Crossing the Quantum Bridge

Shifting from the Old Self to the New Self


Dancing Across the Bridge

Most readers are likely familiar with Joe Dispenza, who burst into the limelight in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know with a fine discussion about “creating your day,” a manifestation method he learned from Ramtha. In the decade since What the Bleep, anyone interested in “being more conscious of one’s consciousness” is aware of the essential skill of quantum creation, and I know of no one who explains and demonstrates this important mental upgrade better than Joe.

This one change re: how humanity “does life” may well be THE Shift that all the hub-bub has been about for decades. I always feel inspired and encouraged by Dispenza, and encourage you to focus on what he’s talking about in this new interview with Lilou Mace. Actually, Lilou did two videos with him; I’ll post them both here for your convenience.

May the dance you create with Life be delightful!

Love all, Whitehawk

Creating from the Quantum Level (36:13)

You are the Placebo – Make Your Mind Matter (36:19)


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