Ja’li: Reprogramming the Subconscious

Here is Message 11 in the Ja’li series. ox Whitehawk

Regarding the Reprogramming of the Subconscious Mind

O-Sujeito-e-suas-Neuroses_21.jpgGesanna: I have been researching the idea that when we are born (and even before then) how and why it is that we inherit ‘programs’ from others, mostly parents, about who we are, what our life is all about, what our roles are, and so on. I began to understand the nature of how we receive these programs, but the suggestions regarding how to delete or modify those programs to suit ourselves in our current life circumstances seemed “off”. There didn’t seem to be enough evidence to support the claims being made regarding how effective the suggested methods are. My reasoning was that if these methods were successful enough to generate the claimed results, then why was all of this information not spreading like wildfire everywhere? The explanations given for ‘why not’ seemed more like an excuse to justify it rather than a truth.

I asked for clarity about this and here is what I received:

Mr. Ja’li: You have been instructed by others that when reprogramming your subconscious mind to speak directly to your subconscious. Under so-called normal circumstances this approach would be appropriate, but your species is no longer under such normal circumstances. I shall clarify.

The reason for this is that after your brain has matured – in its mid to later 20s – you, per your dream character’s, conscious mind do not have enough power left to overrule your subconscious mind’s programs with many of its more fundamental beliefs.

Your subconscious mind perceives your conscious mind as the source from where it used to receive its instructions, but your subconscious mind has become deeply rutted with certain ‘control programs’ so that the conscious mind is not powerful enough to override the programs. I shall explain.

On your planet, the subconscious mind of the Terran species has been allowed to ‘rule the roost’, so to speak, for so many generations that the subconscious mind believes itself to be the part of the mind that is ‘in charge’. It is currently disregarding most of your conscious mind’s orders because, as a collective, the conscious mind long ago resigned itself to taking orders from its subconscious mind instead.

The general collective message subliminally shared, that each individual’s subconscious mind received, was something like this: “Life is what it is. I am as I am because I cannot change or control the circumstances of my life, try as I might. I must accept my life as fate would have it for me.” This is an ancient message that each person has shared consciously, unconsciously, and subconsciously.

The origin of this ancient message has its roots in a part of your history that I shall not go into herein. But I will say that the knowledge regarding the function of the conscious and subconscious minds was kept from your awareness long enough to generate a ‘function reversal’ condition.

In other words, the functions of the conscious and subconscious minds have by now been reversed. The conscious mind lost its ability to recognize itself as the one in charge. That being the case, the subconscious mind acquired that ability in order to keep each person functional as a part of the collective species but not truly ‘living‘ as an individual. It literally cut you off from your innate ability to free yourselves from the collective. Only by becoming aware that you’re even in such a condition can you then educate yourselves with the proper instructions to override the ‘glitch’, so to speak, in your subconscious that keeps you stuck.

This is why the techniques that people keep coming up with, that attempt to reprogram the subconscious mind, don’t work well enough to change people’s lives in any significant quantity or quality. Any change is short-lived and inadequate, if it manifests at all, because the subconscious mind has been programmed to be the one in charge, and its “I/subconscious mind am in charge” instructions are, “I cannot change nor control the circumstances of my life, try as I might. I must accept my life as fate would have it for me.”

Consequently your subconscious mind will keep rejecting all attempts to change or delete the programs that it has received that would otherwise allow you to be in control of your life. This is what you call a ‘catch-22 conundrum’ effect that has you stuck individually and thus as a collective species.

The only way to truly change this is for one’s True Self Consciousness to give the instructions to be carried out – whether deleting old programs, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, or inserting new ones.

Unless the new instructions originate from one’s True Self Consciousness, the subconscious mind will simply overrule whatever comes from the conscious mind.

That which originates from True Self is based in Reality and Reality trumps illusion. Therefore one’s subconsciousness simply cannot overrule True Self Consciousness.

Consequently, when doing your sessions, set aside your dream character consciousness and allow your True Self Consciousness to speak to your subconscious mind, to issue forth its True-Self-based instructions.

Without interfering, listen to your True Self Consciousness as it speaks forth the instructions.

This will seem to you as if your dream character consciousness is doing the speaking, but it is not. Your dream character consciousness is receiving the words as if you were channeling them. If you wish to speak or whisper aloud in a channeled manner the words coming from your True Self then do so. Silently or aloud it matters not.

To issue forth your True Self’s commands, she, or he as the case may be for others reading this, will declare her power and authority, and she will speak it forth in her name which she will state. She will speak it forth from her ‘Throne of Reality’, if you will.

She will speak confidently and authoritatively in expressions of Positive declarations, affirmations, commands, pronouncements, orders, instructions.

It will all be based in the here/now/current moment as statements of ‘I am now ….’, ‘I now have ….’, ‘I now know ….’, ‘It now is …’, and so on.

To be rid of programs and beliefs, she will insert deleting instructions into your subconscious mind as well as into the hologram or auric field of your holosphere.

Regarding any program or belief, when you become aware of your subconscious mind asserting itself as the one in charge, call upon your True Self to clear out of your subconscious mind, and out of your holosphere/holodeck, whatever be the collective belief that presented itself to you.

When you become aware of something necessary or required in your life, call upon your True Self to insert the new instructions into your holosphere/holodeck.

She will not, mind you, insert that information into your subconscious mind that has taken charge, because as your True Self moves forward more and more into you, her Consciousness will dissipate the subconscious mind entirely.

In other words, your True Self has no use for a subconscious aspect of her Consciousness. As her True Self Consciousness overtakes your dream character consciousness, the subconscious part of it will dissipate first and cease to exist for you.

Then your consciousness mind will be free to be absorbed into her Consciousness.

Gesanna’s Note: When Mr. Ja’li speaks of our True Self in terms of gender of she or he, he does so only as a form of helping us identify that much more closely with our True Selves, rather than referring to our True Selves as an ‘it’. The ‘genderizing’ of our True Selves is a detailed topic of understanding that will have to be presented at another time. Briefly, my understanding is that the True Self has no gender and the True Self has gender…and the understanding of how/why that is is beyond what I have received about the matter at this time. Once that information is presented to me then I shall pass it on to you.


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