Your Path of Return #3

Hello all ~ here is the third message in the “Path of Return” series. May it serve you. Love, W

Best of greetings from myself and all images-1.jpgmembers of the Intergalactic Board of Council. I am An T’na conveying to you their message which comprises Part 3 of this ongoing topic of discussion. These are their words to you at this time.

Council: We wish to impart to you more information regarding the matter of the quality of that which is what we have been calling for you, Positive, for it is the basis upon which the consciousness and energy of the Singularity is configured.

If you have not yet read all our Communiqués that precede this one, we urge you to do so before continuing any further for each successive Communiqué expounds upon the ones that came before it.

It is our awareness that you require extensive enlightenment regarding the nature of ascension and how to engage it if indeed that is your next step in life.

What we have imparted to you regarding the need to be True Self Positive, or Singularity Positive, if you will, is designed to get across the point that you cannot ascend through the duality of your altered ego’s nature that exists in positive/negative.

In our last Communiqué we gave you the analogy of the magnet that cannot exist in the Singularity of the Upper Triad in its dualized state. We stated that the same goes for you.

The difference between you and the magnet is that you must make a consciousness choice to move beyond the nature of your dualized state. Then you must make a consciousness effort to put that choice into action by recognizing and being on your Path of Return to True Self.

Becoming your True Self means that you make a direct consciousness connection with your True Self. You are always and forever connected with your True Self, but if you are not consciousness of it so as to develop an open receivership of Its communications with you, then you remain living through your altered ego consciousness.

We have suggested previously that it may be of help to give your True Self a name that has meaning to you alone. It is not the name that is important but the name provides you with a way to personally relate to that part of You that you’ve lived lifetimes in ignorance of being.

Choose a name that reflects purity, positivity, the highest of all that which you find good, kind, gentle, loving. It need not be a designated name, per se, but it can be descriptive words.

It is best that you do not choose a name that has already been in use for others as it will not carry a sense of being personal to you.

It need not be anything you’ve ever heard before. It could be of another language that for you has no undertone or connotation attached to it, yet which sounds nice to you – it has a certain “ring of truth” to it, for you.

Then ask yourself, is it a name that you, as your True Self, would like to be known by?

Some of you have received a name from your True Self, and it would have come to you during sleep when your altered ego consciousness was put on hold.

If someone other than yourself told you what name to use, you are advised to let it go because it came from their altered ego consciousness to you, and not from your True Self Consciousness directly to you.

Now, take that name and inform your True Self that you will henceforth refer to It by that name.

Then inform your True Self that you are ready to wake up and go back Home. As you do this your True Self Consciousness recognizes your request and begins to respond to it by waking up to your awakening.

Remember we previously said that until you alert your True Self with the fact that you are ready to wake up and go Home – because your True Self deals only with facts – then your True Self will remain unaware of your presence in the dream realm just as you were once unaware of Its presence as that which you truly are. You see?

When you become aware of the fact that you’ve been asleep and dreaming up all your adventures in the dream realm, then your True Self becomes aware of it too.

This is where like affecting like applies between you as True Self, and you as the dream character that you, as True Self, have created.

This is the start of being on your Path of Return to True Self.

The more you develop this manner of relating to you as a True Self, the more your True Self develops a way for you, Its dream character, to understand what is required for cooperating with being who you truly are and remaining on your Path of Return to your True Home.

There begins to occur a shift of self-identity that takes place within you. You gradually cease to identify with your altered ego consciousness and more with your True Self Consciousness.

This is not the same thing as schizophrenia which is a dysfunction that requires the nature of duality in order for it to affect you.

Your True Self cannot manifest itself into such a state due to Its Singularity state of consciousness.

What is actually occurring is that you are shifting out of what is literally the altered ego’s dualized consciousness which is schizophrenic. It is important that you understand how this works.

So, look on the bright side, while you’re moving out of that schizoid state of being that occurs only within the Lower Triad, you’re moving into the non-dualized Singularity state of your True Self, while most everyone you know remains oblivious to the nature of their altered ego’s schizoid condition.

As you begin being on your Path of Return to True Self, it will require you to monitor when you have veered off your Path and onto the altered ego’s pseudo-path.

By this term we mean that the altered ego has created pseudo-paths that resemble the True Path so that perceiving the difference can sometimes be quite confusing.

