Human Dreaming & Avian Knowing

This post was originally written on 12/21 – solstice – and is unrelated to the ‘blue avians’ of recent renown.

I’m thrilled to share an amazing story about a highly perceptive budgie (pet parakeet) – who pulled off a stunning feat, and its significance to me personally and you too, possibly, at this time of new beginnings.

The Dream

Night before last, I dreamed I dropped an egg on the kitchen floor. This egg was about half the size of the typical chicken eggs we Americans know so well. Naturally, the egg broke open.

To my amazement, within the primordial little mound of mucous and shell bits, life moved! I was entranced by the impetus of this unformed bit of creation to survive.

I could see its eyes in there, as it stoically started wiggling forward, something like an embryonic jellyfish, if there is such a thing. It quickly began evolving into a nondescript little animal form… and several other broken eggs somehow appeared as well, all alive and evolving in their goopy puddles – when I woke up.

The Little Budgie Who Could

The next day – the day following the curious dream – this rather astonishing story from Mental Floss appeared:

Pet Bird Adopts Store-Bought Egg That Actually Hatches


When Japanese YouTuber LUNA ANGEL returned from the grocery store, she took one of the quail eggs from her bag and gave it to her pet budgie to play with. The bird (named Pi-Chan) took on the role of a surrogate mother and nested the egg. While the process was cute to watch, no one expected Pi-Chan’s efforts to pay off. They did.

Such a phenomenon would probably not happen in the United States—we refrigerate our eggs to keep them fresh—but in Japan, people tend not to store eggs in the fridge. Even so, eggs sold in grocery stores are (usually) unfertilized, so the odds of a chick actually emerging from one were extremely low.

Luna has been taking care of the miracle quail and named it Yuzu, all while recording Yuzu’s progress on YouTube. Click on over to her channel to watch the baby bird walk around, blink, and yawn.

The Reflection

As you might imagine, it was rather striking that I would have that dream, then hours later see this story. Nice attention-getting little precog there!

But there was more in it for me than I initially saw – being – myself as the wiggling, newly forming little being emerging from an unstructured state in a great demonstration of will and grace!

Like so many of us who’ve been agonizingly pummeled by this long, arduous, and mystifying transmutation process, I can say in all honesty it has been an extraordinary struggle to not merely survive, but to access the often scarce will and motivation to bother trying.

Following several harrowing years of flipping between the ecstasy, agony, and ongoing astonishment of active kundalini, I plunged into an ongoing litany of persistent, painful illnesses that kept cycling but not resolving – all of which thrust me into a field of material/financial scarcity that gripped me like a vice.

My ability to see any purpose for carrying on was sometimes nearly nil. Remember the old cartoon image of the guy down in a toilet, reaching for the handle, with the caption, “Goodbye cruel world”?

Yeah. I was definitely in the crapper.

Essentially two things kept me going.

On the 3D level, my commitment to the three little beings I adopted from the local shelter (cats, in case you’re new here :) during the couple of years I volunteered “in seva (service) to the feline temple” is deep and true in my heart. If I checked out, these three would be cast into a future of very dismal odds in this area.

Moreover, higher up the vibrational octave was a soul-level commitment I just couldn’t abandon, being, of course, my life’s dedication to serving this planetary shift. It’s “return to sender” time for us, as most readers of this blog are well aware.

Humanity has thrashed around in this experiment in duality long enough. It’s time to change gears and return to the luminous Source from whence we came!

So this dream about the broken eggs coming to life seems to be not only a precognitive peek into the story about the budgie hatching a store-bought egg… and not even (only) about my own return from the unformed, egoless state I’ve been wading in for a long time now.

We are ALL new hatchlings, birthing now into a higher, clearer bandwidth of existence. We may not be particularly pretty in this moment – not sure exactly what we are and where we’re headed as new, expanded light beings – but we are making progress. Soon we will have wings and feathers, so to speak, and the higher realms will be ours to roam.sam-carlo-24-2-c

We are soon to soar, dear chickies!

Much love … W




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