Your Path of Return #4 (final)

Here’s the last of the recently delivered 4-message series for all humans desiring freedom from this “holographic lab” that began as an interesting experiment but was hijacked into a system of entrapment while we remained distracted and oblivious. I began sharing this information from Gesanna with the Ja’li messages located on the Ja’li Speaks page. These new communiques from An T’na will be added to the rest when I make the time to do so.  Love all, Whitehawk



From the members of the Intergalactic Board of Council and myself, An T’na, we extend warm greetings to all who have been drawn to our Communiqués.

I am speaking to you through our oracle as we impart another body of important information designed to assist you to return to your True Home.

As these Communiqués continue to progress in an overall comprehension of what that means, your knowledge about it will become increasingly clearer so that your application of it will progress as you advance along your Path of Return to being your True Self.

Therefore it is essential that you read our preceding Communiqués that contain specific information that builds up your knowledge-base to this point.

Now, at this time we wish to impart insight regarding what we mean by True Self Perspective, True Self Truth, and True Self Approach.

We have imparted information regarding what your True Self is and is not, and how to recognize the difference between your True Path and your altered ego’s pseudo-path. Further clarity will be added to this matter as we go along in these Communiqués.

True Self Perspective means that your True Self sees or perceives everything, including yourself, from a higher perspective that is based in the nature of the Singularity configuration of consciousness and energy.

We have explained that the nature of the Singularity has no opposites, no duality, no reversals, no undoing or collapse of that which has been done or created. There is no distortion, no corruption of the essential nature of that which exists, for it is all composed of the Singularity that is based upon that which is purely Positive which can only create that which is wholly Perfect.

The nature of the Singularity is based in a type of consciousness and energy that is forever moving forward, ever refining upon itself, ever enhancing itself into moving forward beyond what it is, without ever losing or distorting what it was. It is all-inclusive, wholly perfect.

It does not exclude anything for exclusion is of the nature of duality which was created eons ago by altered egos.

Consequently, True Self Consciousness and Energy does not exclude anything. It does not separate. It does not divide. It does not fragment. It is non-discriminating. It is non-selective. It does not segregate, for in order to do any of that there must be a consciousness based in the duality from which judgment comes, and True Self does not possess the configuration of judgment.

That is a quality that the altered ego developed long ago, after “the fall of the Gods”, meaning True Selves, from the Upper Triad into the Lower Triad which they created. And that is a subject for another Communiqué.

True Self does not judge because the consciousness and energy by which True Self is composed and operates is based in the Singularity, and we just said that the nature of the Singularity does not isolate, keep apart this from that, for the state of its composition is whole, the all-in-all, one, inclusive, complete, all-encompassing, and so on.

So then, where does judgment fit into that state of being? Your True Self is based in the particular vibrational configuration of the Singularity so that True Self Consciousness and Energy cannot pass judgment in order to separate this from that, and so on.

This knowledge about yourself is essential for you to understand if you are going to be the True Self that you truly are, for no more than you can force a square peg into a round hole, as you say, neither can you force your altered ego into being your True Self because they are 2 difference types of consciousness and energy. You see?

So, your True Self possesses perspectives that are based solely in the nature of the Singularity.

In other words, if you find yourself making judgments about something or someone, then that is the work of your altered ego and you’ve veered off your Path of Return to being True Self.

If you find yourself separating, isolating, excluding, segregating anything or anyone because the act justifies the compulsion to pass judgment, then you can rest assured that this kind of attitude and behavior is coming from your altered ego.

Your True Self perceives and participates in none of that. It has nothing to do with it because that kind of thinking and its accompanying behavior is alter-ego-based.

Your altered ego created duality and it has learned how to use it, to its advantage, in order to survive if not thrive within the dream realm where anything and everything goes without exception.

If you find yourself still thinking and behaving like this then you’re still caught up in dream realm survival mode, and you’ve veered off your True Path.

