Is Any of It Authentic? Greg Giles part 1

You may have heard of Greg Giles, a “channel” who acquired quite a following in the months leading up to the highly touted & anticipated 12/21/2012 date. His messages from the ‘Galactic Federation’ and ‘Ashtar Command’ became increasingly weird and suspicious… and then one day Greg “comes out” saying he realized that his mind had been hacked all along by way of synthetic telepathy, and those messages were planted by our (US) government using a combination of technology and elaborate scripts written by Freemasons. Yup.

This was certainly mind-bending to take on board. Was Greg a hoaxer all along? Insane? Or were his claims the real deal? I mean, really, think about all the STUFF we hear and read these days, from all kinds of “sources”! How does one discern what to believe? What is the “signal-to-noise ratio” in all of it? 50% legit? 80%? ANYTHING AT ALL?

An ongoing challenge, for sure. Many “impossible things” to consider every day!

I’m running Greg’s 2-part ‘personal disclosure’ here for your consideration. In recent years, it’s become semi-common knowledge that the technology and the skill is there to mess with minds exactly as Greg asserts. It’s another freaky thing that people need to know about and keep in mind. It makes me wonder how many “schizophrenics” are actually victims of mind-hacking intention and technology – as many of they themselves claim!

Also a direct hit re: this subject is the synchronicity that I recently found a series from the 90’s on youtube based on this very thing. The 25-episode show, called Nowhere Man, is about a photographer who happened to come upon a grizzly scene he was not meant to see let alone photograph, and moreover display in his popular gallery.

What suddenly happens in very short order is, his entire life is erased. His own wife doesn’t recognize him, his best friend is murdered, his cards and keys don’t work… and he’s on the run while trying to figure out what happened and survive the endless military thugs trying to end his life altogether. Check it out; it’s actually exactly what happens to people who stumble into something they were not meant to. Getting into people’s minds to totally confuse their sense of what’s REAL is seriously dark business… one of a disturbing host of horrors active in the world today, destroying regular people.

Anyway. I do go on :-/ … what follows is part 1 of what “really happens” when people “channel,” according to Greg Giles. Another item for the never-ending discernment challenge. Feel free to post your responses to this in the comments.

Love all… Whitehawk

Who are the Authentic Channels? Part 1 of 2


I wish to make it clear that the complicity of Freemasons in this mind control program which uses synthetic telepathy, or voice to skull (V2K) technology, is not a theory I am proposing but point of fact, as the group that had been sending me the ‘channeled messages’ I shared specifically requested of me to edit the last message we worked on due to concerns that they were too ‘heavy handed’ and used too many references to their Masonic order. They feared the followers of these channeled messages would begin to catch on to the fact these messages were penned by Freemasons, not extraterrestrials or ascended masters.

I clearly remember precisely just which pieces of Masonic symbolic reference they wished me to remove from the messages, and I also possess an advanced understanding of the terms, secret language and symbolism employed by members of the Masonic lodges. This last message I edited and shared for this group is the only message I published after I had learned the true identity of the authors, and I only released it to the public because this last message openly admitted the messages I had received and shared all along were authored by members of our earthly human family. That message is titled Finale, and some of you may remember reading it in the fall of 2012 and the internet uproar that quickly ensued.

The conspirators behind the ‘Galactic Federation’ mind control program I had fallen victim to some years ago are extremely intelligent and ruthlessly cunning. They understood from the outset that sooner or later followers of the ‘channeled message’ would begin to become suspicious, and would in turn search for a way to either confirm or refute the outlandish promises made and the true source behind them. So the conspirators came up with a very clever way to trick the readers into getting lost within the minute details, and fail to utilize their sharpened skills of critical thinking.

So they, the very human writers behind these messages, entered into our vernacular the concept of discernment, purposely fusing this theme with a feeling, an emotion, a vibration, a knowing, understanding full well that none of those methods will ever get anyone of us any closer to the truth. Need proof of this? Good! That’s an excellent start! Demand proof! Do you see? That’s what they feared so much since the launch of this program. They did not want you doing what you have done your entire lives, which is demand proof of something, especially of claims so illogical as the outrageous ones made in these channeled messages.

