Navigating the Afterlife in Dreaming

dream enforcer.pngIf there’s a single video you watch today, let it be the one I’m posting here.

One of my all-time favorite author/teachers, Robert Moss, participates in a lively & very rich interview with “afterlife researcher” Bob Olson.

Moss is a burgeoning wealth of delightful, reality-stretching stories and personal experiences about navigating the multiverse that are virtually guaranteed to enrich your life in ways previously unimagined, if you give him your attention. He’s an intriguing gift of a being!

His recent (23rd!) book, The Boy Who Died and Came Back: Adventures of a Dream Archaeologist in the Multiverse, tells Moss’s true personal story of dying of pneumonia at age nine, and – in the interim of being “brought back” by the doctors – lives an entire lifetime in a community of tall beings in another world. The telling of this tale is but a tiny bit of the most clickin’, poppin’ interview I’ve seen in a long time, and exactly what I personally needed right now. Moss is one of the golden way-showers of our time, a fantastic writer, story-teller, and guide into worlds beyond.




One comment on “Navigating the Afterlife in Dreaming

  1. I have always loved lucid dreaming. as of lately I been expanding on other planes .stepping into a dream intentionally has always been difficult visualizing.last evening I awoke at 3:33 , synchronicity is intense lately with master number sequences, anyway I laid back down & clearly seen multiple geometric shapes rotating.they looked like faces with eyes,nose, mouth.I could see I was able to enter into anyone of them spaces & wrote it down.


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