In Bowie’s Eyes

images.jpgI, like millions of my generation, spent much of yesterday with David Bowie on my stunned mind. So jarring to hear of his unexpected death from liver cancer immediately after he reappeared in the media with new work and a birthday… all of which turned out to be his swan song.

Bravo David; so well executed. I bow to the consummate performance artist in you!

This morning I watched a video by a man who quite easily contacts people in the afterlife planes. He found Bowie in a situation unique from the norm – most souls gravitate toward their relatives & friends who passed on before them (familiar company, at least for a while), or similar “cultural” or “belief system” territories… or if they died after lengthy suffering, they are typically brought to a place for healing before they “carry on over there.”

Bowie was discovered by this medium zinging and zooming around an atmosphere of vibrant light, in his lightbody of sparkling energies – no “David” form for the medium to relate with at all. Just David’s energies thoroughly reveling in profound wonderment and joy in his new experience.

This accounting of Bowie’s present “location” in the cosmos strikes me as similar to the experiences of Billy in The Afterlife of Billy Fingers material delivered by Billy and penned by his sister, with whom he had a soul contract to accomplish this very thing. I fully endorse this book, because it is such a departure from all the others. It’s a “new way to go” you might say.

Why is this interesting to me?  Well this has to do with this shift of frequencies our entire reality system is traversing now. As I understand the plan, this 3D holographic realm, along with its associated 4D holographic field of consciousness (emotions, dreams, thoughts, beliefs, thousands of “between-life” zones where earthlings gather – or are gathered, depending on the real story here) has hit its expiration date and is being phased out of existence altogether, as far as this planet goes. It’s time for Gaia’s graduation to higher frequencies and for those not ready or willing to ‘ascend’ in like fashion, there are other similar planets that are available for them to transfer to for the duration of the next grand cycle.

(I’ve been curious how all this will impact the residents of earth’s afterlife territories… but have no answers re: that here. Some are aware of this shift; some are not… in an energetic realm hard-wired to this one… )

It would appear that David Bowie, to my estimation, has (or had) the spiritual wherewithal to avoid getting stuck in the recycling bin of traditional afterlife territories. He seems (by what I glean from this medium’s report) to have blown right by all the “distractions” and is literally dancing blissfully in the light. He was in such blissful energies, he couldn’t be bothered even attempting to focus on giving an “interview” yet and advised the medium to check back later after this initial transitory blast settles down.

Maybe he’ll be available later; maybe not.

Bowie, in his life, realized more fantasies and “identities” than anyone else I could name. This alone suggests the soul of Bowie was *quite* a master of limitlessness. And, turns out, of love as well: he and Iman had the real thing for the entire journey of their relationship. Bowie had a wild, accomplished, unique ride, regardless what anyone thinks of his forms of expression. He had visions that tickled him and he stepped right into them, continually manifesting through myriad arts.

I’ve always been intrigued by his eyes: that left pupil in perpetual, total dilation. It seemed the physical mark of a man with a point of view unlike the rest. He saw beyond.

My favorite surprise find online yesterday: Bowie performing Under Pressure with Annie Lennox & Queen here, in tribute to Freddy Mercury – powerful:


I’ve heard some curious “predictions” from a visiting ‘Nordic’ about this year… I’d like to put those out soon, just to tweak your sense of incoming possibilities. Pretty radical stuff.

Much love & gratitude… Whitehawk







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