Ja’li Returns

This is the first of a new group of messages from the formidable “Mr. Ja’li,” whose last series of communiques articulated our situation here in the holographic lab powerfully and from a unique vantage point. It commanded attention and generated considerable commotion. Because I consider his contributions valuable – worthy of respect and contemplation – I gave Mr. Ja’li his own section on this blog. I’ll continue posting the new messages individually as well as add them to the Ja’li Speaks page.

If you haven’t read the previous messages (1-9), I strongly suggest you do before reading what follows, otherwise the references & terminology unique to this source won’t transmit properly.

Gesanna is the woman through whom Ja’li communicates. She has also received several messages recently from another member of this galactic team, which I will also share asap. As it is I’m genuinely exhausted today and hoping I’m making a modicum of sense here!    Love to you, Whitehawk

Picking up Ja’li’s thread, now, with Message 10, followed by additional material from Gesanna:

The Nature of True Selves –
At Home and In the Dream Realm Universe12079093_585546311577044_5488261042106871422_n.jpg

Gesanna: I asked for clarity about whether our True Selves are focused and actively participating in realms other than this one simultaneously. This is the answer I received:

Mr. Ja’li: While it is true that True Selves can do this under “normal” circumstances, the case with the dream realm is different.

The dream realm is an entirely extraordinary circumstance that requires the True Selves participating in it to focus their entire consciousness and energy into their trance-like state in order to sustain their ability to generate their dream characters therein.

Explaining this in its fullness requires a further detailed and complex history than we have given you about how the True Selves originally fell in consciousness and energy into their trance state, how they generated their dream characters, and how it is that they sustain their dream characters through all their activities one dream character ‘lifetime’ after another.

Doing this requires the full consciousness and energy participation of each True Self who inserts itself into the dream realm.

Gesanna: Does this include us Volunteers?

Mr. Ja’li: Yes, it does. There is no difference except in the fact that you have a greater access to remembering who you truly are because that True Self information is not buried under lifetimes of participation in the dream realm.

Otherwise the process of remembering yourself as your True Self works similarly for each entity in the dream realm. It works similarly for each one because of the same type of nature of illusion that you all find yourselves immersed in. In this respect, what goes for one goes for the other.

That said though, you will each ‘experience’ the process of remembering in unique ways per your own personal alter-ego-based perspectives while the process itself remains similar.

Let me say that while many altered egos in the dream realm prefer to assign themselves the ability to be aware and participating in multiple realms at once, this is another metaphysical misunderstanding of the actual truth which is that all True Selves possess this ability but not their dream characters.

While focused in the dream realm that True Self ability is suspended until the True Self returns back to full awareness of themselves as a True Self and is back Home. That is when the innate ability to focus into multiple realms is restored.

I wish to emphasize that the dream realm is an unusual situation that has never occurred in all the eons of existence of our Home Realm.

As has been stated before, the dream realm was not an intentional creation by any True Self. It occurred as a result of an incident that caused some other True Selves to generate a field of energy that circulates seemingly counter to the field of pure Positive energy that exists in the Upper Triad and Home.

That energy is what you refer to as negative energy that flows with the Positive energy, or so it seems. Negative energy is an illusion, yet you have brought the effect of it into action in the dream realm.

It is not negative in the sense that you have come to think of it. You’ve been taught to perceive it through an inaccurate description and depiction of it as being something opposite in effect to that which is Positive energy.

It is this misperceived idea about so-called negative energy that has deepened the sleep state, if you will, of those dream character entities who are caught up in the dream realm.

This deepened sleep state has caused the dream characters’ True Selves to go into a deeper trance state themselves.

It is this deepening sleep and trance state of both dream characters and True Selves that is generating a new level of experience within the dream realm. And it is unlike any that has before been experienced anywhere in the dream realm.

Although not completely the cause, this is contributing to the collapse of your planet as well as the dream realm’s ‘universe’ itself.

This is tied in with the misperception of the nature of the negative energy so that the collective belief is generating the collapse of the planet.

The collapse of the dream realm’s universe is being generated by another cause which we touched on briefly before but won’t go into again here. But its collapse is being enhanced and accelerated by the collective of dream character entities’ misperception of the negative energy. And this includes other primitive or unevolved or unawakened entities who exist on other planets throughout the dream realm universe.

In other words, those on your planet are not the originators of this misperception. It was taught to you by what you call unevolved extraterrestrials who knew that this would deepen the Terran dream characters’ sleep state, thereby making you more easily enslaved to their selfish whims.

This is why it is known by those of us residing at Home that many True Selves will not awaken and return Home before the collapse – first of your planet, and then of the dream realm universe.

