A Marine’s Kundalini Launch

T330_6913_Untitled-6.jpgWhen my Kundalini activated in earnest (from what I now consider a gentler kindling state before the Big Blast), there was next to nothing about this experience online.

Now it’s everywhere. Evidence of a world waking up. I clicked through to youtube this morning via a Facebook link and a couple of clicks later found myself watching this fellow’s story.

I just cannot imagine having a Kundalini awakening while in active duty in the Marines! Precious little down/solo/quiet time, and – as it pains me to imagine – an entire culture built around killing the “other.” Being tough. Etc.  Could there be a greater contrast to kundalini’s purpose?

Below is Sam’s first video, which he made in May 2014. I found it interesting in numerous ways so of course I had to share it with you. The second video I’m posting here is Sam 1-1/2 years later. The change in trajectory of his life is stunning! He morphed from a self-professed “stone-cold atheist” to a spiritual mentor with a method for doing soul readings that he created himself.

I’m heartened this affable man woke up early in his life and has (to my way of thinking) put some priorities in order. For him to be trained as a killing machine who thought nothing of polluting himself and the world around him, to arrive at where he is now is testament to what’s possible. He’s also articulate and fun to watch.

By the way, this first video left me assuming he was experimenting with DMT, but in the second video (after so much change occurred) he clears this misperception (he was curious to open this “pineal center” he’d heard about, but it happened in meditation, not “outside help”).

Check him out if you choose. “The Indigo Knight.” ;)  I find him an appealing Kundalini witness and example … while also pondering how this phenom seems to happen so quickly for some people while for others (ahem – moi) the shredding & incineration goes on for years. I tend to think this involves soul trails (ie the hundreds of incarnations in 3D I know I’ve had… ) and the baggage it all brought into this life to be cleared so I can MOVE ON!

Love to you… Whitehawk

Here is Sam’s update, posted just last month – check out the 180º turn a life can take:


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