How Will It Play Out?

Will There Be a FALSE Ascension Attempt?

As anyone who has given “ascension” or the dimensional shift any depth of contemplation knows, the whole phenom and all its possible trajectories overwhelm to the point of distraction.

I’ve been feeling strikingly “unglued” over the past week or two, as tho my corporeal form—and the mind theoretically at the helm of this 3D human aspect—are barely holding together. I can feel overwhelming anxiety coupled with nausea for several hours… followed by the odd sense that my very cells are drifting apart. And, repeat. None of which meshes well with tasks like writing, editing, or balancing checkbooks, let me tell ya.

It all seems so on the drift! No one mentioned there’s a drift to this shift.

Maybe I’ve caught an early ray of this ‘wave’ that’s got everyone’s attention riveted on it now. It’s supposedly arriving over the next month or two; we’ll see.  I *do* believe, by virtue of many years of many experiences, that the powerful kundalini reset me in ways beyond human capacity to really understand. This (my) bodymind responds differently to many circumstances (energetic, in particular) than most others seem to. All one can do is hypothesize and surrender. If I end up slipping off terra firma a bit ahead of the masses, I will try to get a message back—maybe with a MAP! :)

Inside Clover Grove by Simon Haiduk

[art by Simon Haiduk]

Whether my current experience is about expansion… or dismemberment of the old, or even, ultimately, disintegration of the carbon-based form, I don’t know. I do know it’s distracting, and I’ve heard no one else reporting these particular sensations. (Now today: migraine too for good measure.) If you are experiencing anything truly odd lately, I’d love to hear from you!

Meanwhile, this report is being passed around. It appears to have originally come from the cosmic starseeds website, and picked up by Michelle Walling @ IN5D, and further commented on by Ines Radman. (Nothing like being first in line to break a story, eh! ha!)

I share, as usual, to present a possibility, outrageous as it might seem (you’ll know what I’m referring to further down). For your discernment and personal truth. The fact that In5D “billed” the anonymous woman as an “insider” kind of chafed me right off, so I changed the header below. She had an experience.

ox Whitehawk

Anonymous Person Shares Her Vision of Ascension

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,

Comment from Ines: I found this article to be fascinating to say the least as I have also written about the transformation being a beautiful flash of light and our bodies changing during that time.

Although I don’t resonate with all of it, it doesn’t mean there is no truth in it. It is for you to feel and for me to share. We are in difficult times, challenging to say the least, even I struggled lately to “remember” why I came here. As a human I question my purpose, as a Soul I know I am reaching the crossroads literally where we all have to choose whatever it is we came here to do. 

What would it be like to wake up in another dimension? This is the reality that many people have seen in their meditations, giving some credence to the idea that ascension could happen in an instant. One woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared her vision of what the ascension would be like along with a warning of a “fake ascension” that may be planned by the dark beings.

The insider’s story (we will call her Pam for now) begins with her near death experience (NDE) as age 8. On the “other side”, she met a sixth dimensional being that she began calling “father”, who has since spoken to her since her return into her body. Father speaks to Pam in a very loving, teaching way.

One of the most profound statements that Father made to Pam was during 9/11 as the second plane was hitting the twin towers. He said, “Your country has just betrayed you.” He then told Pam to “watch and learn”. Pam was devastated by his words at the time. It totally changed Pam’s perception of what was happening from that point until now.

In November of 2012, Pam was given a vision of what she believes is the true ascension of the Earth and her return to the 5th dimension. Pam was showed the transformation of the Earth and our bodies to a higher dimension in slow motion. Pam, like many others, was expecting this to happen the next month of December of 2012.

Pam was later shown that the Earth had been put into a time loop distortion. Furthermore, she has just recently broken free and is moving towards the stargate back to the time dimension she came from. After the fall of Atlantis, Pam says Earth was captured and forced to go through the portal that brought her into a 3rd dimensional prison. Coming from the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension also caused all of those earth changes from the last upheaval.

