Your Path of Return #1

I continue to post messages from Gesanna, the woman who brings through the Ja’li messages I’ve shared on this blog. I consider this material to be well worth taking on board… it tends to go a bit deeper re: certain details of our situation here than other messengers, imho, and offers some important distinctions re: what many of us “think we know.” All for your discernment of course.

This next series of four communiques comes from An T’na, another member of this galactic team. Some interesting new info here about preparing for your ascension; may it serve you well. More coming.

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Love to you ~ Whitehawk


The Council through An T’na

Greetings to each of you from all of us. We extend a warm welcome back to the next edition of our Communiques.

We are advancing you into an expanded understanding of the information we previously presented to you. And we are endeavoring to do so through a progressive and rapid succession of our Communiqués, and perhaps some additional Messages from the Ascended Being referred to as Mr. Ja’li. [Note: I’ve already posted these recent Ja’li messages. W.]

The reason for doing this as ‘rapidly’ as our oracle can manage it is due to the significant time constraints upon some of the developing events on your planet.

It is essential that this information reach all those who are ready to ascend for this is knowledge that you must embrace and engage in order to ascend.

What we presented to you previously was designed to help you “Clear The Way There,” as the subtitle of our initial Contact To Ascension series states.

The information presented to you now will consist of Volume 2 of our book and Section 2 of our website. The new title and subtitle of this new Volume and Section shall be, “Awakened To Reality: Your Path of Return to True Self – embracing and engaging it for your return Home”.

Mr. Ja’li presented to you an introduction to what follows in these Communiqués and Messages herein.

We will expand upon this information and add much new material not previously imparted.

Now, as we begin these new Communiqués, we shall start with what you might refer to as ‘the basics’ of this new material and progress from there.

We have noted your discussions, Gesanna, with others regarding the matter of “being positive” as a means by which to achieve becoming your True Self.

While this may seem like the correct way to go about it, in truth it is not quite that cut-and-dried, as you would say.

We shall explain to all of you why this is so.

That which is your altered ego functions within the framework of that which you call duality, meaning that for every thought and act there is its equally opposite thought and act.

The nature of duality is ‘karmic,’ meaning that the opposites strive to maintain a balance between themselves.

With regard to being positive in your thoughts, deeds, and experiences, this means that at some point it must be balanced out by having negative thoughts, deeds, and experiences. It is a swinging pendulum of consciousness and energy opposites striving to attain and maintain balance.

You have a saying, “You cannot win for losing,” and this is what the saying means. Try as you might to create only ‘positivity,’ as you say, in your lives, you cannot win at being mostly positive before that which is negative automatically sets in to swing you back the other way.

We regret to inform you that this is simply the nature of duality so that you cannot go forward with your intentions of being mostly positive, and we shall endeavor to explain why this is so and what you must do instead.

First of all, why are we focusing you on this matter?

The reason is that it is the basis by which you will reach the point of ascension. It is what gets you onto, and keeps you rooted upon your Path of Return to (your) True Self, as it is referred to herein throughout.

So, with that little introduction, let us proceed onward.

You must understand firstly what your ‘altered ego’ is. By ‘altered ego’ we mean that it is the small portion of your True Self Consciousness that has been altered in its perception of Itself and all life from the way things truly are, meaning, from reality.

It is this small portion of Its Consciousness that, as you would say, went to sleep and is having the dream that you find yourselves in.

Your dream realm is holographic – based, as Mr. Ja’li endeavored to explain. This is a very rudimentary depiction of a condition that is much more complex than your simplified knowledge of holography.

The holography upon which your dream realm is based  has 2 patterns interfering with one another to create a 3rd pattern that you recognize as matter. This is a very simplified holographic science but it works well enough to create that which is the dream realm.

The holography creating the original hololab, which composes the Upper Triad, is based in 6 patterns interfering with one another to generate a 7th pattern that we recognize as ‘reality.’

So you see that the dream realm is but a very diluted and simplified version of ‘the real thing’ that is your True Self and your True Home.

Now, the creation of both the hololab and your dream realm are not based in anything physical. It is not, as you would say, of a nuts-and-bolts technologically material science. It is wholly non-physical, non-material.

Going into the description of the science of it is beyond the perview of the information you need to know in order to ascend, so we shall not ‘go there’ as it is non-essential to your process of ascension.

What you are endeavoring to do is to ascend beyond it so, no need to get sciencey about it when it is irrelevant to what you must do now.

Once you ascend you will remember all of that and why it was never essential to take a science lesson on the matter in order to ascend. It merely becomes another distraction side-tracking you from your ultimate goal of being on your Path of Return to True Self and going back Home.

Just the fact of knowing that your dream realm is a very diluted and simplified holographic version of the real thing is quite sufficient for you to understand the knowledge required for ascension.

So, back to the matter of being positive as a means to return to True Self and Home from there.