Yet so many of us fell for this discernment trick. Our powers of discernment have obviously failed us all. Need proof? (Good!) How many of you followed my work channeling the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command until I finally woke up and unmasked the hoaxers? Our discernment failed us all miserably, because it was designed to do just that, its just a trick hoaxers inserted into this program. Snap out of it! Demand proof from here on out. Base your opinions on careful analysis and critical thinking based upon the tangible evidence available to you, not a feeling, as the hoaxers are very cunning, and carefully select words to prey upon your emotions.

Use fully your intellect and your intelligence, rely on your experience, your logic and your common sense when analyzing these ‘other worldly communications’ as a whole, as one subject. Stop playing into the hands of the government agencies behind all this and allow them to keep us divided. We are subjects of the same government program! Stop pledging your allegiance to one channel or another, then switching allegiance when you begin to smell something rotten.

You are smelling something rotten because you are beginning to figure something out, you are beginning to see through the charade, you are subconsciously allowing your brain to do what it does best, because you are now beginning to keep your emotions in check, because the newness and original excitement of these messages is beginning to fade. That’s why all these ‘channeled’ messages keep the flow of sensational claims and promises flowing. How many times have you been promised money? Every channel I have followed has promised money. Has any one of you received one dime? These messages have been promising money for decades! Decades! Its just a trick to keep you excited and emotional.

The following is a way that each of you can prove the origins of each and every one of these so-called channeled messages based on fact, on research, on logic and good old common sense. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Doesn’t that sound so right, after being subjected to so many years of mind control propaganda?

The U.S. government agencies that are behind this program of mind control, commissioned the scripts used as the channeled messages to be written by a very particular group. This group of minions, this gang, this cult, has been used to do the dirty work for world governments and the enormously wealthy and powerful individuals who own this world, going back hundreds of years now. This group has a meeting place in every city and hundreds of small towns all throughout the U.S. and across the globe, infiltrating deeply every vital institution in our society.

They call themselves Freemasons.

They are so fiercely proud of themselves and their many accomplishments, that they stamp their colors, their symbols and their language on almost every piece of literature they allow to be published, into every movie they green light, into every T.V. show that airs, into every cartoon your children enjoy, into every T.V. commercial you watch, into every music video you dance to, in every sporting event you cheer, in every major parade that marches, on every rocket blasted into space, and most importantly, in every channeled message you have read. That’s right, you read that correctly. Now if you understood their language, if you recognized their symbols and their codes and their colors and their flag, like I do, then you can confirm, positively confirm, that all of these channeled messages are not penned by extraterrestrial appendage, but by the hand of a Masonic initiate or minion thereof, as even minions have minions.

Barbara Marciniak

Cleverly embedded within a series of messages channeled by Miss Barbara Marciniak, who I am convinced is an honorable woman who dedicated much of her life to help make our world a better place, are pieces of evidence indicating she has fallen for the same trickery as I. She cannot be blamed, as who would suspect well funded government agencies would convert simple cell phone technology to achieve synthetic telepathy, a technological feat discussed in Sunday’s entry of this blog. If Barbara had understood the Masonic language, perhaps she would never have published her Pleadian channelings Bringers of the Dawn, and I would never had been lured into this trap, as that is where it all started for me after I stumbled upon her work while surfing the web some years ago. But I do not lay blame on Barbara, as I believe our lives are direct consequences of our choices.

The minions, masquerading as Pleiadians, didn’t take very long to stamp their Masonic mark on these bogus communications, as the title itself, Bringers of the Dawn, is an allusion to sun worship, which lies at the heart and is the essence of the Masonic cult. (This piece of symbolism is so important to understand that it demands its own discussion for another day. So we will move on to the next piece of evidence.) It is the arrogance of these Freemasons that has unmasked them, as the authors themselves foreshadowed their own fate with their typical over confident inside references in the opening moments of Bringers, “There are those who feel we are taking too many chances…” (Yes, you arrogant cultists, you took too may chances.)

