Your Path of Return #2

Our illuminating series from An T’na continues… ox W


Greetings to all of you! It is good to be back with you again. I am An T’na, conveying to you a continuation of the Intergalactic Board of Council’s previous Communique 01 of Section 2. This is Part 2.

Here is what They wish to impart at this time.

Council: We wish to proceed with our prior message regarding the difference between True Self Positive and altered ego positive, how you may come to know the difference and how to be that difference.

In order for you to find your way back to being who you Truly are, that which we call your True Self, it is essential that you understand that the nature of your True Self exists in the consciousness and energy of what we call the Singularity.

The consciousness and energy of the Singularity comprises that which we have been calling the Upper Triad. If you are unfamiliar with this larger body of information, we urge you to go back to Section 1 of our Communiqués to gain the necessary understanding before proceeding with the Communiqués being conveyed in Section 2.

For those who ascend, the Upper Triad is the realm that aligns with that which is your next level of consciousness and energy, which lies beyond that of the Lower Triad.

The nature of your True Self did not have its origin in the Upper Triad but at that which we call our True Home. This Home is beyond that which is both the Upper and Lower Triads.

The manner by which the Upper and Lower Triads came into being is a topic we shall address in later Communiqués.

Your True Self came into the Upper Triad by way of having entered therein from our place of Home.

Our place of Home is comprised of a type of consciousness and energy we call Totality. The nature of Totality Consciousness and Energy is such that it is beyond your ability to comprehend at this time. You will remember it once you have ascended to the Upper Triad.

The manner by which the True Self entered into the Upper Triad from Its Home realm shall be imparted later.

First, we must assist you to the Upper Triad by way of ascending in consciousness and energy out of the Lower Triad.

Singularity consciousness and energy of the Upper Triad has only 1 direction – forward. We have already stated and must reiterate that the nature of the Singularity possesses absolutely no opposites, no reversals, no undoing of that which is done.

Due to the absence of duality the nature of the Singularity state produces only that which you consider to be heaven, paradise, Nirvana, Shambala or Shangrila, and so on with many other names for this wondrous state of being.

The states of opposites, reversals, decay and entropy occur only within the confines of the Lower Triad’s nature of duality.

It is crucial that you understand the difference so that you have a clear awareness of that which you ascend to.

This is why we are endeavoring to clarify for you the difference between your altered ego’s concept of positive and your True Self’s position of it.

If you need to do so we suggest you reread Communique 01, which we gave to you a some days ago, in order to grasp the importance of the difference we speak about herein.

The reason there is a difference between the 2 states of positive/Positive is due to the difference in vibrational frequencies between the Upper and Lower Triads.

The dualized positive state cannot exist in the Upper Triad because it is not part of the nature of the Singularity.

The non-opposed Positive state that composes the nature of the Singularity cannot exist in the Lower Triad so it must be split into a dualized state. That’s just the way it is – it’s a science thing, as you would say.

We’ll give you an analogy that we recently gave to our oracle: You all know what a magnet is and what it does. If you take a magnet out of the Lower Triad and bring it into the Upper Triad the opposite charges of the magnet immediately revert back to its original state as a unified field. It is no longer a magnet such as you know it to be. Its unified field generates that forward motion of the Singularity that we spoke of a moment ago.

When you take that non-magnet-magnet from the Upper Triad back into the Lower Triad its energy immediately splits into a dualized state with 2 polar charges. It does so because that is the nature of the holographic system that is generating the Lower Triad, or that which you refer to as the universe.

Your so-called universe is nothing but a nontangible realm that is generated into a polarized thus dualized holographic state by the consciousness and energy of the entities who created it so long ago. That is a history we shall impart at another time.

You dwell in a dream realm. The ‘you’ that you perceive yourself to be is nothing but a dream character produced holographically by your True Self projecting a tiny part of Its consciousness into the confines of the holographic state.

The entire dream realm is an illusion produced by your True Self’s dreaming consciousness. And all of you are doing this so it is a collective dream you’re all sharing together.

Many have asked, “If it’s all an illusion, how can pain exist?”

Well, we ask, if it’s all an illusion, how can well being exist?

The answer is that being you are part of the illusion, then pain and well being can be felt by your alignment with the thought, thus the vibration of it.

Fear generated emotional pain, which became what you consider to be physical pain, as another one of hundreds of other experiences that you call feelings, all of which are illusions.

But the dream character that you are is part of the holographic-generated illusion composing the vibrations of the Lower Triad and its dream realm. Vibrating at the same level, you have what appears to be tactile sensations with your environment including your body.

So, back to Positive and positive.