Your altered ego exists in the diluted and simplified holographic version of ‘reality’, and it is indeed a dream realm based upon the nature of duality that exists within that small altered portion of your True Self Consciousness and Energy.

In other words, the dream realm and all that is occurring therein is taking place entirely in the head, so to speak, of your True Self as it lies in a trance state, much as when you are in a trance state during sleep. It is not too different from that.

The kind of positive thoughts and energy or feelings and experience you have as an altered ego exists in-tandem with its equally negative opposite and you cannot separate them. They are 2 sides of the same coin that are inextricably combined so as to generate the nature of duality composing the dream realm, hence your altered ego.

This duality is the side-effect, if you will, of the diluted and simplified holographic state, and there is nothing you can do about changing its dualized nature, although it can be tweaked, as it were, toward a particular reconfiguration, and we shall go into that later in our Communiques and Messages.

But it is vitally important to understand that as long as you’re in the dream realm then you’re part of the nature of duality until, and we emphasize ‘until’, you wake up, get on your Path of Return, and be back Home.

What we wish you to understand is that there is major difference between the altered ego’s dualized positivity and your True Self’s Positivity.

We shall impart information that will help you “Clear the Way” of that which you have forgotten because your altered ego replaced the Truth with its own diluted and distorted versions on the matter of that which is the True Nature of your True Self. The altered ego did not do this intentionally for it was the result of that small portion of your True self Consciousness entering into the dualized nature of the lowered holographic state.

You cannot become your True Self without being your True Nature.

So, your altered ego, out of necessity in order to exist in the dream realm, took the many qualities and aspects of your True Self, and out of that necessity the altered ego diluted True Self Truth in order to create its own version of ‘reality but which is an illusion because all of it is based in duality and there is no reality to duality beyond the confines of the dream.

That which is what you consider to be the pure positive nature of your True Self is a term that we will use in our Communiqués, on your behalf, for it is the closest thing we can refer you to as part of the basis of the pure unaltered nature of your True Self.

In other words, what you, through your altered ego, can conceive of as pure positive consciousness and energy, and all the expressions and experiences thereof, is but a water-down version of what it actually is. But since that is all you can conceive of for now, that is where we shall start.

In time, as you progress upon your Path of Return the real thing, as you say, shall become clearer and more pronounced unto you for you shall become it, not just ‘know of it’.

The difference between that which is your True Self’s Positive Nature, and that which your altered ego so inadequately recognizes it to be, will become very acute in your awareness for once you ‘be it’ you shall come to ‘know it’ more clearly.

This will help you clear the way of your altered ego so you can be on your Path of Return and remain there until you’re back Home.

What you must understand and get with regard to all of this is that you cannot get on, nor stay on, your Path of Return by focusing through your altered ego’s version of that which it regards as positive.

The reason is because your very act of activating the positive aspects of duality immediately and automatically sets into motion the activation of the negative aspects of duality. You cannot prevent this from occurring but you can move beyond  it.

If you are still experiencing the effects of negative aspects in your daily lives, be it in whatever form and condition, then it is a clear sign that you’re embracing and engaging your altered ego’s version of positivity so that you simply cannot win for losing in this tug-of-war. It is your altered ego’s personal Armageddon, its continuous inner struggle between positive and negative, light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong, and so on, between the opposites of the nature of duality.

Your altered ego cannot possibly be free of the nature of duality because the altered ego is composed of it. They are inextricably combined to generate the nature of the dream realm so you cannot ascend so long as you are functioning out of your altered ego, and the dual nature of positive/negative won’t get you out of it, won’t move or shift you beyond it.

Your altered ego is based in duality consciousness and energy, and your True Self is based in what we refer to as Singularity consciousness and energy, and the 2 vibrational frequencies cannot harmonize.

That means that you cannot possibly ascend while functioning from your altered ego. It must be done through a process that moves you beyond your altered ego and into the nature of your True Self – however meager it is in the beginning, but you must start somewhere.

It is in this beginning stage that you are very vulnerable to slip-sliding off your Path of Return and falling back to sleep into the altered ego’s dream realm where you, as an altered ego, have been habituated to exist by process of a sort of hypnosis side-effect of being in the dream realm.

We shall give you some pointers that can help you avoid the pitfalls along the way.

First of all we wish to help you clear your way of the misunderstanding that you can become or be your True Self by way of your altered ego’s version of ‘positive’. You cannot, and the sooner you accept that fact the further ahead you advance yourself to being on your Path of Return.

Your altered ego took, from the True Nature of your True Self, that which is Its pure Positive essence, and in bringing that pure essence into the dualized state of the dream realm its negative opposite was immediately created.

You have been dealing with this positive/negative, yin/yang, light force/dark force struggle ever since you allowed yourselves to delve into the dream realm. Just how that all came about is another topic we shall impart at another time.