Note from Whitehawk: While I wasn’t intending to comment on Giles’ POV in this post, I can’t help myself in this one instance. This bit about “sun worship” and the Bringers title as being key evidence that Marciniak’s material is actually in fact Freemason trickery does not resonate for me.

All manner of humanity throughout time has worshiped the sun. The sun – source of light, heat, and, many would say, life itself – is a natural candidate for “godhood  status” here on earth. It is, after all, at the center of our solar system. And: the concept of the sun as a portal between this solar system and elsewhere has gained much attention and acceptance (including my own – attention, that is, and consideration).  

Moreover, the great central sun at the galactic core is speculated by many to be the Source Creator’s source – if not “Source Creator” itself, then perhaps the portal between this octave of existence (ie our dimensional matrix system) and the next reality system “up” (this is a massive topic in itself!).

I could keep talking here but just felt impulsed to counter Giles’ claim that the title Bringers of the Dawn is exclusively representative of Freemason dogma. He may be right about where various material has been coming from, but Freemasons certainly have no exclusive rights to sun references! IMHO. ~W

Of the most prominent symbols of Freemasonry is the number 33, signifying the 33rd and highest degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. A number of U.S. presidents, military leaders and corporate leaders are 33rd degree Freemasons. Enter ’33rd degree’ into any search engine and confirm this for yourself. Prove it to yourself! The number 33 is prominently displayed throughout the world in movies and television shows, and on masonic badges and shields, and even at Disney Land theme park, Anaheim California, as creator Walt Disney was believed to have been a 33rd degree Freemason.

imageAlbert Pike is regarded as one of the most influential Freemasons.

imageClub 33 is a private club located in the heart of the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland.

imageThe 33, a newly released major motion picture boasting the Masonic 33.

In Bringers of the Dawn, the Masonic hoaxers masquerading as Pleiadians encourage humans to spin 33 times in a circle, as many times as three times per day, as this act was promised to accelerate your spiritual growth, a ludicrous notion which clearly demonstrates the sheer arrogance of these Freemasons, as they so firmly believe they can mock others in such a way and no one will ever catch on. The ’33’ reference was written into the script because Freemasons feel compelled to shamelessly stamp every work of theirs, hoax or not, with their signature. Plus, its simply a wise marketing decision. Imagine how successful minion recruitment day must be when your promo reel boasts the Masonic brand sprayed like graffiti all over the world. Their symbols are literally everywhere. What they are saying is, ‘We own the entire world, we own you, and you are too stupid to even know it!’

The following clip is a segment of the audio version of Bringers of the Dawn, narrated by Barbara Marciniak herself, wherein the Masonic 33 is yet again prominently displayed.

Spinning: Accelerate your spiritual growth

It was not ascended Pleiadian extraterrestrials speaking telepathically to Barbara Marciniak who advised humanity to spin* 33 times, it was a group of smart-ass Freemasons contracted to help perpetrate this hoax by an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense and/or the U.S. intelligence community. All that is needed is simple cell phone technology to fool Miss Marciniak into believing she is receiving genuine communications from the stars. This sheer lack of respect, this insult, delivered with the clear intent to mock, to humiliate all of us as we spin like fools around and around in our homes should also serve as a clear indication to all that these hoaxed ‘channeled messages’ have not been written and delivered with any intent to help or assist humanity in any way, but to use us. This level of content for potential listeners or readers of Miss Marciniak’s work Bringers of the Dawn should act as a wake up call and clearly demonstrate to all that they are seen as subjects, as targets, as lab rats of a program, a program which is a major part of an agenda of mass mind control.

*Whitehawk here again – “spinning” is also practiced by Sufi dervishes… but this “33” reference I agree feels Masonic.