This is why we have called for a sort of rescue mission, if you will, of all True Selves who wish to participate in awakening as many dream characters as is possible on collapsing planets and throughout the dream realm universe.

While we made progress in some areas of the universe, your planet remains the most resistant to waking up.

Extraterrestrials and discarnate souls who have resisted waking up have congregated on, in, and near your planet as a place where they can work on generating a holographic-based new dream realm in which to carry on their illusions that they love more than Reality, more than Home, more than their own True Selves.

This is not a forbidden choice. It is not wrong or bad. But it is a waste of their True Selves ability to ‘live’ in Reality, to be who they truly are at Home.

In other words their True Selves are being relegated to the back burner as non-incidental appendages of the dream character.

The True Self cannot be killed, but it can be held in its trance state into eons of forevers, inactive and non-participatory in Real Life at Home.

And as has been said before, there are boundless fields of True Selves huddled together as sparks of light that can be seen to be like unto when you look at your starry night sky with a telescope.

As we have said before, our mission has been to rescue as many such True Selves as is possible before the collapse of planets and then the collapse of the dream realm occurs.

Volunteers, your mission has been to do just that – not to save the planet from its collapse, for that is an inevitable event – but to inspire the awakening of as many dream characters as you can. And not only through words but moreso through your True Self energy that can reach out and touch someone in the right way that in-turn inspires them to awaken.

As has been said before, this mission has been going on, in earnest, for approximately 75 years on your planet, but more sporadically now and then over the past 2500 or so years by individual True Selves coming onto the planet with their inspiring True Self consciousness and energy.

The past 75 years have been a major last-minute-ditch-effort to rescue the remaining few who are ready to wake up and go Home before the ship completely sinks.

We are not here to give you platitudes that will inspire you to continue dilly-dallying with all your pet illusions in the dream realm. That will get you nowhere but going down with the collapsing ship.

There are many altered egos who are inspiring you to do just that. We are not. We would not fiddle fine music to you while the ship is sinking.

We’re here to help inspire you to reach for that rescue boat that is within you, to get on it and ride it Home.

The dream realm universe was an accident in its making and it does have an end to it, contrary to what many want you to believe.

Waking up and going Home or sinking with the collapsing ship is your choice to make. We’re here merely to assist those who choose to go Home. That is all.

And the rest of you who don’t choose that, well, your True Selves won’t ever die, but as your beloved family, we do miss your awakened presence and your active participation in the adventures that are being created at Home.

Perhaps someday we’ll see you there again.

I hope that this has clarified the matter for you. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

That is all. Be well and farewell till next time.

~Mr. Ja’li~

Gesanna’s Note: Regarding the information presented by Mr. Ja’li, I received from someone a request for clarity. Here is the clarity below, per my understanding of his message:

I was picking up on his sense of not wanting to go into too lengthy a discussion about it, answering the question with a yes/no and a brief explanation. Doing that always leaves room for more questions though. I wasn’t expecting to receive as much as he gave out but it did all connect together.

He has said before, years ago, that those True Selves who are focused here in the dream realm are focused exclusively here and nowhere else… for now, until we’re back Home; meaning that our True Selves are not participating concurrently in any other realm but this one.

He didn’t mean to infer that the True Selves who are focused in the dream realm aren’t aware of one another and interacting. They just cannot focus on anything outside of the Upper and Lower Triads simultaneously, such as focusing at Home as well as here. For example, my True Self and your True Self, being focused here in the same realm, can and do interact with one another. That’s what I was getting from him.

As he said, and all I know (for now) about it, is that there is something about the nature of being here that doesn’t allow our True Selves to do multiple-focusing outside the Lower/Upper Triad, nor us as dream characters. He didn’t go into explaining how that works and why.  He just said that that ability to focus here and at Home and in other realms simultaneously is innate to the True Self but cannot occur until we’re back Home, therefor the dream character cannot multiple-focus beyond the Lower/Upper Triads either. I suppose that means once we’re back into the pure Positive nature of consciousness and energy that is There, then our multiple-focusing ability can be engaged.

I sense that all of this can get pretty ‘scientifically’ technical and isn’t something we need to get analytical about right now, which is why he didn’t go into detail with his explanation about it.

As he and the Council have said, they don’t give out such technical/ sciencey information on purpose because it ends up being used in distracting ways like those who get caught up in the science and use spiritual and healing modalities, and so on, making that their main “playground” in the dream to the point where it becomes another distraction from simply ‘being’ per unfolding their way Home through a focus on True Self alone. While those True-Self-based abilities are all aspects of our True Selves’ innate nature, our constant focus on those things, here, is another distraction.


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