Pam says that as the Earth gets closer to the portal of Earth’s return, she will be experiencing the waves of the higher dimension coming from this portal and this will cause Earth changes. The dark beings do not want to let her out of the 3rd dimension but they can not stop her from birthing herself back to her home.

In November of 2012, Pam was also shown the “birthing process”. She was shown this vision from two different angles so that she could see the details, however she says that when it happens it will be very fast….like one BIG “woosh” or “Flash Wave”. It reminded her of a baby being birthed.

Pam’s first view point was from space. “I saw the Earth as she was moving through space. I had the impression that Earth was being towed or being pulled on course by some sort of energy beam. She was not moving on her own. It was like she was locked into some sort of tractor beam making her unstoppable. As I watched the Earth, she began to approach an enormous cobalt blue and silver plasma opening which appeared to be a star gate~ the blue plasma in the center of the ring looked like exquisite blue fire. It was as mesmerizing as it was beautiful. When the earth was at the entrance of the stargate she paused for a moment and then began her ascension through the gate called the EYE.”

If any of you have been reading Yellow Rose for Texas’ blogs, she talks about the earth being pulled off of her mast and turned in preparation for going through the “EYE”. Pam tried to convey her information to the YRFT group but was not greeted with much approval. Rose has made it very clear that the group has a mind of its own and she has no “official” group although she does appreciate the supporters. I have asked Rose to come forth on In5d’s “Cosmic Awakening Show“, and her reply at the time was that her health would not permit her to so. I find it fascinating to hear an independent vision that somewhat correlates with Rose’s interpretation of Earth being positioned to go through the EYE.

When I found Rose’s material, I immediately was reminded of writing an article last year and I was wondering exactly how we would be returning to our higher vibration. I clearly heard a thought packet unfolding in my head that said “We will go back through where we came from.” Pam had been shown that the earth used to reside on the other side of the EYE in a higher dimension before she was captured and forced into a lower dimension about 13,000 years ago.

Pam continues, “Now, all of a sudden, the scene changed to view point of me standing on the surface of the planet. I found myself in my living room with my husband. We instantly became aware that something out of the normal was about to happen. The air was full of electricity, and you could feel it tingling all over your skin. We felt drawn to go outside on our back deck. As we were holding hands and looking across the field and up into the sky, we could see what appeared to be a enormous cobalt blue and silver tipped wave coming toward us. It appeared similar to a tidal wave but gave off the appearance of brilliant blue fire instead of water. It had an intense and powerful energy with it. We should have been absolutely terrified as it came toward my husband and I but the energy that touched us was of peace and love. As it moved, it saturated everything it touched with pure BLISS. As we watched the wave moved across the field, we saw that everything it touched was being immediately changed and enhanced to a crystalline texture. There were more colors than what we currently experience. The wave appeared to be moving and changing everything back to a higher vibration. The colors became exquisite and brighter. Everything was more beautiful and alive, absolutely vibrant.”

Next, Pam described how she sees our bodies make the change: “As the wave finally engulfed us, our soul essence was transferred and detached from our physical body and reattached to our astral body. Then in a flash our astral bodies started to absorb and transmute the essence of our physical bodies through some kind of umbilical cord that was connected through our solar plexus. There was a sucking feeling, like when you are drinking a thick milkshake through a straw. As the transfer took place, the physical body diminished and the astral body became filled with strength. There was no pain involved. In fact, what you felt was a complete healing and transformation that was filled with LOVE and peace. It left us feeling radiant and strong, instantly healthy and complete, with a true sense of well being and wholeness. I could feel the strength of my new body and knew that I was at least 7 feet tall. As the process finished, my astral body started to crystallize and then become solid. The only thing left of my physical body was a residue of dusty powder which I noticed all over my arms. I immediately brushed it off”.

Pam says that was reminded later of the dust that was left in the sarcophagus at the Kings tomb in Egypt, when the adepts ascended.

Pam continues with the appearance of Earth: “I gazed at all of the incredible beauty surrounding us. I knew that we were HOME, as for our precious Earth – she was forever changed and totally restored to her original beauty. At that moment, it felt like my husband and I were a new Adam and Eve on a brand new planet. Then the vision ended.”

