The Greatest Event of Your Life

This message came some months after the last “Ja’li” message… the series of Ja’li transmissions has its own home on this site here. I consider the Ja’li material a superior synopsis of the truth of our holographic dream scenario, and how we can best plan for our soul’s journey through it to return to our true home via the upper triad (and need I mention yet again – heed your personal truth). The upper triad of our consciousness might be considered the ‘staging platform’ for our re-entry with our Source, or ‘Home.’

I feel I’m well on my way to embodying what’s imparted here, actually… standing by as a peace-holding witness in the sku_176592_1meantime… which is not to say I’m not rattled by the insanity on occasion, but I have my priorities to return to when I regain balance!

One of our biggest tasks lately seems to “be [or do] the roly poly” … remember those toys that always regain their upright position after being knocked over? They’re typically clowns, but being the cat person I am, I’m inserting a cat version here. Cats always right themselves during a fall and land on their feet!

Meow, Whitehawk  >º.º<

The Most Important Message Of All

I am An T’na speaking on behalf of the Intergalactic Board of Council members and Mr. Ja’li. This is their message to each of you.

As you keep searching for events to attend, and events to create for others to attend, we wish you to know that the Greatest Event you will ever attend will be the one where you return to your True Home.

Your first step toward Home will be a loss of interest and desire for going to and fro as a seeker seeking truth in every corner of your dream realm, and you choose instead to go within to your True Self for all answers to your questions that keep you seeking externally.

The Greatest Event will be when you finally engage yourselves on your own inner Path of Return that leads you into being who you truly are, which we call your True Self. This event will in-turn lead you to returning back to our True Reality where our True Home exists.

When you return Home a wonderful celebration awaits your arrival. What bigger or better event could there possibly be than that!

Going within to your True Self means that you are ready to let go of that which is the altered portion of your consciousness, which is what Gesanna [the messenger] calls the altered ego. You are familiar with that term so we shall use it with you also.

Your altered ego is the portion of your True Self Consciousness that became altered in its perceptions and perspectives, causing your True Self to go into a trance-like state you refer to as sleep. The conscious state of your True Self  awareness was transferred into the smaller portion of Its altered ego. That is why you are conscious, aware, more dominantly of your so-called ‘life’ which is a dream, more than you’re aware of being who you truly are as True Self.

The altered ego exists in a dream state in what came to be created, through a shift in consciousness, as a realm, that which we refer to as the Lower Triad. The entire Lower Triad exists as an altered state from its original state known as the Upper Triad.

The Upper Triad is based in the Singularity state of consciousness and energy. The Lower Triad is based in the Duality state of consciousness and energy.

The True Self cannot exist in the Lower Triad except to recover Its altered portion of consciousness, and that is a process of ‘awakening’.

The True Nature of the True Self does not think, behave, or function in the Lower Triad for it possesses no state of duality in Its nature. The thinking and behavior of the True Self is based in Totality consciousness and energy, which exists slightly above Singularity consciousness and energy.

True Self cannot exist in the Lower Triad due to the dual nature of the consciousness and energy of the Lower Triad. The altered ego is an altered aspect of True Self consciousness and energy and the altered ego created the Lower Triad based upon its own altered state, which is a dream state.

The altered ego being based in the nature of duality cannot exist in any other state of consciousness and energy but duality. Duality exists only as an illusion as the Lower Triad, all of which is of the dream state of your True Self.

The altered ego cannot be forced into existing in the Singularity of the Upper Triad or the Totality of our True Home Realm. The altered ego can only exist in the dream state of the Lower Triad.

Therefore, you cannot ascend to the Upper Triad or return to True Home through your altered ego consciousness. It is simply not possible to do due to the opposing nature of duality which the altered ego is based in. Without the nature of duality present in the Upper Triad or Home Realm, which is ‘Reality’, the altered ego cannot go or exist there.

In order to ascend to the Upper Triad and go on Home from there you must first be willing to surrender the idea and choice of living through your altered ego in exchange for living through your True Self.

The way of True Self life has nothing to do with the ways of the altered ego, and vice-versa. They are 2 distinct manners of thinking, being, existing.

To become your True Self you must recognize that everything your altered ego thinks is ‘real’ is not real at all, for it is all based in the altered state which is wholly comprised of alterations that do not exist in any sense of real, realness or reality, for the nature of duality is the product of altered consciousness.

To become your True Self you must be willing to give up everything without exception as you have known and lived it. The only thing you do not give up is who you truly are – your True Self.

