Ego vs. Will

Are will and ego the same thing? My current personal exploration on the subject of will brought me to this article, which I’m sharing for its potential value re: clarification of terms. I found it quite illuminating!

This is not Part 2 of Right Use of Will, but serves as a useful supplement to the conversation, imho. oxW

by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

Q: Isn’t a strong ego a requirement for success in anything, including spiritual practice?

Often people think they need a strong ego to live successfully in the world and to be successful in their spiritual endeavors. This is not true. We cannot be successful in either the external world or the internal world while we are tossed about by a powerful ego. What success in both realms requires is a strong will.

The difference between ego and will is that the ego is blind, while the will has vision. Will has its source in the pure Self. Ego springs from a false sense of identification (avidya) with the external world, and is usually concerned with preserving self-image and self-identity. Ego is characterized by stubbornness, selfishness, and an unwillingness to compromise.

The ego is like a little pool.

An egotistical person crouches in that little pool like a frog—his world is small, his borders insecure. He has only a vague awareness of the grove of trees surrounding his pool, and he cannot even imagine the frog-filled marshes just beyond. From his perspective, only his own feelings and voice are meaningful.

But the power of will is like a spring whose source is the Pure Being.

Will infuses the mind and body with enthusiasm, courage, curiosity, and the energy to act. In yogic literature this force—the intrinsic power of the soul—is called iccha shakti, and it is from this force that all the various aspects of our personality, including the ego, receive the energy to carry out their activities.

Achieving success in the world requires a strong will, and that strong will needs to be properly guided so that we may develop a strong personality rather than a trivial, egotistical one. A strong personality exhibits tolerance and endurance. It has the power to vanquish and punish an opponent, but forgives and forgets instead. When we are egotistical, on the other hand, we demonstrate our weakness by answering a pebble with a cannon. We lose our composure the moment our feelings receive even the mildest bruise. We have a hard time forgetting the injuries we have received from others, and an even harder time remembering how much we have hurt others.

The stronger the ego, the bigger the hurdle it will create. The solution, however, is not to kill the ego or even to weaken it. Rather, we should do our best to purify, transform, and guide it properly. We can do this by employing both our intelligence and our power of discrimination.

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One comment on “Ego vs. Will

  1. The Double Edge Sword: one edge being “EGO” the other edge being “HUMILITY”.
    We all decided to come in at this time, on this planet and in this dimension, all have the biggest Veil that there is, contracted to come in with them at the same time. The Veil has a name, called the EGO.

    EGO is the filter, a choice between your FreeWill choice, and the “Prime Directive”, “Source/Creator”.

    The EGO has developed through this Human FreeWill, in Leaps and Bounds, in some gotten thick and others quite thin. Now, there are going to be those who may not agree that the Ego is nothing more than a Veil.
    This does not mean for you to accept what comes out of those mouths “ Blindly”. Use your own Heart in discernment of the information that comes through to you.

    The Heart of your Soul is what speaks to each individual. Now we must realize, are we discerning through our Hearts or are we discerning through our Ego?
    The Ego tends to make its presence known more fully and completely then as does the Heart of the Soul.

    The Ego is part of who we are, we cannot erase the Ego, nor do we want to, and we can’t destroy the Ego. You don’t want to do that either.

    The Ego can attach itself to your Dream state, the Ego can show its way through the Physical-ness of the body. The Ego is so ingrained in our bodies that you’re contained in that it can touch upon any aspect of your being, except for your Soul.
    Your soul is located on the other side of the Veil of the Ego.

    The other side of the Sword – is the Act of Humility.

    The Ego wants recognition, the Ego wants accomplishments. The Ego feeds upon energy given to it as a personal accomplishment for a job well done, where as Humility does not require nor ask for recognition.

    Now we have the Power of words.
    Many refuse to Honor the Act of Humility, as it reminds them on a subconscious level, of the Word Humiliation.
    We do not have to go through Humiliation to be Humble.
    One who is Humble does not experience Humiliation.
    Where does the Word “ Humiliation” grab its Roots?
    If we feel Humiliated, which part of you feels that Humiliation? Thats right your Ego!
    Humiliation, is a concept birthed directly from the Ego, it is a word and a concept that Ego given birth to, to counteract being Humble.

