What Happened?

It almost pains me to post this follow-up video by Susie Beiler, who expected to ‘dematerialize’ on the 28th. I hate to say, this reminds me of other channels who’ve received ‘concrete’ messages that then became an “oops – change of plans!” scenario. So keep raising your vibration…the superwave would have interfered with your progress (???).

For your discernment. ox W



3 comments on “What Happened?

  1. This is exactly why I listen to what people who ‘channel’ have to tell us with a huge grain of salt. And this is why I am willing to change any ‘beliefs’ I’ve previously had about things. And why I go forward with no expectations about any one thing. Putting ‘hope’ into anything outside of yourself usually leads to disappointment. It happened to me just one too many times…and I finally learned how to avoid that pitfall!


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