Kali Takes on the Empire

Been meaning to post on this for a while.

I’m referring to the startling image of the goddess KALI that covered the Empire State Building in New York last month. POW – what a sight!

hindu-goddessI have to say, there could hardly be a more impressive form of “messaging the masses” than this! It was HUGE. RED. INCREDIBLY DRAMATIC IN THE DARKNESS… and SO MYSTERIOUS!

It was the Hindu ‘destroyer goddess’ KALI dominating the icon of THE EMPIRE – the Empire State Building – in NYC, the “empire metropolis” of the western world, if not the entire planet.

Kali is a fierce if not downright frightening image to behold. She transmits a FERAL energy… untamed… unlike the other Hindu deities who appear so gracious and surrounded by flowers. Kali is typically represented as a wild woman in the midst of a primal dance (or stomp!) of destruction, with her red tongue fully extended and human skulls dangling from her necklace and belt like trophies of past “projects.”

Scary as she appears, she is worshiped for her role in clearing away the rotten, decayed clutter that must be cleared so that the blessed NEW may be created—in our case the prophesied golden age after a seemingly eternal period of misery and darkness.

Kali is also said to be the destroyer of ILLUSION, which this entire earth “experiment” has been… a holographic illusion within which we, dressed up in our “biosuits,” have been contained for many many millennia. We are now at last breaking FREE!

Kali can be appreciated as a no-nonsense, fearless aspect of the divine feminine who does not shy away from the battlefields or wastelands of this world, regardless which realm they might occupy or what misguided efforts caused them to exist in the first place.

Kali comes at the end of a cycle (or era, or yuga), such as the chaotic and unconscious dark cycle that’s ending now. For her to appear—to cover— the Empire State Building made a huge impression and packed a major wallop on the psyche of the public! It was as though a deity came to close down and clear away the dismal, decayed state of the empire. Yeah?

But WHO did this? I hadn’t heard anything about the mastermind behind it, so finally looked it up today. The story surprised me. I actually expected it to be undisclosed… but here is what Snopes posted by way of explanation, which is followed by a closing comment of my own.

Endangered Animals ‘Light Show’ on Empire State Building

On 1 August 2015, the south side of the Empire State Building was lit up with projected images of endangered animals:

empire-tigerempire-monkeyThe light show, which was produced by the Oceanic Preservation Society and Obscura Digital, aimed to draw attention to the numerous animal species currently facing extinction.

An unprecedented and awe-inspiring public display of art by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos and his team, Projecting Change, projected onto the NYC skyline, was meant to spark awareness of massive wildlife extinction, and be a chilling call to conservation. It turned the Empire State Building, New York’s brightest and most recognizable symbol and capitalism’s earliest totem, into the worlds greatest canvas, as well as its most epic tombstone and oracle of the Dark Feminine. (This evocative phrase underlined by me – W)

From the colossal projection of Cecil the Lion, whose recent tragic death provoked a mass outpouring of love and outrage, to the images of hundreds of nameless endangered animals—finned ones and scaled ones, horned ones and winged ones, two-legged and four, creeping and crawling and running for their lives across the Empire State Building—this revolutionary and heart-rending project will not soon be forgotten.

And it was Kali, the dark mother, the destroyer of illusions and the personification of time, death, and holy change, by Android Jones, that stole the show as the final, spectacular image of the installation… her fierce gaze penetrating our souls.

Me—Whitehawk—again here:  I had no idea this ‘Kali event’ was connected to an endangered species “exhibition of light.” I’m ALL for honoring the animals of this world; they’ve been tortured and disrespected for EVER, and I’m grateful that the days of such abuse are coming to an end, along with the rest of this horrid behavior and dark consciousness that needs to be cleared for illumination and passage to higher densities.

In a way, this Kali image was a brilliant final statement… but it also seemed to steal the spotlight from the theme of the show – the animals. I was really struck by this projected Kali, but didn’t know before today it was associated with an animal-related cause.

This “grande finale” projection on the Empire State Building was also taken as a threat by many who don’t know the meaning of Kali.

I interpreted it as an intriguing and impactful way of saying buh-bye to the cabal’s longstanding oppressive “lordship” over humanity. The divine feminine was no longer taking it lying down, so to speak.

Kali has come to help make way for the re-emergence of feminine integrity, nurturing, courage, strength, the balancing of the polarities, the end of domination by a greedy patriarchal elite, and the liberation of ALL life on earth—as it’s all sacred. Not all “lightworkers” are embodied as darling angels; this one is clearly ready to take on some heavy duty dirty work… perhaps leading the way for the Kali in all of us to come forth!

Love to you, Whitehawk


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3 comments on “Kali Takes on the Empire

  1. John Lash has been working on Kali with other choosen ones & volunteers for the rise of gaia and Sophia being the tainted one on earth.he is an edept astrophysioligist and very wise on goddess’s and constalations.


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