Merging with the Cosmic Flow

Trust Your Expansion into 12-Strand DNA

The experiential wisdom of all twelve dimensions is available; our part is to trust the ongoing enhancements, balancing, and integrative movements of this harmonic expansion. Four concise video minutes, from the Pleiadians known as Laarkmaa:


3 comments on “Merging with the Cosmic Flow

  1. Dear Whitehawk

    I would love to send you some money for all the wonderful work you are doing. Thank thank thank you.

    Is it possible to just send you a check???

    if yes, please give me name and address and I will send one out. If no, I have to figure out how to do paypal..

    much love to you


    Miracles happen every day………



    • Dearest Mica – thank you for asking! I would gratefully receive your gift in any form you choose to offer. If you’ll send an email to me here:, I will send you this info privately. Sometimes I can obtain a person’s contact info by clicking their name, but that’s not the case here. Much love & gratitude, Whitehawk


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