Certificate of Permission


You are hereby granted license to be your real Self regardless of how the world sees you or your own idle opinions of yourself.

Forthwith you are encouraged to live out and indulge in your wildest dreams and explore the unknown cosmos without hesitation.


Your consciousness knows infinity ~ why accept confinement?

This license gives you leave to venture, to celebrate and delight in the depths and beauty of yourself and the universe.

With this certificate you have consent to follow your passion and find satiety in all aspects of your life.

You are encouraged to valiantly seek out your unique hungers as an aid in your search for your rare Self, for satiety is the key to transformation, full embodiment and God Realization.

By express concession you hereby are empowered to feel the depths of your soul and being… to bring forth full recognition of the gift that you are.

You are verified and sanctioned to express your full beauty and like a flower in the field become beauty to ignite the beauty of others.

From now till eternity you have privileged admission to shine in excruciating beauty for all to see.

You are given approval to become Pleasure itself and henceforth to give pleasure endlessly for all eternity to the limits of your perceptive ability.

Thus you have sanctification to investigate the full dimension of inner and outer worlds with ever greater sensitivity.

You have full and absolute leave to refuse to carry on the inheritance of suffering and instead to be intensely happy and vitally whole.

You are thus blessed and authenticated as who you are and given permission to exist in your full sovereign code and individual glory.


Breathe Your Dearest Dreams into Being


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