Like the magnet example we gave, when you ascend you go from your dualized state in the Lower Triad, and once in the Upper Triad you immediately revert back to your True Self’s nondualized state as a unified field of consciousness and energy we call the Singularity.

The True Self cannot exist in a dualized state. It can only project a small portion of its consciousness into the Lower Triad’s dream realm while the greater portion of its consciousness remains in the Upper Triad in what you would consider to be a trance-like or sleep state.

Your True Self has transferred its consciousness into ‘you’ as Its designated dream character. You are the vehicle for your True Self by which It inserts Itself into the collective dream you’re all having.

In order to insert its consciousness into the dualized nature of the Lower Triad its consciousness has to be split into 2 charges of Itself, that which you consider male and female. This is where the state of soul-mates comes from.

Now don’t get hung up on your soul mate – who they are, where they are, and all of that because it is another distraction that will lead you away from ascension, not toward it.

The fact is that as you make your way back to being True Self your soul mate progresses with you. So you never need to reconnect with your soul mate through any meeting with him or her, or practices of meditation, or psychic awareness, and so on, for all of that is the product of your ignorant altered ego which is unaware of the fact that you’re always connected to your dream character and the act of ascension itself affects both of you simultaneously.

You ascend for you and you alone, and your soul mate goes along with you because he/she is part of the same consciousness that your True Self inserted into the dream.

The moment you shift your focus off of engaging your own ascension that’s when you’ve stepped off your Path of Return and gone back into the illusions of your altered ego’s consciousness.

So, like a magnet ascending from the Lower Triad to the Upper Triad, the further you advance on your Path of Return the more you lose your altered ego and your sense of identifying with yourself as a dream character because, as this happens, the more you are becoming, simultaneously, the identity of your True Self as Its consciousness moves increasingly into the vehicle that Its dream character is.

In other words, that which your True Self is absorbs that which Its dream character is, and a conversion of consciousness takes place so that who you truly are begins to absorb ‘you’.

Does this equate schizophrenia? Not at all. Schizophrenia is a product of an altered ego that is further removed from recognizing who they truly are and their Path of Return.

Does this equate spirit possession, or that which you call a walk-in? Not at all. Again those are products of an altered ego misidentifying itself or not wanting to be the dream character that its True Self created as its vehicle.

Does this mean that the True Self is sadistic for creating a dream character vehicle and inserting Itself into the Lower Triad’s holographic house of horrors, as you might say? Not at all. That is the perception of the altered ego.

As the dream character of your True Self, the dreams you are creating are your doing not your True Self’s doing because your True Self cannot exist in the nature of duality. Only its dream character that is immersed into the nature of duality can create such dreams, good or bad, right or wrong, and so on, with all the negative stuff your altered ego has possibly imagined you into experiencing for yourself and expressing unto others.

Basically, as a dream character of your True Self, you’re on your own in the dream until you begin to walk your Path of Return back Home.

When you begin to wake up and desire to return Home that’s when your True Self begins to wake up and sets out to meet you on your Path of Return. You are your True Self’s ‘prodigal child returning Home unto It’.

In other words, you are the one who decides when you’ve had enough adventures in the dream realm, and you are the one who signals your True Self that it’s time to wake up, amalgamate with you, and go back Home.

All your religious teachings talk about doing this – calling upon ‘God’ – who is your True Self – to come and take you Home. But these teachings have been so muddied up with distorted facts and falsehoods that the altered ego most often fails to recognize the truth about it that we are revealing to you now.

Once you are at this point, you are standing on the starting point of your Path of Return.

Ascending on your Path of Return requires you to release everything your altered ego believes is real so that in-turn you can begin receiving from your True Self Its awareness of what is real, of what ‘reality’ truly is and where it is.

Your True Self is real. Everything It is and knows is real. Your True Self is that which you have called your Higher/Greater/Broader/Vaster Self, Christ Consciousness, Universal Mind, God, and many other names.

As the dream character of your dreaming True Self, you cannot be anything other than your True Self.

While in the Lower Triad you are It in a dualized, diluted, distorted version that we call the altered ego because that small portion of your True Self’s consciousness had to be altered from its Singularity state to a dualized state.

So, the term ‘altered’ is descriptive of the act of your True Self inserting Itself into the nature of the Lower Triad.

The term ‘ego’ relates to the consciousness that was altered.

It is vital that as you begin your Path of Return that you understand these facts.

We recently heard someone saying that in order to know who you are and where you’re going you must understand where you came from.

We wish to clarify that focusing on where you came from as dream characters within the dream will get you nowhere but going in circles within the dream.

This idea is a misunderstanding of your altered ego’s ignorance regarding the fact that you have a Real Past, so to speak ‘past’, that lies beyond the illusion-past of the dream realm, that is beyond all past lifetimes of your dream character.