As you do this then you commence your journey into Awakening to Reality – the Reality of True Self and True Home.

The more willing that you, as altered ego, ‘cooperate’ with the Awakening Process on your Path, the more your True Self Consciousness recovers Its altered portion of Consciousness back into True Reality; in other words, the more your True Self Awakens to Its Reality of Home.

The more your True Self awakens, the more your altered ego fades into the dream that is dissipating from the consciousness of your True Self.

The altered ego that you have been, within the dream, begins to remember, by awakening unto, its true identity as True Self so that the consciousness of the altered ego shifts from being the ‘dream character’ in the illusion, to being the True Self that you truly are.

As this awakening process occurs, there is no loss of identity. There is only a recovering of it.

When you awaken from your dreams at night you are still who you were when you went to sleep and into your dreams.

Your awareness that was shifted from your True Self Consciousness into your altered ego consciousness begins to reverse itself back into True Self Consciousness.

Your Awakening to Reality is the process reversed from how you entered into the altered dream state.

The altered ego that you have been living through will lose interest in itself. That means, in its own identity which is recognized as an illusion in the dream.

It means you will lose interest in all altered-ego-based beliefs, ideas, concepts, dogma, doctrines, practices, religions, spiritualisms, sciences, education, rights and wrongs, and so on; you will lose interest in everything it has ever held dear, right, true, correct, reasonable, sensible, noble, and so on.

Why? Because every one of those concepts, and all others, are products or creations of the altered ego, and they are all wholly based in the nature of duality which does not exist in the Upper Triad or at our Home Realm.

In order for the altered ego to cooperate with the awakening process to True Self you must be willing to lose all interest in all-things-altered ego, in all its affairs, its issues, its dramas, its ups and downs, and so on.

As your True Self takes over, you must be willing to be divested of everything that is altered-ego-based because that is the natural side-effect of becoming who you truly are as you awaken to your True Self Nature.

If you’re not ready to surrender your altered ego way of life in exchange for your True Self Way of Life then you’re not ready yet to go Home. We shall wish you well as you continue your journey in the illusions of your dream realm.

For those of you who are ready to surrender your altered ego and its ways of life in order to be who you truly are so you can return Home, then you begin the journey by ceasing to be external focused and going to and fro ‘out there’.

You stop, sit down right where you dwell, stay put, and go within to your True Self and connect with It by developing a line of communication that will allow you to receive True Self Truth that is custom-tailored to your particular Path that leads you back Home. Only your True Self knows how to do that for you, and only True Self can ever possibly do that for you.

No one out there can do that for you, and they can never ever get you back Home for they too are focused in the dream realm of their altered ego.

When you have developed that connection with your True Self you will receive everything you need to know about being on your Path of Return, for your True Self is your Christ; it is your Lord; it is your God; it is your ‘creator’. Your True Self created you as Its dream character and only your True Self can absorb you back into its True Self Consciousness by unaltering Its altered ego consciousness as the dream character that you have been but which is an illusion of the dream state.

When you begin engaging your Path of Return you will vicariously lose interest in your own altered ego and all its affairs, and you will lose interest in everyone else’s altered ego and their affairs.

With this loss of interest you will lose all desire to participate in living through your own altered ego and with the altered egos of others.

As you lose interest and desire in your own altered ego you gain interest and desire in being True Self. You begin to live through True Self Perspectives, thinking and behavior. In other words, you begin to be and live like a ‘Christ’, a ‘Buddha’, a ‘Master’ or ‘Mara’ who is on the Path of Ascension to the Upper Triad.

As you lose interest and desire in the altered ego and all its affairs you are losing nothing but the dream and all its illusions. You are waking up to Reality.

Simultaneous to this loss, you gain interest and desire in True Self and all Its affairs that exist in the Reality you left behind when you, as True Self, originally went into your sleep state. It is still there waiting for your return.

So you lose an illusion and gain Reality. How can you possibly go wrong with that! You cannot.

The choice of course is always yours – to remain asleep at the Wheel Of Truth, as Gesanna likes to put it, or you choose to Awaken to Reality and go back Home.

So, why are we telling you about this now when so many others have said as much over thousands of years? Why are we encouraging you to get it and get on with it?

We have seen the future of your dream, and the nature of duality is headed into a very rough and tough time ahead for your dream characters, growing more arduous and, you would say, unpleasant with each reincarnation of your altered ego back into the dream.

This is the last incarnation you have before things take a drastic turn that will make your abilities to ascend increasingly more difficult.