To monitor which path you’re on, always be mindful of whether that which you’re thinking and feeling is of True Self Positive or altered ego positive/negative.

If it’s True Self Positive then your thoughts will be focused upon that which is positive or that which is neutral, and you will feel uplifted.

The pseudo-path of the altered ego consists of positive/negative and your thoughts will be based in judgment or fear or any number of negative beliefs and attitudes, and you will feel negative, or you’ll experience a flip-flopping back and forth between the 2 states of duality – positive one moment and negative the next.

The Path of Return to True Self consists of absolutely nothing negative. You know you’re on your True Path when you feel absolutely good for no known reason at all other than that you are being You. You do not have to be focused on anything positive.

You will be driving your car, or you will be doing some chores, or whatever it may be in the moment, and suddenly you have a rush of feeling ecstatic and you can find no reason outside of you for it. That’s because it is coming from within you – from You to you.

This is what it is like to be on your Path of Return. You are receiving the consciousness and energy of your True Self, and as you do it is ascending you more and more into being your True Self.

That’s what ascension is! It is an ascension in consciousness into being who you truly are. It is not about shifting dimensions or frequencies, but about shifting consciousnesses – from that of your altered ego to your True Self.

When you ascend into being who you truly are that’s when you vicariously shift dimensions and frequencies as a result. Shifting dimensions and frequencies is not the goal. That is the altered ego’s delusion about it. Shifting dimensions and frequencies is a direct side-effect of shifting consciousnesses. You’re going from low gear consciousness in the Lower Triad to high gear consciousness in the Upper Triad. You see?

Please understand how this works for it will assist your ascension progress along your Path that much further forward.

Now, understand also that your altered ego’s pseudo-path has concepts and systems of beliefs that you adopted from the nature of your True Self, and you brought those original qualities and states of being into duality which immediately and automatically changed the nature of your original state from the unified field state to the dualized field, just like the magnet when brought from the Upper Triad into the Lower Triad.

The altered ego’s pseudo-path will look similar to the True Path of True Self but it will be fraught with qualities that in one way or another are based in duality.

This means that all the systems of religious, social, government/political, education, humanitarianism, and so on, have all been created, throughout time since “the Fall of the Gods” – and we’ll discuss that in another Communiqué – by all the altered egos existing within the dream realm.

Nothing, and we emphasize absolutely nothing, that has been created in the dream realm is a product of True Self. It cannot be done because in order for something that has been created by True Self to be real it must exist within the Singularity state of consciousness and energy. It cannot exist in duality.

That means that the dream realm and everything in it, including the dream character that you are, has been a product of your altered ego – that small part of your True Self Consciousness that became altered when you “Fell” into the trance state and entered into the dream realm. That is the only way you could possibly get here.

So again, please understand this and how it works as it is essential to your process of ascension on your Path of Return.

We are giving you vital information about your True Past that is vital for you to remember in order to ascend out of the dream realm and be back Home.

How do you know when you’re remembering correctly? When a cord of truth rings ‘right’ and joyous for it is coming from your True Self to you, It’s dream character.

Because the dream realm is composed entirely out of the altered portion of your True Self’s Consciousness, it means that everything in it has been altered from its original state within the Singularity of the Upper Triad.

The fact is that your altered ego cannot create anything new that hasn’t already existed first in its original state in the Upper Triad.

The altered ego has absorbed ideas, concepts, perceptions, and truths from True Self, and when it did that the original unified field state of those ideas, concepts, perceptions, truths were immediately dualized by virtue of the altered ego being the creator of duality in the first place.

Yet it is important to remember that the negative state of everything in the Lower Triad – and everything therein has its negative state – is an illusion created by the altered ego, and your True Self does not recognize it as valid and real because your True Self exists wholly in a state of consciousness and energy that is valid and real.

It took an altered consciousness to create illusion, and the entire dream realm is based in that altered state of illusion.

Now, at another time we shall delve more into the history of the creation of the altered ego and its dream realm.

For now, we wish you to understand that being on your Path of Return to True Self requires you to release your altered ego and it’s habit of claiming that you own your thoughts and feelings, that they somehow belong to you, consequently you’ve been told that you must analyze them and work your way through them, and so on.

