Cosmic Wave-X Gamma Radiation 9/28/15

11880336_10200816665335778_1323263126549563019_nYes I’m still on this “Wave X/Event Horizon/Ascension/Gamma/Shift” theme. We may be about to experience the most phenomenal occurrence in the history of everything — so I’m checking around – while others are thrilled to bits that football season is back on TV.

Before getting to the video, tho, I want to share this photo of a large (about 6′ tall) rose quartz crystal that ‘lives’ across the road here. This Brazilian crystal is having a LOT of interesting energetic phenomena going on lately – numerous photos of this activity are around. This is the best one I found where the crystal is actually visible in the midst of the phenom. There’ve been orbs there for years; now we have these beams… or are they streaks? Or some variation of pillars??  Something different is up with the crystal! It, too, is in a shift. Maybe the ‘being within’ is waking up, or stepping out, or serving in an broadcasting capacity, distributing the gamma waves out into the neighborhood :)

The Video

I liked this man’s (“Indian in the Machine”) reading of the message from new messenger  (to me at least) Michael Love… purportedly AA Michael speaking about what’s ahead. The narration reminds me stylistically of those “Emergency Announcements” that come on TV on rare occasion… making it sound all the more vividly real. Not foreboding, just a straight-on style that I’m responding to and accepting somehow.

Moreover, this take on what’s incoming is basically aligned what I’m personally feeling is likely the deal. If people start disappearing, that will certainly be interesting! But my sense is, a distinctly positive wave of energy will wash in, and we will notice this, and afterwards start the long process of integrating it into our suddenly blossoming hearts and minds, and be organically inspired to start doing life correctly and with love for all of it, at long last.

I also feel this is the first of a few waves—possibly the most noticeable to us—but by this time next year, “Everything will be different,” to quote Bashar, re: autumn 2016. Our distinct and unwavering orientation toward the Light in all aspects of life will be setting in and changing the course and status of everything here on earth.

I’ve been aware of a sense of something positive opening/moving lately… anyone else? Sure beats feeling sick, spinning, and hopeless! Seemingly more in touch with the natural human ability to call in what I desire to experience in this life – and sense the universe moving things in response.  More “plugged in” than usual. Good things :)

The video itself is unique – a creative pairing with the material – and after the AAM message, some Native American chanting plays for a couple of minutes; nice.  ox W


4 comments on “Cosmic Wave-X Gamma Radiation 9/28/15

  1. As for me,I am creating and changing my own reality as it suites me.I set my intentions again on this new moon in my sign to release all contracts, beliefs ,traumas, past lives.I see the 11 11 more often lately and every time I see it I immediately ask mother & father God & my Guardian angles for peace throughout the universe & Goodwill to all kind.


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