From the Frying Pan…

11846550_10206539184971724_1140035968085854015_n.jpgFollowing are two long comments left on this blog by fellow blogger GAF (Gaia Ascension Forerunner) in response to the Karen Bishop post, which continues to get hits daily. I felt they warranted exposure  so I brought them here. I’m confident GAF wouldn’t mind, otherwise the following would have been sent privately as opposed to in a public comment.

This all begins with a quote of mine from my lead-in to Karen’s words. (Lots of characters here!) Both responses address the first-wavers (or “forerunners” in GAF’s parlance) in service to this massive ascension at hand. I, Whitehawk, am certainly one of these, and I have been pretty much pulverized by the long & intense journey. (I can cite exactly when I “graduated” – or was destroyed, depending on how one looks at it. 3D became impossible to relate to.) Maybe you also?

People who’ve met me in recent years have no idea what preceded my “landing” here in the bucolic mountains, where I’ve been trying to recover ever since my defining event. My current “adventure” has been kind of like trying to revert a pound of hamburger back into a grazing cow! (If only this were possible! I surmise tho that going “back” to anything is not the path.) But I’m not quite dead yet, so what else is there to do?

Here’s GAF’s commentary, for your possible consideration. I make no claims re: the content.

“I used to liken this group as the ‘classic cars’ that did not come off the assembly line with all the “newfangled accoutrements” of the new models… the new ones being designed for these energies to begin with.” (W)

The forerunners *sses got kicked… not because we weren’t designed to do this work, but because we were very few doing it. This was not our “role” that we necessarily came for, it’s what we ended up with because we were the only ones stepping up to do it.

Frankly, many of those who identify as “star seeds” who were to be bringing in new energy did not have Earth experience and got very caught up in the 3D Earth program here and didn’t get with the ascension program very early or very willingly. They could probably stand to be more present and quit with their fascination of where they have been before (other star systems) and tend to the task at hand. Many of them have resisted their process and have clung to 3D ways.

Some are now just getting to the point where they can hold light in the world after the incoming light has hammered ’em for the last 1 1/4 years. They are not “ascension-ready” so can’t do what the forerunners have done but they don’t need to as we’ve already done all the heavy lifting, transmuting and light anchoring. Many think they are first wavers but their REAL light (energy) work is just beginning.

Still other light workers have not gotten far enough into their healing process to even feel much of it. They think they are the cream of the crop but they’ve barely gotten started.

GAF continues in 2nd comment:

And, Whitehawk, just to let you know…

As I’ve said on my blog, after many years of intense energy service work, I have not been used for energy work since Sept. 2014. My friend that I talk about on my blog has been used a handful of times this past year.

So, I recently had a chit chat with God and found out that God is not allowing myself and 20-some other forerunners (of the ~145,000 forerunners) to be used any more. We’re completely spent. I seriously wouldn’t doubt that it would kill us to use us more. One clue to that is that I am not bouncing back much in the last 1 1/4 years. I feel like an old worn-out workhorse that has had the burden lifted off my back but I’m still worn-out. Over the years of energy work, when I was given a break it was like night and day and I would go take long walks for however long I was left to be, but not this time. I have to just focus on what I absolutely have to do outwardly, which isn’t much, and yet that little bit, well, I can’t imagine doing any more at this point.

And yet, even the 1 million of other “ascension-ready” folks cannot do what we forerunners can do!!!

God told me my friend has slightly more left to give than the overall average of forerunners and yet I know how spent they are too, which doesn’t say much for the whole forerunner force.

So, bottom line, one way or another – whether we are so spent God won’t let us be used, they do use us until it kills us or we and Gaia ascend – the forerunners’ days of service work are either done (like in my case) or very soon will be (as is the case for all other forerunners). With that in mind, other light workers have absolutely got to step up and quit messing around with their healing and get down to bidness. They also need to completely let go of 3D and I’m not talking to just get themselves ascension-ready but even to adequately hold the light in 3D, they have to really get with it.