The nature of the Singularity generates your True Self Perspectives because your True Self consciousness and energy is composed of the type of vibrational energy that the Singularity is.

The same is true for your alter-ego perspectives as they are based in the nature of duality, which the altered ego created when, again, it “fell from grace”.

So, True Self Perspectives contain no judgment.

Why do you think you have been advised for eons, by the wise ones who have come to you, to pass no judgment, to get beyond it? Why has this been such an enduring piece of advice throughout your ages of belief systems?

Because you cannot be your True Self if you don’t move beyond your altered ego which is the consciousness of judgment.

There is no fence-riding on this matter because True Self and altered ego perspectives originate within 2 diametrically different configurations of consciousness and energy.

If your perspective on something or on other is based in this/that as being right/wrong, good/bad, love/hate, suitable/unsuitable, proper/improper, have/lack, include/exclude, and so on, then you know that it is coming from your altered ego.

Your True Self does not possess dualized perspectives on anyone or anything. It does not take this as suitable, right or good, and leave that as not.

Any belief, conviction, idea, dictate, and its corresponding action that is based in this dualized manner of thinking and behavior is not coming from your True Self but from your altered ego.

True Self Perspective recognizes only True Self Truth as real and valid.

So what do we mean by True Self Truth?

It is a profound conscious awareness of the reality that True Self Perspectives are aligned with the nature of the Singularity.

In the awareness of all True Selves, Truth has its roots in the Singularity that allows all of reality to go forward in its ongoing movement and expansion into more of what it is.

For example, True Self does not recognize the altered ego’s concepts of a God, or a Universal Being, or whatever kind of supreme deity you choose to call it. True Self does not recognize the existence of a Source beyond Itself because that notion requires a thought of separation and distinction between self and deity when in reality there is none – and you’re not existing in Reality, you’re existing in the dream realm and we assure you that there is a vast difference between the 2.

From a True Self Perspective, True Self knows that It is that which the altered ego refers to as God/Source/Universal Being/Deity, and so on.

True Self does not divide, differentiate, or discriminate in such a manner because it cannot do so because that thought and act is rooted in duality and True Self is rooted in Singularity that is all-inclusive, all-encompassing, which includes God/Source/etc. as being one and the same that True Self is. There is no distinction made about it.

What were trying to do with all of this is to trigger your soul memory into releasing to your consciousness awareness the True Nature of your True Self that is rooted in the Singularity type of consciousness and energy.

For without remembering who, and how, you truly are so that you can be your True Self you will in no way be able to exit the Lower Triad in order to return to your True Home.

So, how does all of this help you navigate your existence within the dream realm?

It doesn’t, for being who you truly are cannot possibly keep you anchored in the dream realm to continue playing in it. The process of becoming True Self gradually extracts you from the dream realm so that your adventures therein begin to wind down because you’re shifting from altered ego consciousness to True Self Consciousness.

This information is imparted to assist you with being your True Self which consists of the Singularity consciousness and energy that literally magnetizes you out of the dream realm and into the Upper Triad, and then on Home from there.

If you’re not ready or willing to leave the dream realm and return to your True Home at this time, then you’re not ready to be who you truly are. If that is your case then we advise you to go forth into your adventures wholeheartedly and journey your way Home another time when you are ready.

But we assure you that the adventures to come within your dream realm are changing in dramatic ways, and this matter will be discussed in later Communiqués. You may read about it in-part by reading Mr. Ja’li’s Messages (see website below). This is why we are here to encourage and assist you to be who you truly are so that you can return Home now.

This is what we are referring to as your Path of Return. It is, firstly, a return to being your True Self which, secondly, vicariously ascends you back Home.

You cannot ascend without first being your True Self. You cannot go back to your True Home without first being your True Self. It the act of being your True Self that ascends you out of the Lower Triad, through the Upper Triad, and then Home.