Knowing where you came from prior to entering the dream with all your adventures in it is what will get you out of the Lower Triad and back Home.

Focusing within the dream realm on any past lifetime will keep you locked in the dream since that focus comes only from your altered ego.

Life and death are opposites that are on/off, in/out of the illusions of life/death. It is a products of the Lower Triad. Consequently, your lifetimes of life and death within the dream realm are products of your altered ego. The dualized nature of your altered ego cannot exist in the Upper Triad.

As you examine your past lifetimes you are intently focused in your altered ego’s dual nature of positive/negative concepts and experiences.

As long as you focus on the past within the dream realm you cannot move forward with ascension because ascension requires you to focus on the forward, non-reversal, non-dualized state of the Singularity that your True Self is and will instill in you as you advance on your Path of Return.

If you truly desire to ascend and return back Home, you must let go of all that your were and did in the dream realm.

You must instead understand how and why your True Self inserted Itself into the dream realm in the first place, and to retrace your steps back out of it. It is the Truth of this so-called ‘past’ that will set you free from being trapped in the dream realm.

This is what we are endeavoring to do with these Communiqués; to bring forth clarity that sheds light on and dispels the distortions created by an altered ego that cannot see True Self Truth for what it is because the altered ego was never created with the ability to do that.

When you call upon your True Self to impart Its Truth to you, to clarify that which has been clouded by the altered ego, that is when the distortions you thought were right and good begin to lose their validity, and the illusions begin to dissolve so that Reality begins to set in and thus set you free from the dream.

This occurs because the True Self is being activated by you, into a response to your call, and Its Truth comes forward to you.

Remember the nature of the Singularity can only go forward. True Self went forward into the dream realm and It must go forward out of it on Its return Home.

How can it go forward when it is going back Home to where it came from?

The True Self that entered into the dream realm has moved forward in awareness beyond what It possessed upon entering into the dream.

Through ascension the greater enlightened True Self moves to Its Place of Origin changed, changed from what It was. The True Self who returns Home has been enhanced and enriched beyond measure. And that is a grand and wondrous state of being that you will experience once you are beyond the dream and Home again.

Now, regarding the state of being Positive on your Path of Return, we wish you to understand that this requires, like the magnet, that you release all of the altered ego’s sense of duality.

Unlike the magnet, you possess the power to prevent yourself from ascending thus entering into the Upper Triad by choosing to hold on to duality – which is the basis of your altered ego.

Unlike the magnet, you must choose to let go of duality by letting go of your altered ego’s habit to perceive itself and all that exists in the dream realm as valid and real. Your altered ego cannot ascend. You must be True Self in order to ascend.

Here are a couple of examples of what you can do:

For instance, if there is something you want or need, be absolutely Positive that it exists for you.

The fact is that, as we have stated before, all of that which you desire or require already exists in the ethereal levels of the holographic dream realm. Your thoughts, desires, needs are holographic. You think of it, you feel it, good or bad, right or wrong, it exists!

What you must do is hold on to the pure Positive awareness – having no opposite ideas, or attitudes of the negative kind, just keep it pure – that as a pre-hologram  it already exists and is currently coagulating itself into what you call the physical or material level, and you shall have it fully hologramized, if you may use a new word for you.

Another instance; when there is nothing you’re focusing on to need or desire, then focus on the fact that you are already True Self Positive thus consequently are free of the effects of duality because the fact is that your True Self is free of it.

In other words, your consciousness must get into alignment with the Consciousness of your True Self, how It thinks and feels and is, which is purely Positive.

By releasing your habit to think and feel the negative along with the positive you will increasingly align with True Self Positive.

By virtue of that, as an awakening dream character on your Path of Return, your True Self will increasingly instill Its Positive Consciousness and Energy within you so that the altered ego and its flip-flopping positive/negative nature begins to dissolve and fade away back into the nothingness that it is, and it will plague you no more, forever.

Be not altered ego positive/negative, but be True Self Positive, and keep going forward on your Path of Return where you find yourself finally returning Home.

We shall close this Communique at this time, and soon bring forth another. We hope that our intentions to help clear your way to being on your Path of Return is effective by way of you coming into the necessary clarity that causes the dissolution of your altered ego and all its delusions within the illusions of the dream realm.

On your Path of Return, be at peace within yourselves so that peace extends into your environment including your body.

We leave you now to contemplate what we have conveyed. Reread it if necessary, as often as needed in order to grasp the deeper meanings that are hiding behind your altered ego’s misgivings about such things.

Thank you for your attention. Farewell for now.

I am An T’na, having completed imparting the Council’s Communique to you at this time. Until next time, I wish you well.



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