The fact that the forerunners cannot / will not be used anymore puts the pressure on light workers. And, as our days of service very soon come to an end (in whatever way, for whatever reason) the challenges of 3D will pick up a bit. I don’t anticipate any huge catastrophes, no WWIII or the like, but perhaps needless to say, all the ongoing raping of the environment is really not slowing down any. At a physical level, 3D Earth is already in “scorched earth” mode. And you know the cabal won’t stop their nonsense.

I don’t say any of this to generate fear, but to get light workers to pull off their rose-colored glasses and get down to the business of assisting the planet and collective in a much more serious and energetic (literally) way. This also includes all the “celebrity light worker” types who like to do the conferences, etc. They too will be asked to finally do their inner work in earnest.

The one advantage that the light workers have is sheer numbers. We forerunners had ~145,000. This big group of non-ascension-ready light workers who pushed through their process enough to hold the light for 3D has ~15 million. If they get serious about their own healing work and then remember that ultimately they are here to assist the planet and collective, then they should be able to hold the world together long enough to get some folks awakened, healed and ascended.

Blueprints are laid in and that bridge connecting 3D Earth to 5D Gaia will remain in place, just up to everyone to get themselves across.



6 comments on “From the Frying Pan…

  1. Ha! Thanks Whitehawk. Just to clarify, the first wave will be more than just the forerunners. Those that many call first wavers are what I call “ascension-ready”, which regardless of when people woke up or what “wave” they end up in, no one ascends who hasn’t prepared themselves and since none of us are technically ascended right this minute, then forerunners and other ascension-ready folk will all ascend with Gaia. Most of us forerunners have been ready for about a couple years more than others who are ascension-ready (mostly). For more details on the numbers and dates, etc. see my post “Ascension Timeline Thus Far.”

    And Whitehawk, thank you for what you do and be on / in / with / for this planet and her inhabitants.


  2. I so dug those comments, so much I replied.

    But absolutely; I feel safe enough to “come out”, here, and say that I ended up with C-PTDS from my time on earth, thus far.

    Nice to be in good company; I mean it. xx
    “At least we have each other.” :)


  3. Hey Whitehawk, I saw I was getting some traffic from this post, so I thought I’d put a link to another post (still waaaaayyy back in early 2016, groan) that reports what measures we had to go to in order to hold this project together, since we forerunners were all spent and couldn’t do it anymore:

    Even though the Divine has strung me along for years, I think I can safely say we are almost on top of the 1st Wave’s full transition to 5D (and our crystalline bodies) and get to actually reside there. What a frickin’ long haul this has been.

    I just now reread your intro on this post… yep, completely nuts. I have felt humanity’s frequency rising slowly but surely since about December of 2018 and yet that has had its own brand of frustration since it’s felt like we could / would have a breakthrough at any moment and actually get to move forward, but the calendar pages just kept flipping by. I guess so it is in a world where people cling to free will instead of surrendering to the Divine. Even the Divine can’t make accurate predictions because humanity might shuck when it looked like they might jive. I’ve been saying that predictions would be easy if everyone suddenly surrendered to the Divine.


  4. Hey Whitehawk, I thought I’d stop over and give you a wee bit of an update, see if it resonates with you.

    After only being used once for what I call Energetic Service Work in 6 1/2 years (that was the Nova Gaia Grid Descend thing I spoke of before), I was used again more recently. Drug myself around for 6 1/2 years to get used more… in Dec. of 2020, then in Jan. Apr. and July of 2021. In June of this year I watched many people’s pots getting stirred. Some actually cleared some stuff. Overall, humanity obviously cleared and released a lot in June – around the Summer Solstice, the highest energies of the year. So, the work we did in July was transmuting what humanity cleared the month before. Right afterward, the world felt very “energetically clean”. I myself actually was having some physical-level energy that I haven’t had for years. I still wasn’t ready to jump up and run a 10K or something, lol, but, yeah, it felt good. That “up” feeling has worn off a bit since.

    I hear lots of alternative media really getting what needs to happen for humanity and they are putting the word out. How well humans are stepping up… I’m not sure, especially Americans who REALLY need to get it in gear.


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