That is the work of your altered ego’s self-endowed pseudo-path.

The fact is that all your Lower Triad thoughts and feelings are products of your altered ego and, as we said, your altered ego can only create illusions.

So, deduce it, people. Since your thoughts and feelings are altered ego created illusions then how can you own them? How can you own an illusion? Since they are illusions how can they belong to you? How can an illusion belong to you?

Is it not an illusion to believe that an illusion can be owned or belonged to?

We are endeavoring to get you to the point of clarity about this so you can let it go and move off your altered ego’s pseudo-path and onto your True Self’s Path of Return.

But you see, the altered ego itself being an illusion cannot reveal to you something that is true and real, consequently you’ve been living in the dark ages with this foolish idea that you can possibly own an illusion of any kind, and that it can somehow belong to you in any manner whatsoever.

But throughout what you call lifetimes in the dream realm you have been living this illusion about illusions so that you forgot the your True Self Truth about it.

This is an example of what we call the altered ego’s pseudo-path. It’s a tricky path filled with clever disguises and it is up to you to learn to decipher your own altered ego’s manner of perception that creates your personal pseudo-path.

It’s a little bit different for each of you yet there are some commonly shared concepts and pitfalls, and we are endeavoring to reveal to you how to recognize the difference between your True Self Path of Return and your altered ego’s pseudo-path.

Here’s another example of the pseudo-path: the so-called abilities that you refer to as psychic and paranormal have their origin in the True Nature of your True Self. These abilities are qualities that compose the nature of your True Self and they are not separate or individualized aspects within the nature of your True Self.

What happened is that your altered ego borrowed from your True Self ideas about Its True Nature, and when it contemplated upon those ideas they became dualized into a segmented state as what you recognize as various psychic and paranormal abilities. This is not the same thing as your True Self Nature even though that is where those altered ego abilities came from.

In reality, your True Self is all of it combined into a unified field state as being that which we call True Nature. It is simply who, how, and what you truly are.

When you focus on your altered ego’s version of psychic and paranormal abilities, and you attempt to become an expert in any one of them then you are segmenting your own True Self Nature into the Lower Triad, and this endeavor will keep you locked in the dream realm.

The fact is that as you progress on your Path of Return to True Self your True Nature, as a whole, becomes gradually infused into you so that there is no need to focus on any one aspect of your True Nature and make it into an “ability”.

Segmenting your True Nature into this and that ability is the product of your altered ego, and so long as you strive to make any ability a goal then you’re still on your altered ego’s pseudo-path.

Seek not after these things, these so-called ‘gifts’, for the whole enchilada, so to speak, shall be vicariously bestowed upon you by your True Self as you progress along your Path of Return, becoming more and more True Self.

Being bestowed with your True Self’s True Nature is the ‘True Gift’ that your True Self infuses you with as you remain focused upon Its Path of Return.

You needn’t strive to activate or achieve any one aspect of your True Self Nature for as soon as you do so then that choice activates your altered ego’s nature that keeps you off your Path of Return.

We said that nothing in the dream realm has been created by the altered ego, and whatever the altered ego has reconfigured of your True Self Nature into a dualized state must be let go of as the illusions that they truly are if you’re going to ascend.

This means disregarding the whole enchilada of the altered ego as being real and valid, for it is not, and instead accepting only the whole enchilada of your True Self as real and valid.

You simply cannot ride the fence on this matter. You can only be on one side or the other.

Now, again, as you’re on your Path of Return, it is up to you to let go of the fact that any thought and feeling in the dream realm is owned by you or belongs to you for, remember, it is all an illusion.

On your Path of Return, you must come to realize absolutely that only your True Self thoughts and feelings are real and valid. They are who you truly are, and you do own them, and they do belong to you because they are real.

True Self thoughts are purely Positive, uplifting, possessing a creative quality that goes forward with the love and beauty of itself. Your True Self thoughts radiate with grand creative ideas, ideas of enjoyment. Your True Self feelings exude with the joy of existence in and of itself, for the sheer sake of existence.

As a True Self there is nothing that plagues your thoughts and feelings with a sense of negative energy. You are free of that because it doesn’t exist in the Singularity of the Upper Triad where your True Self dwells even now.