So, the altered ego’s version of ‘positive’ had its origins from your True Self. Your True Self is the ‘Source’ of everything that you think of as ‘you’ and everything find in your dream realm. You are always the sole Source of you as a dream character and all that you experience in the dream realm. Your version of the dream that you are having is coming from the altered portion of your True Self Consciousness who entered this dream realm long ago.

It is because your altered ego’s version of ‘positive’ has its origin from your True Self that you must go beyond your altered ego’s diluted and distorted version of it in order to arrive at the Source of it. The origin of that which is truly Positive lies in your True Self, not in your altered ego.

Follow the ‘positive thread’ all the way back to its Place of Origin, to your True Self, and you now know where that which is truly Positive must come from.

The Positive Essence of your True Self is ‘pure’ meaning it has no opposite to it, for it exists in the consciousness and energy of the ‘Singularity’.

We stated before that the nature of the Singularity has no opposites meaning that it has no “reverse”; there is no ‘undoing’ of that which has been done because all of that which is known and done in Singularity consciousness and energy is always of a Positive, forward, progressive, ongoing, self-refining nature.

So, when you can conceive of this state of being, and you can relate to it in a personal way, then you’ve stepped onto your Path of Return to True Self. Then you are embracing and engaging the True Nature of your True Self that is pure Positive consciousness and energy that has no opposite or reverse.

That is when you’ve followed the positive thread from that of your altered ego’s version to your True Self’s version and you’re on your way to being True Self – you’re not all the way there yet but you’re on your way to being the fullness of your True Self.

You cannot be the fullness of your True Self while in the dream realm of duality, and we shall impart the necessary information about that later on.

For now, we wish you to find your altered ego’s positive thread and follow it all the way back to its Source, which is you as your True Self, and conceive what it is to be purely Positive in nature – no opposites and no reversals; no ups of positivity then downs of negativity.

When you can conceive of the Singularity of that which is purely Positive, then you are ready to walk your Path of Return.

When you are at this beginning point on your Path of Return then that which is the residual effects of your altered ego’s negative aspects enter less and less frequently into your thoughts and feelings; you express less and less that which is negative, and you experience less and less that which is negative.

But being new on your Path of Return, it is essential that you monitor whether your positivity is coming from your True Self or from your altered ego self. There is no need to analyze it, just recognize it. it is the altered ego that goes into analyzation mode which in-turn keeps you focused in duality.

You will know which one you’re focused in by the expressing and/or experiencing of that which is negative, or the absence of it.

When that which is negative pops into your mind and feelings at any time, remind yourself that you slipped off your Path of Return and quickly refocus upon your True Self’s pure Positive nature.

Develop an active and enlivened connection of communication with your True Self and ask It to help keep you on your Path of Return so that along the way the dream character that you are can dissipate and dissolve leaving only that which is who you truly are, the fullness of your True Self.

The altered ego cannot and would never dissolve itself because it is a type of consciousness and energy unto itself.

But your True Self can dissolve it by virtue of you (as an awakening dream character) insisting and being determined that you be your True Self rather than being your altered ego self, which as an illusion doesn’t really exist anyway.

This is the only way that you can ascend.

Now, we hope that this has helped clarify the difference between your altered ego’s version of positive and your True Self’s True Nature of Positive for it is crucial that you understand and be that difference if you are to ascend.

With this clarity in mind we can proceed to more topics of information that are pertinent to your process of ascension.

The information that will compile our new Communiqués will consist of that which Gesanna refers to as “the hard Truth”.

In our first Communiqués, we gave you the “softened Truth” as a means by which to build a foundation to that which is yet to be revealed to you.

What we just imparted to you is a ‘hard Truth’ for the altered ego to accept due to the fact that True Self Truth side-steps the altered ego’s diluted and distorted versions that it borrowed and dualized from your True Self. It could be seen as a form of the altered ego plagiarizing True Self Truth and twisting it to suit not its own vanity but its own needs for existence within the nature of the holographic dream realm.

The altered ego in and of itself can create nothing original. It can only take from True Self, its Source, and reconfigure it – whatever ‘it’ is – into a poor semblance of its original state. And the semblances are so distorted that they barely resemble the ‘real thing’ yet you’ve been so conditioned by the semblances that you believe they are the real thing when none of it is.

But for those who are on their Path of Return, who thus have True Self eyes and ears, so to speak, to recognize the Source of all the altered ego’s semblances, you are not deceived and can remain on your Path of Return. You are the ones who are truly ascending and it is you to whom this information will be of greatest benefit.

While we do not withhold this information from anyone, it is unto those who are truly ascending that it will have the most profound meaning thus the greatest Positive effect.

We wish you well and bid you farewell until our next meeting in consciousness and energy.


I am An T’na, speaking on behalf of all members of the Intergalactic Board of Council. Stay happy and focused on your Path of Return and all shall be well.

That is all for now.



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