A Channel’s “See You on the Other Side” Video

Susie Beiler says TTFN

As long as I posted Susie’s channeled messages about the September “wave” event, I thought I’d include her “final farewell” video too, as she “heard” that her own trajectory will be to dematerialize and return to Source when this divine energy pours in full throttle. So this gal has put it ALL out there for everyone to witness and deal with as they will.

I’m appreciating her trust in her experiences enough to share so transparently. I also relate to her mention of just not “seeing” beyond the end of this month… not seeing anything to “do” or “plan” etc.

On Becoming/Being Whitehawk

10712964_10152325537392038_6134144014669382234_nActually this has been my situation since my own kundalini-initiated ascension… after which my physical form was left in this degrading, duality-ravaged hologram, feeling as “in but not of” the world as it gets, while the vast lion’s share of who I was no longer existed here!

Whitehawk‘s wingspan reaches into worlds… but the perch here at ground level is out on a tenuous limb.

In energetic terms, the “magnetic core” of the being I was changed its signature to such a degree, the former life – including the cherished “inner life” – no longer constellated around it/”me.”

If the planets lost their “sync” with the sun, they’d just wander off into space, having no further purpose orbiting this particular star. My inner sun and the outer system were no longer in sync; no longer a vibrational match. But the New remained in the void—a perfect setup for 3D hardship.

This has been a very difficult few years. Imagine living in a house, walking out the door one ordinary day, then coming back to discover the house doesn’t even exist anymore. Not only that, but everything that had defined your existence was no longer there (or anywhere), nor was any of it even relevant anymore, to boot.

Now readers might be getting why I’m not one to encourage chasing kundalini. I absolutely revere the divinity which assumes this expression… and I surrendered to the journey while on it (for years), as this was obviously a powerful MISSION in progress. But outcomes are unpredictable as well as non-negotiable (or perhaps better to say, I personally did not “negotiate” with what kundalini had in mind for me)! My general position is that if you are meant to experience kundalini in your life, it/She will come to you. It’s not, say, a Quija board, an edgy mystery to try to engage with for kicks, or “psychic gifts,” or mind-blowing sex. It’s an arrangement most likely planned at soul level, not on the human/egoic plane.

I don’t claim to know what’s coming online for us… but as for myself, I hope for & anticipate liberation from this “holding bubble” between worlds at long last, to land in a context that fits who I AM so that I may thrive again in an awakened world. The New will pour through us, fashioned and formed by our higher consciousness and infinite imaginations… but it needs that conducive context to HOLD. This sustainability is the critical piece that higher, clearer frequencies would support.

(I wrote a paragraph here about the purpose of this ‘holding bubble’ period but it got so long I’ll hold it for another time. :)

What happened to me back then was the most profound experience imaginable—one that largely ended my “functional affiliation” with this hologram.

Meanwhile, apparently, the timeline for the up-shift was dilated (stretched) to facilitate the human experience of duality to the most agonizing maximum this world could endure, so more people would wake up to how asleep at the wheel we’ve been, and how deeply deranged our “stewardship” of this realm has become in the meantime. Well now is the time to make a quantum leap from that old groove and weave a beautiful new story. Please.

Composing in a Higher Octave

WHO KNOWS what we will find, come October! Truly a sparkly new love-based octave to adapt to and create worlds of beauty within? The final fizzle of dark domination, as it cannot survive the new frequencies?

Will we simply step into an entirely new system one day, and discover that the old is nowhere on “the dial” anymore?

If this wave is truly the game-changer, then truly the game will change in as many ways as there are souls experiencing it. So many intriguing possibilities.

If you choose, here’s Susie Beiler’s (supposed) last video, in which she shares a few of her personal experiences in this transition time, and goes on to acknowledge people in her life, as though her path will indeed be taking her elsewhere.

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8 comments on “A Channel’s “See You on the Other Side” Video

  1. I can totally relate to this “bubble” experience. Although I didnt have a full kundalini experience, ever sice my childhood I had an ability to dissociate from my body, to separate my conscience and my 3d life. Unlike many others I had to work on integrating those two all my life, and while I managed to do it up until last year, for about a year already i feel like everything I planned and wanted and was striving for just crumbled one by one leaving me bare and uninterested but still having to go on with life while my spirit was reaching elsewhere. It only increased in these last months. I’m wondering where it’s going to take me.


  2. The other day as I looked between high buildings , high up with thick clouds moving, I seen what appeared the top of a big mast on a ship, it couldn’t have…been…there as it was empty space,it appeared on & off several times.


  3. Night-time dreams are the 2D state like T.V. The waking state is 3D and the enlightened state is 4D where all has gone to light of pure consciousness. This is a stateless state, beyond words to name or thought and mental images.


  4. I’ve noticed a definite shift within myself since the beginning of September. It was my curiosity around this, that lead me to find Susie’s YouTube channel. I absolutely loved her Prime Creator channeling sessions about Event Horizon, (all 12 of them). I really appreciated Susie’s openness and courage in openly stating she would be dematerializing at the time of Event Horizon to go back to Prime Creator. Anyway, it’s now 1:00am, 29 September (Sedona time), so wonder if anyone knows if Susie made her “transition”?


  5. Here’s all I know as of 6AM (ET) Sept 29: Susie took down her website, and hasn’t made a peep on Facebook since the 27th. Meanwhile, Simon Atkins’ idea re: “Wave X” is that FROM 9/28 THRU October is a “window.” I agree, Si mon, I’m “noticing things” too. If I hear anything about Susie I’ll comment here… and invite you (all) to do the same.


      • What just came to me is that all experiences are valid and truly “count”. So whether Susie does or doesn’t make the transition is (now) irrelevant to me. Following the heart is the key to experiencing what one prefers and creates energy that serves the human collective in the most positive way.


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