That’s simply how it works and we are here to remind you of that True Self Truth which is knowledge residing as memory within your souls. It’s there. You have the memories of your True Home because as True Self you existed there prior to entering the Upper Triad and inserting a small portion of your True Self Consciousness into the dream realm.

So you know where Home is. You know what it is like because you’ve been there, and more than that it is where you need to be now.

Consequently we are not telling you anything about this matter that you do not already know. You simply forgot about it as you went about through many lifetimes of adventures within the dream realm.

You forgot who you truly are because altered ego consciousness is not equipped to comprehend the configuration thus reality of True Self Consciousness because, as we said, they are two different types of consciousness and the less simply cannot fathom the greater state of consciousness.

While you’re on your Path of Return what you must learn to do in order to better navigate the pitfalls in the dream realm that can veer you off your Path is to remember to be your True Self – perceive from True Self Perspectives, act/behave from True Self Approaches, think from True Self Truth, for as you do that then your experiences within the dream realm vicariously begin to transform from being alter-ego-based to being True-Self-based.

And the fact that your experiences become more of a pleasure than a struggle is not the point for this occurring.

As your experiences become more True-Self-based that is a sign of validation that you’re on your Path of Return to being more and more of who you truly are.

This is why the journey back Home is a desirable and pleasant one. It is a natural consequential side-effect of being True Self. The goal is to be True Self. The reward, if you will, of making that inner shift is having a pleasant and uplifting journey Home.

If your experiences are an ongoing roller coaster ride of ups and downs that are pleasant and uplifting and then fraught with struggle and unpleasantness, fear and discomfort, then you’re not on your True Path, you’re on an alter ego pseudo-path.

There’s a popular alter ego pseudo-path misconception that being on your Path, becoming True Self, includes mental, physical, emotional discomfort or disturbances, symptoms of various sorts – you name it.

But the fact that we wish you to understand is that this is a belief system of the altered ego that doesn’t understand, and cannot begin to fathom, what it is like to be on one’s Path of Return to True Self until you’re on it. The altered ego can only give you its altered version of being on a path, which we call the pseudo-path.

The Path of Return generates the peak point then gradual loss of pain, discomfort, dysfunction, disappointment, confusion, depression, and so on, because the Path of Return involves your True Self increasingly infusing its True Nature within you as you progress along your Path, and we call this part of the process True Self Infusion. As you progress on your Path of Return you receive small doses of True Self Consciousness and Energy and True Self Nature that infuses into your dream character thereby overriding the consciousness and energy and nature of the dream character that you currently are.

True Nature of your True Self, being rooted in the positive nature of the Singularity, generates, within the dream character that you currently are, the releasing of the negative side of duality so that the natural outcome of that act is the amplification of the positive energy which in-turn creates pleasant experiences along your True Path.

This is why the notion that you experience ‘symptoms’ of discomfort and so on is another illusion-based perspective of something the altered ego cannot understand the reality of.

The altered ego’s pseudo-path cannot possibly produce for you only positive experiences. It merely takes you on its dizzying merry-go-nowhere ride of its ups and downs.

The nature of the altered ego cannot cause you to be on your Path of Return because the altered ego is rooted in duality, and the negative energy of duality is becoming increasingly more amplified which in-turn makes it even more difficult for your altered ego to generate positive experiences for you. And that is another Communiqué of information for another time.

So, remembering, understanding and recognizing True Self Perspectives thus True Self Truth generates what we refer to as the actions of True Self Approaches.

Once you remember how to recognize True Self Perspectives and True Self Truth, then you remember what to do that will retain you on your Path of Return. This act is what we refer to as taking a True Self Approach to everything.

It means engaging True Self Perspectives and True Self Truth and putting it into a True Self Approach that in-turn retains you on your Path of Return.

In other words, it is what you call, walking your talk, living your truth, but in this case it is all based in the consciousness and energy of the Singularity.

You cannot take this information and force it to create better experiences for you without you becoming your True Self first – cause and effect, as you would say.

