The September Transition to “New DNA Earth”

imagesA friend drew my attention to this channel, Susie Beiler, who has a series of videos up (12 total) on youtube specifically addressing the “September Transition to the New DNA Earth” expected at some point in the days following the Equinox.

Susie’s messages, said to come from Prime Creator, actually have a number of… I’ll say revisions… to the “ascension plans” some of us have heard about for decades now.  “New DNA Earth” is the term used by the source of these messages, presumably because all dna will be receiving enhancements, or the impulse to “awaken,” or both.

If you are one who has been feeeellling this transitional energy trickling in, awaiting its full impact through all manner of challenges (as have I!) and wondering IF it will ever happen, and HOW it will… I present these two videos for you to consider and of course take into the heart of your personal truth for assessment.

Susie did a long series on this topic in Sedona, starting in July. I watched most of that series, and have opted to post the last two videos here for you, as they seem to have an overview recap nature to them. Earlier ones (to me) seemed to meander around a lot into areas that aren’t of my personal priority. These two are worth checking out, as possible “outcome” scenarios, which vary for each soul who will be entering the Wave (which = everyone and everything on this planet… including the planet herself).

I’m not sure I really ‘get’ or resonate with some of what she puts forth, but it’s an interesting POV to take on board… and if we ARE a mere couple of weeks from all this occurring… wow, victory at last!

oxoxo Whitehawk

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