Heart to Heart

heart.jpgVery seldom do I come out and request donations for the effort that goes into all that I share with you here. Other bloggers have monetized their blogs by making them subscriber-based. I am not intending to do that here. My heart is here, and thus far putting a price on it hasn’t resonated for me.

However a donation today would really be appreciated. In a few hours I meet with a cardiologist to finally address ongoing heart pain I’ve experienced for years. Kind of nervous – not only about what might come next re: my struggling heart, but also re: what expenses are about to flow in my direction as well. This is America, after all *cough*

So I’m asking the universe – by way of the journeying souls I serve in this space – for support. It’s my nature to share information with you about spiritual matters; Shift-related in particular. The “nature to give back” from my beloved readers, however, works out to a minutia. Bit of a heartache, actually. I keep thinking I’ll just stop but… we are still in process here! I really don’t want to close up shop in the middle of the production. I’m selling nothing here (yet); just giving. Meanwhile the donation link on the home page is seldom used. I know: so many blogs…

This ongoing health condition is concerning, and disruptive (along with so much else on front-line ascensionistas’ plates), and I’m biting the bullet today and openly asking: if you read this blog (helloo) and can spare something, anything… doing so right now would be of deeply appreciated and significant assistance to me.

I’m not in “the system” (paychecks, insurance) … like many out there now. Meanwhile many hours and much love are poured into this little corner of cyberspace;  is it not worthy of a bit of return?

 Please click this heart offering button and offer a token of acknowledgment for this work.

 Thank you!  Much gratitude & many blessings to you this coming year.

Love, love, Whitehawk

Coming: Surprising predictions for 2016


3 comments on “Heart to Heart

  1. I know this is not going to help you right now, but have you considered talking to your cellular structure? I mean literally out loud and tell it to repair your heart condition? I have done this for years, using other techniques like EFT and have healed successfully. Remember, you are what you think, the more you think about the heart, the more it will deteriorate, so, thank yourself for the experience and let it go. I am in Croatia and really don’t have any attachment to the matrix/banks, but I do wish you the best and will send you healing energy tonight.


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