Chaos Before Birth

Following is extracted from Solara’s current Surf Report. As for me, the past week or so has been about overwhelming allergies, brain fog/headache, and unrelenting, heavy sky-spraying that – if not causing all this outright, is certainly exacerbating it. Weary, wary, and carrying on, regardless – what else is there to do?  ~Whitehawk


March is a dynamic, action-packed month from the very beginning until the very end. The Green Lights are fully on! The Fire Monkey is already scampering around in the treetops with his pockets full of wild antics, exciting creative projects and unexpected breakthroughs. Everything he / she does this year is for the purpose of breaking us free of old patterns and aligning us with our True Path.

images.jpgRight now, the collapsing world of duality is creating intense chaos in the outer world. Lots of old distorted energy is being stirred up and much of it is extremely dirty, noisy and more than a bit mad. This chaos is sowing the seeds of fear, anger and hysteria. It’s full of sinister science fiction scenarios and way too unreal. The chaos is caused by all the old energies which are being stirred up and knocked loose by the New Reality. Now these illusory energies must leave the planet.

Chaos always precedes birth. Since this is such a massive birth, there is massive chaos. Most of the time, this circus of chaos is transparent and ridiculous, as we silently observe everything from an energetic position of Trueness. Occasionally, we become affected by waves of distortion which sweep through us for a moment, making the drama feel real, until we remember to quickly recalibrate and anchor in what is Real and True.

The cogs which long held the Wheel of Time into position have now broken off and the Wheel of Time is spinning wildly out of control. Because of this, an hour no longer feels like a real hour; it feels like ten minutes of old time.

In the midst of this, there is a profusion of too many things to do that are calling for our attention. This presents us with a real dilemma because there is so much to do and so little “time” to do it in. To compensate for this, time is being stuffed with things that need to be done simultaneously, rather than in the linear manner that we are used to. This concentration of compacted multiple tasks stuffed into a small segment of time is a constant challenge.

Chaos brings numerous distractions that try to pull us off our True Path. It makes us feel like we are walking through swirling dust storms full of misinformation presented to us as facts which have no basis in reality. We are being constantly assaulted by too much input. It’s really hard to remember what we did yesterday and last week has already disappeared into the abyss of forgetfulness. Yet somehow, we have to remain so firmly anchored in the New Reality that this doesn’t pull us down. When the visibility is cloudy, we need to navigate using the radar of our Heart’s Knowingness. We have to live in the expanded HERE and NOW which is beyond the restrictions of time.

We have reached the gates of NO DOWN – NO RETURN and it’s no longer an option to remain in the world of duality. It’s no longer the comfy, secure place that we used to think it was. We have to release our outdated patterns, habits and beliefs right now.
The most effective way to do this is to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality by inhabiting it, which is what some of us are already doing. The New Reality needs to be extremely solid to deal with all the shifts and upheavals taking place on this planet. It’s of paramount importance to keep one’s feet solidly grounded in the New Reality and become actively involved in doing things that strengthen its resonance.

Turn off your TV. Stop paying attention to the distorted news media which constantly gives us false information. Don’t get drawn into fears. Make the shift from “New Age” to New Reality. Living our lives in the old energy is what makes us so tired. It keeps us powerless, insecure and weak. And we simply cannot allow ourselves to do this anymore.

As the door of duality closes, a much larger, new door opens. Fresh, true energies from the New Reality, which long resided in the realms of the Invisible for few to see, are now becoming fully visible. It’s time to make the shift from the unreal to the REAL as quickly as possible. It’s NOW OR NEVER!

• • • • ∆ • • • • ∆ • • • •
This is a small fragment of Solara’s complete MARCH 2016 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.


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