Who or What is Mogay?

[This post has been edited down since originally published.]

I find this interesting.by_darkzero66

I discovered it via Dr. Elisa Medhus’s youtube channel, where she has “talks” with her deceased (by suicide) son, Erik. Erik has become a connector on the other side, bringing people (and other beings) through channelers to converse with his mother, Elisa;  these videos are posted on youtube.

The vid I’m describing here is inserted below. It features a unique conversation with Mogay – a being whose entire home in another universe was destroyed via a catastrophic event, apparently a collision with a ‘planetary body’ of some sort.

The story has been circulating around since last month that there are ETs stranded here in electromagnetic frequencies of earth. They exist IN – and AS – these frequencies. They are apparently moving in and out of humans’ “fields” (purportedly in a “non-parasitic, non-energy-sucking way”) to communicate their plight of being stranded here. Erik came thru with the confirmation that this was not fiction; Mogay’s claims are true.

(A soul in 4D, as is Erik, is not omniscient, so your discernment is your guide re: Erik’s “confirmation” that Mogay is a real being in an electromagnetic jam. To me, this interview does not feel like a hoax. W)

I wonder to what extent Mogay’s situation is affected by the various grids around this planet that are keeping this expired 3D program on a repeating loop when we really need to get on with it, you know?

Mogay’s observations of humanity are interesting; listen for meaningful tidbits, because sometimes the channel has difficulty with the unusual communication style of this being.

Also interesting is the fact that last year, there was a sci-fi TV program about an entity called DRILL that lived and communicated with children through electricity. Drill wasn’t physical; it was a “force” that caused things to occur thru the minds and actions of people. This and Mogay seem eerily similar. I feel certain that DRILL was inspired by VRILL, the adamantine energy of the universe, the knowledge of which was shared by ETs (probably Nordics) with Nazi Germans in the WWII era.

Apparently MUFON has not embraced this as “real,” which, my impression is, to be expected, as MUFON wants the empirical evidence and nothing else sizes up… thereby avoiding where 99% of this interplanetary/ transdimensional activity occurs.

Also fascinating: the Hillary Clinton piece. Hillary was present at the “galactic council meeting” that I somehow, in some way beyond my ability to fully understand, attended in late 2014. It was that experience which initially drew me to Corey Goode, before he “came out” with his real name. Hillary was the only familiar face I remember seeing there, and a surprising one it was. Love all, Whitehawk

The ‘interview with a stranded alien’:


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Here’s a rather flimsy piece I found online re: Mogay:

THE United Nations (UN) has communicated with someone who is claiming to be a being from another planet stranded on Earth.

By Jon Austin

Take me to your leader: Mogay was told UN boss Ban Ki moon does not run the world
The UN correspondence provided was a reply Ms McFadden to a query entitled “Did the UN have a reseetlement process and protection policy about extraterrestrial being?”.

Her reply said: “Dear Mogay, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretery-General, is not considered the leader of Earth.”

It explained what involvement the UN had previously had in the UFO phenomena, and added: “The UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) may also be of use to you.”

Mogay, who also claimed to have a Twitter account, said it could get no response from UNOOSA and urged MUFON to help.

But, in what could be interpreted as a veiled threat for not helping, it added: “We get the important information that the leader of us need, so they have to find us and bring us back.

“If they can’t get us when they reach here, I’m not sure what the aftermath will be.”

MUFON told Express.co.uk it would be looking at the reports.

A Source within the UFO disclosure movement, who campaigns for the release of confidential files on the subject from all world governments, said he believed it was a fellow campaigner posing as an alien in the belief it may get them information from the UN or governments on UFO files.

The source said: “They seem to be quite knowledgeable and there is the reference to Hilary Clinton, but it’s a strange idea and I am not sure it will work.”

One comment on “Who or What is Mogay?

  1. I came upon this excerpt of a recent ‘Cobra’ interview; sharing it as something to consider when pondering this Moray/ E/M being info might be, is Moray a form of the AI (artificial intelligence) Cobra (and others) claim rely on the E/M frequencies?
    Q: On March 10, 2013, you wrote an article about implant hemispheres. Could you walk us through again about what implant hemispheres are and how they actually work to affect us?

    C: Implant hemispheres are areas of distorted spacetime continuum around the etheric implants. Each incarnated human being has received etheric implants by the Archons just before incarnating – the so called veil of forgetfulness. Those etheric implants are actually multidimensional black holes which contain anomalous matter and distorted quantum fluctuation. Each human being has three of those implants and they create a quite stable interference pattern which keeps the consciousness of the human being within the Matrix. This interference pattern creates an energy field of anomalous distorted spacetime structure around the implants with a radius of about 100 feet with the three implants in its center.

    EM: Are implant hemispheres further reinforced through non-physical entities/nanonites?

    C: Yes.

    EM: Are implant hemispheres still a major problem now? Do we make much progress in this area?

    C: There was much progress in that area recently.

    EM: According to what is revealed by Corey, this AI signal not only can live in the electromagnetic fields of a planet, but also bioelectric fields of living beings, including animals. But, it just doesn’t “prefer” that. Instead, it prefers to live in high technology. And the more advanced our technology becomes, the more likelihood it is for us to depend on it, and to give it all of our sovereignty without bothering to ask why. Knowing this, people are soon reminded of what you said previously during one of your interviews with Untwine, that the vast majority of animals were not implanted because they don’t have their I AM presence fully shaped, and that the plants are not implanted at all. So, this “I AM presence” seems to play a key role here for the Archons to decide whether or not to implant that being. Is it really so? Why?

    C: Yes. Because only a being with fully developed I Am presence is dangerous for the Matrix.


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