We refuse to give you any details because that becomes a distraction for your altered ego to get caught up in and run amuck with, and you cannot ascend to the Upper Triad if you are still existing in fear of anything in the dream.

We are here to tell you that you literally cannot ascend to the Upper Triad, and return Home from there, if you are not willing to do just as we have stated herein – to surrender your altered ego and be divested by your True Self of everything that is a creation and product of the altered ego, and all things, all existence in the Lower Triad is a creation of the altered ego. Life, as you’ve known it therein, is but a dream. Indeed!

That means you have to be wholly willing to move beyond it all, to cling to nothing, to miss nothing, not even each other, for everyone you know is an altered ego dream character of their True Self who exists only in the True Reality of our True Home. You are still there, they are still there, but you’re not conscious or aware of it because you’re conscious and aware of your dream state.

When you reach the point when you’ve had enough of the dual nature of the altered ego and all of its scams, shams, and the fact that you can never win for loosing equally as much, because the nature of duality will always seek to balance itself out in order to stay in existence; when you have tired of all the games and plays that repeat themselves in different disguises, different scenery and different props throughout different incarnations, but it’s always the same old song-n-dance and themes, then maybe you are ready to stop running to and fro like little children playing games, and can sit down, sit still, be quiet, relax and go within – then you are ready.

When you can do that because you are ready to be who you truly are, you will send portions of your conscious awareness back into your True Self Consciousness where it is detected. Your True Self then responds to your call of readiness to transfer your conscious awareness back into your True Self Consciousness, so your True Self begins to become more consciously aware of Itself rather than of Its dream character, and in return Its Consciousness absorbs Itself from the dream state and you Awaken to find yourself back Home.

When you decide you want to commence your Path of Return, we will be there to assist your Awakening to Reality.

For now we remain here to assist ‘only’ those who are engaging their Path of Return to True Self.

We are not here to give you more information to study or research or mull over, to think about whether it’s right for you or not. Either it is or it isn’t. If what we have said herein feels right for you at this time, then you will stop all seeking out there, you will stop seeking through even our information, and you will get on with what you know you need to do in order to engage yourself back Home.

And what is that? Just what we have told you.

We are here only for a short while more because the door of opportunity to ascend will close shut on you so that nothing we can do to assist will be able to reach you. You will be on your own in the dream, as it were.

We all have told you repeatedly that time is short so you need to get on with being who you truly are.

We have repeatedly told you that the Lower Triad is going to collapse – and yes it will eventually, for it is on a path that has tipped the balance to the negative side of duality, and negative energy will eventually consume itself. That is the nature of the negative energy.

How did the balance of duality get tipped into the negative side? The answer to that is planetary and cosmic, and far too complicated to go into herein. Yet, the bottom line for you is the fact that the whole idea of this upset balance is all part of what’s occurring within the dream of the Lower Triad. It is not occurring in the Upper Triad or at Home.

So if you don’t ascend, and instead you choose to remain in the dream as the Lower Triad collapses, then what will happen to you and all those who remain in it when it collapses?

Well, that is yet to be seen. Not even we are certain. If you want to stay and find out you’re allowed to do that.

You think you’ll just wake up back Home? Not hardly, so long as you have not awakened out of your altered ego which is part of the Lower Triad dream state.

So long as you’re still living and functioning out of your altered ego consciousness then death in the dream will never change that. You’re still trapped in the dream.

We are here to tell you that the only way out is in, people!

We know those who choose to do so, and those who of you don’t. And either way you choose, we judge you not but love you dearly for it is your True Self who we recognize as the Real True You.

We shall see you on your Path of Return soon, or we shall see you later after you’ve come out of your dream state. It is up to you.

Be well and stay happy. And do come Home soon, where the Greatest Event of all your lifetimes awaits your arrival.

On behalf of the Intergalactic Board of Council and Mr. Ja’li,

I am An T’na. I bid you farewell. That is all.

Time To Go Home

One comment on “The Greatest Event of Your Life

  1. I intuativly began this process with my head taking a back seat.I followed my intuation/heart,began a body cleanse,walked away from all that did not serve me,this was a few years back,I walked away from cigeretts, I was on paineds for years,I simply walked away from them as if givin a divine pass.I live with my son & his family & there is 1 person who tried my patience terrably in the beginning…this was a test,to get slamed with my own lower triad.over time I grew,now with this new information it is like a big piece to my puzzel.Yes I miss my home terribly.


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