You become your True Self first and then your experiences get better because your True Self is based in that which is Positive; and True Self doesn’t distinguish whether the positive energy exists in the Lower Triad or the Upper Triad, and It doesn’t distinguish whether it is real or illusion.

To your True Self Positive is positive although the positive energy of duality is a diluted and weak force. But True Self will still make use of it because the positive force of duality is strengthened by the Positive force of the Singularity within True Self.

Even though the positive energy in the Lower Triad is an illusion, just as much as the negative energy, the Positive  energy within True Self causes the positive energy of duality to respond to the reality-nature of pure Positive  energy so that your experience in the dream realm begins to “transconfigurate”, if we may give you a new word, from being illusion-based to being reality-based.

True Self being of a Positive energy, as your True Self infuses itself increasingly into you, its dream character, the positive energy of duality is vibrationally attracted to True Self Positive energy and the two morph together to become one energy.

As this occurs within you – and this only occurs with one who is on their Path of Return – that which is the negative energy of duality loses its magnetic vibrational bond with its positive energy counterpart so that you become increasingly more Positive.

We are endeavoring to cause you to remember a type of consciousness and energy that you truly are and once lived through. It will be easier for you to comprehend if you remember that we are talking about 2 different types of consciousness.

Your altered ego consciousness and energy has, for so long, trumped the awareness and function of your True Self Consciousness and Energy that you need these Communiqués to assist the ‘resurrection’ of your True Self from the depths of your soul.

These Communiqués are imbued with higher vibrating energies that trigger your soul into releasing its storehouse of information into your conscious awareness, and that is accomplished only through being the nature of who you truly are.

This is why we advise you to read the entirety of each of our Communiqués. Being selective about what you read and don’t read causes the disruption of this flow of energy-triggers so that your soul memory is not activated to release its information to your conscious mind.

This is not due to some kind of mind-control we’ve embedded into the Communiqués – that is the work of the altered ego’s duality nature – but it is because it is a natural effect of how our Singularity Consciousness shares information with one another.

We did not say that we imbued the Communiqués with energy-triggers, but that it is done by the direct effect of how the nature of Singularity consciousness and energy works.

So you’re either getting the whole energy-triggering-effect by reading each Communiqué in its entirety, or you’re not getting it at all because you’re selectively taking out of it only what your altered ego has decided suits it.

Your True Self Consciousness, remember, does not think or function in this manner of exclusivity, segregation, separation.

Now, we wish you to understand that Truth is Truth so long as it is True-Self-based in True Self Perspectives of the Singularity.

In other words, all True Selves share Truth openly and freely with one another. It is not the product or authorship of any one True Self. True Self does not lay claim to any Truth. That is the an alter-ego perspective of exclusivity.

True Self does not fear that Truth expressed from other True Selves will contaminate the purity of what is being expressed, for so long as the Truth is based in True Self Perspectives then that Truth cannot be compromised or altered, or considered less authentic.

In the consciousness and energy of the Singularity, Truth is Truth regardless of who expresses it or who receives it.

Now, truth in the Lower Triad is always based in duality therefore it can be corrupted, twisted, and anyone can lay claim to a truth. And he/she will fear that others will contaminate it or degrade the truth he/she believes they are receiving.

He/she will believe that they can express truth only by disregarding what others are saying regardless of the source of it.

Any idea or fear that what you’re receiving then sharing can potentially be corrupted, tainted, distorted, altered, and so on, is the work of the altered ego that is based in those dual thoughts and feelings, so that what you are receiving is, consequently, based in the pseudo-path perspectives of the altered ego.

It is up to you to remember that this kind of thinking and feeling is the work of your alter ego that doesn’t understand that True Self Truth cannot exist in such a manner. True Self Truth and the sharing of it by those on their Path of Return cannot render Truth into being impure or adulterated because True Self Truth remains Truth unto those who have True Self eyes to recognize its purity and True Self ears to hear it correctly.

