Ja’li: Terran Minds within the Hologram

This is the last of Mr. Ja’li’s 3-part series on managing our conscious & subconscious minds, whose intended functions have become reversed here in the “holographic laboratory” of 3D Earth.

Our Terran Conscious/Subconscious Minds Within the Holographic Virtual Reality Dream Realm Universe

Gesanna: Per the previous messages from Mr. Ja’li regarding the conscious mind having abdicated its control over to its subconscious mind due to the conscious mind forgetting what its function really is (assessing things for better instructions to give to the subconscious mind), my thoughts about it solicited further clarification from my Mr. Ja’li. As he’s done before, he used virtual reality games and movies as an analogy of what’s going on here.

Mr. Ja’li: The condition of the conscious mind not performing its function properly is the reason why the conscious mind has gone into a sort of ‘idle mode’ so that random thoughts that serve little-to-no purpose have taken over as the ‘monkey-on-crack mind’.

Consequently the only thing that changes is that the subconscious mind accelerates, amplifies, and intensifies the instructions of its same old programs which produces externally (holographically) increasingly displeasing, discomforting, disconcerting, chaotic expressions and experiences.

Since basically everyone has gone into this monkey-on-crack mode it’s no wonder why your world is bouncing off its sandbox walls and going bonkers.

The only way for this to change at the individual level is for the True Self to step in and confiscate the ‘control pad’ from the ‘subconscious dictator’ and ‘take charge’ of giving the charge over to your True Self.

But the conundrum here is that your True Self won’t do that until you, its dream character ‘avatar’, if you will, requests that its ‘True Self User’ takes over (watch the “13th Floor” movie ~G~).

But again, ‘the catch’ here is that the avatar must become ‘consciously aware’ that this entire situation has even occurred in order to alert its True Self/User about what it has learned and then make a request for help.

The ‘other catch’ is that from the True Self/User perspective it originally gave its avatar full control over what goes on in its/avatar’s ‘virtual reality life’.

Your True Self User knows that the dream realm is a holographic VR-based construct where nothing is real and so nothing truly gets hurt or ‘dies’ – any ‘harm/pain’ or ‘death’ isn’t really occurring even though the avatar’s ‘VR-bio-sensors’ can ‘feel’ it.

When the True Self User’s avatar gets ‘deleted’ (dies) in the ‘VR-dream game’, the True Self User produces (“reincarnates”) another avatar to take its place.

This goes on and on until the avatar itself somehow acquires clues of what has actually been going on and makes a request to its True Self User to wake up from the sleep/trance state and pull out of the ‘VR-dream’. The avatar then makes a conscious choice to not participate in the VR game ever again (‘go on permanent strike’).

This is when the VR-dream game is over, so to speak, for that True Self and the True Self wakes up and ceases to participate because he/she True Self has lost her/his ability to program its avatar participate with no awareness of who/what it truly is in the VR-dream.

If the avatar knows who/what it truly is then that knowledge removes how things can be experienced.

Not knowing, for example, that you are an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-one-with-everyone-everything Being allows you to participate in the holographic VR-dream game by experiencing things from the point of ‘avatar innocence’ that doesn’t ‘taint the experience itself’.

In other words, knowing who/what we truly are, you would do things in completely different ways so the experience itself would be completely different, and some things you would never do such as inflict harm upon others or upon ‘nature’ because nature is created from the consciousness and energy of True Selves.

Consequently ‘avatar innocence’ is an essential ‘rule’ for participating in the VR-dream game.

Once the avatar looses its ‘identity innocence’ and becomes aware of who/what it truly is, then the experiences cannot be experienced through the point of ‘not knowing’ what’s happening or why.

Also, if the avatar becomes aware of their True Self Users power to have control of everything in the game then the avatar becomes a serious threat to the game for everyone else.

I can liken this to your newest TV show called Battlestar Galactica regarding the 2 characters Zoey and Tammy who became aware of their circumstance in their VR realm to the point where they became all-powerful while still residing in their VR realm.

This kind of awareness would be an instance where the avatar becomes aware of its True-Self-based powers and abilities but not aware of its true identity as the True Self User itself. This is when the avatar becomes a holy terror wreaking havoc with its True Self-based powers throughout the entire VR game, or dream realm universe.

This kind of situation has happened and those avatars had to be deleted, so to speak, from your holographic/VR universe.

These are analogies of what is taking place and how, in a simplified manner, it is being done.

The ultimate purpose for True Selves participating in your dream realm came about as the result of an unintentional incident, so to speak, that occurred longer ago than you can imagine, and it vicariously produced the holographic-based VR dream realm.

It was later discovered that inserting their consciousness into this VR-based trance-state – which those True Selves had done when they unintentionally created the dream realm –¬† provided the perfect opportunity for all True Selves to then gain a whole other level of perspective and degree of wisdom through entirely different types of experiences that they could not obtain “at Home” in their “Real Place of Existence”.

Participating in it became an ‘experiment’ of sorts to see what would happen, how it could enhance the nature of True Selves themselves.

So, the VR-dream game was on, as you say, and it’s still playing itself out. And where it is headed is not to the best interest of the avatars who remain in their ‘identity innocence’, as I have discussed before in some of my other Messages.

That is why I, the Council, and others have come to your people with the urgent message that you alert your True Self of your readiness for your True Self to amalgamate you into itself so you can then return Home.

This message is complete. Be well and farewell.

~Mr. Ja’li~



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