Just this past week, the being Pam calls Father shared some more information on what is about to happen in our 3rd dimension. He started by asking Pam questions on the chemtrails that have been marking our skies. He asked if Pam knew the purpose of what they were doing to us, especially why they we spraying the Earth with smart dust nanoparticles since the late 1990’s. “Father” said that these particles are in our soil, our bodies, our animals, and all of the vegetation on the planet. He then added CERN and Wave X to the mix to see if Pam could see any connections. As Pam was pondering what the heck was the plan of all of these things, he started connecting the dots for her by stating that “they” were planning a FAKE Ascension, and that this was the Great Deception that has been planned all along.

Pam states, “As the reality and the ramification of his words sunk into my consciousness, I felt sick in my soul. Humankind will be deceived just like 9/11 but on a much bigger scale. This is not something that I want to share, but with all good conscience what kind of a person would be if I keep this to my self. So please take what you want from this and discard the rest. The best thing that we can do to protect ourselves is stay in our Heart because the nanoparticles can not deceive the brain of our heart but it can deceive the brain in our head.”

Some people may have had the same kind of vision that Pam did. Some people will say that this is a part of the true deception, the plan to create a fifth dimensional astral realm place for humans who choose it to ascend to, and the trick here is that it is still in the false light matrix. The thing to remember is that many people have different roles to play here and these people will experience this time in many ways.

With so many different ideas of what is happening, does anyone really know how this will unfold? One thing is for sure, the many scenarios could include the truth for some, but were all shared as a distraction and a way to keep us confused and off center.

How do we discern the truth? In my opinion, what happens depends on our own thoughts and individual soul essence and experience. The astral beings know that we are powerful creators, and have been trying to manipulate our thoughts in order to create more manipulation scenarios. When trying to figure out if Pam’s vision or anyone else’s vision is a part of the truth of Earth’s ascension, you will have to go within and see how it makes you feel.

It takes many roads for the seeker to arrive at enough information where the fear behind moving forward into a reality of freedom simply disappears. When you get to the place of knowing who you are and what ascension means for you- honor it. Don’t worry what other people think, but feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with other people as there maybe some people having the same thoughts as you, and they could use some confirmation.



4 comments on “How Will It Play Out?

  1. Was noting in my journal just yesterday how I’m feeling ‘here’ and ‘there’ not quite in either place fully but split: not in a bad rending way, just more distracted, more clumsy, floaty (maybe remnants of the Pisces full moon?) less concerned about stuff and things, mind unable to focus yet peaceful and surrendered. Then I read an article by Matt Kahn and realized it was probably the 5D that I was feeling, sensing, experiencing. Which comforts and alarms me (on a small level) simultaneously. :D
    I love her vision of a blue healing wave of love and it resonates.
    Guess we’ll need to be on the watch for the false, which after reading Corey’s stuff is totally believable.
    thanks for the awesome shares!
    sending you blessings and love!


    • Thank you for commenting, Drue. When we find ourselves wavering between dimensions/time streams/reality planes/WHAT HAVE YOU, it certainly can get weird… and challenging to remain strong in any particular (attempt at) focus! At least this is how I’m feeling presently. “Unglued” was the best term I could give it. Unglued and queasy. As long as it’s not something the “men in white coats” will come after me for! Angels in white wings – yes please!! Blessings & love back ::: W


  2. How to prepare for wave x…how to blow your nose.I don’t buy it, there’s so much disinfo,much of done unknowingly by good people…ai ? ,I am ready for whatever & I don’t need a map.I live in Philadelphia and have concerns of the Jesuit Pope coming here.mrcati/YouTube. Send your loveing intentions on 9/23&9/24 as it may be their last attempt at a major false flag on 9/23 & a announcing their nwo on 9/24,putins expected now to show up in my to Adress the UN,I believe he’s trying to disrupt them.I spend all my time in nature,lucid dreaming & in service,i & I try to connect the dots occasionally.


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