    The Humbleness of the Soul realizes that each individual Soul is truly nothing without the Source of its Being.
    The Soul feels the Separation from Source!
    The Soul yearns for the Separation to be over, to be joined back into Source.
    The Soul recognizes that anytime two individual Souls can come together it feels more Energy from the Source than just by standing alone.The more souls that come together the more Unity and closeness they feel to Source.

    However, the Ego is not part of the Soul!
    The Ego does not want to come together and combine Energies, because the more that come together in that combined Energy, the less recognition the Ego gets.

    We look at our selves as Independent Beings who are nothing without our Source, and our Source is All of Us.
    We are told to Love our neighbor as ourselves, the Ego immediately clasps to the concept of “Love our selves and our neighbors will Love us also!”

    Well we Love our neighbors as we Love ourselves because we see their Soul, and in their Soul we see our Source.

    Now Lets Clarify.

    Some call it “Spirit”, Some call it “God”, Some call it “Goddess”, Some call it “Creator”, Some call it “Source”,….It is all the Same.
    We just need to Acknowledge the fact we are All One.
    It is only the Ego that keeps Us from Incorporating into the One.

    Ego and the Personality

    What makes the Ego individual is the Free-Will choice of each individual Ego.

    Is the Ego the personality, what is the personality, and how does the personality affect the Ego or how does the Ego affect the personality.

    There is a Being, this Being was truly Magnificent. This Being was All that was, and is , and ever shall be, this Being was the containment of All.
    To experience all that there is, from Outside of itself. To take the Sum total of itself and Divide.
    We end up with All that is Now.
    This Creator in a Constant State of Change, allowing for Growth, Information, Wisdom, to Assimilate into itself.
    How does it receive this information?
    Each of Us has a Soul, this Soul is that portion of the God-Self, the Source of All that Is.
    Each of Us also has an Ego, which is a wonderful Veil that keeps Us from opening the Door to the Soul, to be able to see the All That Is.
    If We could open that Door, We would know All That Is.

    Ego is the necessary thing that remains shut between, Who you are Now, Who you once were, and Who you will be Again.
    This is the only thing that Separates Us from Source, IS the DOOR.Look at it in Three Parts

    Soul – Which is the Connection to Source.
    Ego – Which is the doorway that Prevents you from seeing All That there Is within
    the All That Is
    3) Personality – Which is on the other side of the Door from the Soul.

    All of Us put together are the Sum total of the Source, the All That Is of the Personality, your Ego and your Soul, is the All That Is for you the Individual.

    Your Personality also equals your Ego and your Soul, simple put here, the Battle between the Ego and the Soul is what Produces your Personality.

    Our Personality is that Individual part of you that others see, others, as in, “Here” in the Third Dimensional Reality.

    Your Personality is also the Mirror of your Soul, the Part of you is the culmination that your Ego wishes to keep Covered, by reflecting off what your Ego wishes to be seen.

    Your Ego may build up in your mind the protection of “Who” you wish to share your life with.
    Your Ego may tell you that only those that are truly Handsome or Beautiful are worthy of sharing your Soul, or only those that are extremely Intelligent or very Brave are the Ones that your Ego will Allow you to Blend with your Soul.

    Their are structures that your Ego has Allowed into your Mind to determine, a pre- determination, of “Who” you wish to share yourself with.

    This is not always the case, and this is not always true, as far as Who is allowed within the Space of your Soul.

    Love does not conquer All, including the Ego.
    So now we came up with the saying such as “Love is Blind”.
    Well, Love is not Blind, Love just Blinds the Ego, and the structures that the Ego has established in your Brain.

    Our Soul truly wishes to have within its reaches, is another Pure Soul of the same Vibration, to Blend and Cause a Melding of the Soul that the Actual Feeling of Source into your Life.

    When your Soul Blends, you do Feel God. This is what your Soul Craves.

    Your Souls Sing Songs to each other that you do not Hear, and the Souls that Hear the Purity of each others Songs are most Attracted to Each Other.

    Some Souls Sing High and Some Sing Low, and they call Souls to them that Sing the Same Song.
    This is the Choir of Angels.
    This is the Calling of the Souls back to the Creator.

    Now the Ego is tone Deaf, it has set-up structures to Mirror what the Ego sees within itself.
    so the Ego, at times, may not wish to Hear the Song of the Soul.


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