s the link to the audio of Sophia reading the message she received… and sharing her own astonishment at what came through to her.

Let us let it be so.  LOVE ALL… Whitehawk



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