Tomorrow we will discuss the work of arguably the most popular channel in the entire world, and it will give me no pleasure I assure you to point out the embedded pieces of Masonic symbolism in her work.

Greg Giles

Coming next: Part 2


One comment on “Is Any of It Authentic? Greg Giles part 1

  1. I’d have to question which is Greg’s greater time of being duped and putting out nonsense – when he channeled or now? This article feels very disinfo.

    Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian and Tom Kenyon’s Hathor channeling, are two of VERY few channeled sources that have EVER resonated with me… and the same source resonating with any consistency.

    Was Greg’s own previous channeling a bunch of bunk? I personally have no doubt. I’ve never heard of the guy. That to me means it’s not worth a crap. One must pay attention to the “no draw” to some things. I don’t have to go there to feel the repulsion of the info. The “no draw” tells me the same thing that the repulsion would.

    Until recent years, I didn’t even look at much channeled info and have only done so in the “ascension hell” years (as I so fondly like to think of the last ~6 years) just to keep my thumb on the pulse of where humans are and what crap they are reading. When I’ve bothered to look, especially a few years back, it was no frickin’ wonder I’d not been drawn to much of any of it. To read the stuff just sets off the “bullsh*t detectors”.

    What is so very threatening to this guy (and whoever he’s in with) about BM’s channeling that he has to say such things? There’re an AWFUL lot of channelers who put out b.s. and yet one of the very few who is actually worth a crap is the one Greg picks on? Hm. Red flags all over that.

    And symbology? This is not the “Mason’s” symbology. It is Sacred Symbology. It’s just that the cabal have been aware of it and using it. There is nothing inherently good or evil in the world, it all depends on the intent behind it.

    And I have no doubt there is some “channeled” info that is Earth-based. But to say that all the crap comes from this side of the consciousness veil? Oh no. Part of my work in assisting with this planetary ascension has been to kick some ET yahoo butt, getting the GFL’s and ET councils’ interfering and yes “lab tech” attitude the hell away from us and our ascension.

    That brings up another thing – one of the things BM’s Ps said was that they call themselves renegades. Why? Because they went against ET council advice when they chose to help this ascension effort by channeling through Barbara. The same could be said about all of us who came to incarnate at this time. Initially the ET councils didn’t want any of their “brethren” to come here, it was just too scary. With that in mind, it could be said that they were quite ready to write-off Earth and humans. Sure glad all us “renegades” told them “Up yours!”

    I’d dare say that some off-world sources of channeled info has actually improved a bit since our dealings above the veil. Doesn’t get rid of human charlatans or Earth-based so-called “channelings”.

    This personal and planetary ascension has been a very tough row to hoe and yet, we are getting the job done. Make no mistake about that. So screw the GFL and ET councils. They are done. No really. Between some of us incarnate here dealing with them and God Himself getting fed up enough with their interference on this ascension to light a fire under the butts of more sovereign ET types who didn’t / don’t blindly follow GFL / ET council orders / rules (such as BM’s Ps), the ET yahoos are just stewing in their own lament now.

    Proof? Define proof? And for whom? None of us have the Responsibility nor the Power to prove anything to anyone else. Let me reword that – it’s not our job / problem to “prove” anything to anyone else AND we just flat are not ABLE to do so. Anyone getting fired up about ET Disclosure or disclosure about much of any truth is just flat being silly. Oh sure, present all the info you want, but calling for disclosure? By whom, to whom?

    The onus of the truth, our own truth, sits very firmly on each and every person’s OWN shoulders. Yes, we share, we offer, but that’s all it can ever be. What the truth is to Joe Citizen is ultimately up to Joe Citizen.

    And… Judgement and Discernment, in the dictionary, are used to define each other. But Patricia Leva gave the best definition I’ve ever seen about the difference between the two. I’m paraphrasing from memory here, but I think I got it:

    Judgement is a left-brained logical function based in reason.
    Discernment is a right-brained intuitive function based in knowingness.


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