Remote Viewing JFK’s Assassination – and Beyond

As you may be aware, remote viewing is a skill involving the ability to view a “target” distant in space – and even time. Remote viewers are given assigned coordinates that are meaningless on any map; they ONLY have meaning to the person directing the protocol. In other words, the director labels a target using a meaningless number, and gives that number to a remote viewer, who then – with no idea what the target actually IS – begins focusing on the assigned number and starts documenting impressions.

In the project covered in this video, the remote viewer (Daz Smith, in England) was provided a blind numeric code by the director of this project, Courtney Brown – the founder of The Farsight Institute. The target (again, unknown to the viewer) was the assassination of John Kennedy. The objective was to “see” who killed him.

The process of remote viewers tuning into that historic moment is available to purchase as a documentary from Farsight Institute.

But one of the viewers had the unprecedented experience of actually “following” JFK into the afterlife. This is what this free video covers; the entire process is explained in therein. Remote Viewing is a discipline that, to my understanding, proves the viability of tuning one’s consciousness to a remote location via the quantum field. Remote Viewing has never been about events “on the other side.” It’s not about channeling, or what is typically known as clairvoyance or mediumship. So the experience Daz had of following JFK into the next plane was an unexpected game-changer for all involved.

If interested in how this played out, here’s the video, which I offer for your consideration. Not attempting to convince anyone of anything.  oxW


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