Now, at the start of being on your Path of Return you will still ‘notice’ and ‘sense’ negative thoughts and feelings. It is up to you to remember that you don’t own them thus they don’t belong to you because they are illusions.

When negative thoughts and feelings rise up within you or you’re confronted with them by others around you – whether those thoughts and feelings originate from you or from someone else around you it matters not – the True Self approach to it is the same.

Any time you think and feel something negative, immediately remind yourself of the truth that you don’t own them and they don’t belong to you for they are illusions and you cannot own an illusion and an illusion cannot belong to you.

Then, remind yourself of the True Self Truth that the only thoughts and feelings that you do own, thus which do belong to you, are those of your True Self. Accept nothing other than that fact and you will remain on your Path of Return making good progress with shifting from altered ego consciousness to True Self Consciousness.

Remember, the fact is, that becoming more and more your True Self is what ascension actually is. As you become more of the True Self that you truly are, it is that ‘becoming process’ that ascends you out of the Lower Triad and into the Upper Triad where your True Self currently dwells.

You do not ascend by activating certain bodily glands, or tweaking your chakras, or engaging practices of meditation or rituals, or perform endless acts of compassion, and so on. Those are all products of the altered ego that doesn’t understand that the only way to ascend is to surrender itself – your own altered ego consciousness – in exchange for activating the becoming of your True Self Consciousness so that the two of you increasingly amalgamate to become the one grand Entity that you truly are.

Your altered ego believes or assumes that it is real therefore it cannot fathom that it is not the real You as it was never created with such a perceptual ability of itself.

So, your altered ego, illusion that it is, absorbed from your True Self ideas of how to be real. Immediately those ideas became dualized into their positive/negative constituents that can closely resemble the real thing but can never be the real thing.

The plain and simple fact is that if it exists in the dream realm then it is an illusion. That is why your True Self does not exist there as ‘you’ but only as an illusion that we refer to as a ‘dream character’.

Currently the majority of that which your True Self is exists in the Upper Triad, and we’ve already discussed this in a prior Communiqué. This is why once you have ascended into being your True Self then by virtue of that process you vicariously ascend out of the Lower Triad and into the Upper Triad where your True Self exists. You see?

That is why only your True Self Truth can lead you out of the dream realm and back Home again.

We are able and willing to impart to you True Self Truths that have not been dualized by the altered egos of the Lower Triad, but we cannot do the work for you of being on and remaining on your Path of Return.

Actually, being on the Path of Return to True Self is essentially easy and comforting because you are living less and less out of your altered ego consciousness from where comes all the struggles and stresses.

The more of your altered ego’s illusions you release, the more you are infused with the calm, peaceful, relaxing state of your True Self.

As you do this, your body begins to relax into a de-stressed state so that all its adverse conditions, of dysfunction, disease, aging, and so on, begin to dissipate because those negative conditions are illusion-based too.

When you let go of your altered ego’s erroneous assumption that you own your thoughts and feelings consequently they belong to you, because you understand that they are all illusions of your altered ego, then your body is set free of the stressing energy that you have been inducing it into with those deluded beliefs. This is how biological ascension occurs.

Biological ascension is another side-effect of you shifting consciousnesses from that of your altered ego to your True Self.

You cannot force biological ascension to occur through practices, or rituals, or systems of belief, and so on. This is another of the altered ego’s pseudo-path delusions because it does not recognize that the True Path is through your True Self, not through your altered ego.

Ascension only occurs vicariously as you progress on your Path of Return to being True Self.

This is why ascension can still occur even when you’re not in a 3D body. Ascension does not require you to occupy a 3rd dimensional embodiment.

There are many who have ascended, and some who are currently ascending, who are in their disembodied spirit state.

But when you have a biological ascension there is an added aspect to the outcome and that is why it has been encouraged, but it is not necessary, and that is a topic for another Communiqué.

Now, we feel that we have given you a lot of True Self food-for-thought that you need to get a handle on, as you would say, in order to progress on your Path of Return.

We shall impart more True Self Truth in our next Communiqué.

For now, stay strong and steadfast on your Path of Return to True Self.

Thank you for your attention and contemplation of these Truths. We bid you farewell.

I am An T’na, conveying this message on behalf of all members of the Intergalactic Board of Council.

Remain steadfast on your Path of Return.


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