If you find yourself going into doubt or fear that what you receive and share with others has the potential to be tainted or distorted then it’s a clear sign that you’re not being your True Self because True Self doesn’t think and behave in such a duality-based manner.

True Selves receive and share Truth freely with one because it’s their True Nature of being all-inclusive when doing so.

True Self does not feel like it must protect itself from other True Selves in order to express Truth because in True Self Consciousness Truth cannot be corrupted or rendered impure or imperfect.

What we wish you to understand here is that as you become your True Self, you will find yourself shifting more into your True Self Consciousness wherein Truth is eagerly received and shared, and no one feels like refraining from receiving Truth from another True Self because True Self Truth is True Self Truth. Sharing and receiving it is a natural innate act that is based in the Singularity of what you refer to as ‘oneness’.

It is the altered ego that lives in the apprehension that any and all truth can be adulterated or rendered impure either through the actions of the person giving it or the person receiving it.

Yet once you begin receiving True Self Truth from your True Self, you will find that the altered egos around you will simply not comprehend a word of it because you are speaking to them of things that are rooted in the Singularity type of consciousness and energy while their own awareness is based in duality.

This is why it is very difficult to evoke the awakening process in people who are deeply rooted in their altered egos. The more deeply rooted they are there the less they will comprehend what you’re saying to them, and the less they will even care to hear about it.

Occasionally you will attract a soul to you who is ready to wake up and return Home, and that is when your True Self inspired words will mean something to another person.

Eventually you’ll learn to recognize who is ready and who is not; who to allow to remain rooted in their altered ego and who to help out of it.

But for the most part, those of you who are already on your Path of Return will find amongst yourselves the greatest level of support and encouragement for remaining on your True Path, plus gentle reminders of when you’ve veered off onto the altered ego’s pseudo-path.

For now, we have given you much to think about because, as we said, we are endeavoring to assist you with shifting from one type of consciousness to another – from your altered ego consciousness to your True Self Consciousness; and in the beginning of being of making this inner shift is no easy task.

Yet the longer you are on your Path of Return the more progress you make, thus the easier it becomes to remain on it.

The longer you are on your Path of Return the more you receive True Self Infusions consequently the more your body improves – rather than degrades; the more you experience wellness – rather than symptoms of discomfort; and the more your experiences are uplifting – rather than unpleasant and unsatisfying.

And it doesn’t take decades or even years for this inner shift of consciousnesses to take effect in your body and in your experiences. It is relative to your determination, your resolve, to stay put on your Path of Return so you can, in-turn, receive ongoing True Self Infusions that vicariously generates these changes for you as a side-effect, remember, of being who you truly are.

So, to conclude this Communiqué, although you walk alone on your personal True Path within, sharing the journey of it with others on their True Path is often helpful – whether you do this via correspondence in writing, or via your telephone, or gathering together as a local group – the Positive effect of the beneficial support and encouragement is the same.

We are happy to impart this most crucial information to you at this time because there is a purpose of great importance for doing so – your return back to your True Home.

We have imparted to you these 4 new Communiqués that contain a lot of information that you need to comprehend that will assist you in making your inner shift of consciousnesses.

We wish you to study them so you can more profoundly absorb the information, rather than read it casually and set it aside for it is not given to you as another form of spiritual entertainment on the altered ego’s pseudo-path. It is to assist your understanding of why and how you are encouraged to make this inner shift for your own benefit.

Therefore we are going to take time out from giving you more information so that you can focus intently on what has already been imparted to you, and that you incorporate it as Truth rather than conjectural theory.

We will resume with more Communiqués in due time, meaning, as we observe that you are making progress with the information already given to you.

We appreciate your attention to this most vital information that is for your benefit, and, for now, we bid you a fond farewell until next time.

I am An T’na conveying this message to you on behalf of the Council members. Be your True Self and remain steadfast on your Path of Return.

That is all for now.



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