From Elimination Comes Illumination

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It struck me to see the following message minutes after reading a quote from Edward Snowden (which I now can’t find so using my own words here) – essentially about taking in so much information from so many directions, that you have no clear signal coming from anywhere (ie within!). The signal-to-noise ratio is so noise dominated, a proper signal has little hope of getting through and “sticking.”

The elimination/illumination line I used to title this post spoke to me vis a vie a kundalini awakening. So much of kundalini’s work pertains to purging – purging the consciousness, the subconsciousness, the shadow, the dna (of bio-family, personal soul imprints, and humanity at large)…
I for one seemed to have had endless physical & psycho-spiritual issues “presenting” for years, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this continues as the frequencies continue to rise and more dross is shaken loose from the old grid’s grip. This old goop cannot exist in higher energies, but it doesn’t just conveniently, invisably evaporate, either.
It flushes FORTH to impart its long-buried lesson. It shows itself – not only to be seen, but also felt, and acknowledged as having significance over the long haul of one’s experiences in/beyond earthly incarnations. Greater awareness and integration are essential steps to attain realms of refined densities.

Following is a brief message from The Reconnections, as received by Daniel Jacob.  Love to you! ~Whitehawk


“If you were to close your physical eyes, and open up your “eyes of the mind,” you could envision yourself anywhere, doing anything. And if so, does that Inner Image represent you less than the solidified Outer One? Of which “coat” that you try on do you choose to say: “This is mine? This is ME?”

The more solidified you become… the more committed you are to a particular definition of “self” or an idea… the less perceptual access you have to other parts of yourself. And that, too, is illusion.

It is called “Focusing.” In order to see one thing clearly, you must filter your attention stream so as to eliminate all other things which are also there.

It could be said that “out of elimination comes illumination,” as your Multiversal Soul takes time and energy to get “up close and personal” with one or more aspects of All That Is. You live, you learn, you enjoy. That’s how it works in the Human Sector of All That Is.

And now, you are preparing to be born, once again. The escalating sense of dissatisfaction which many of you are feeling – the decrease in body energy, the sense of dissociation you now feel about 3D living – comes from a waning interest in viewing THIS representation of what is real in favor of adopting ANOTHER one, which seems more suitable to your taste. You are in your mother’s belly, sleeping and dreaming, and some unseen force is drawing you forward, into your next “life.”

Your mind may tell you “Quickly! It’s time! Let go! Let it happen NOW!” But the mind is only a part of who you are, a wandering minstrel… looking for a new home. His wife and child (his emotions and physical body) travel far more slowly; taking time to feel, to recall, to consciously release connections to this home, family, community, and all that was.

Linear Experience. Past-Present-Future. It takes time to let it go. Truly… it takes what it takes.

Your body falters. Your mind wanders. “Am I dying?” you ask. “No, I guess not. I’m still here.” But death, too, is illusion. A heart stops, a body topples to the ground… and another coat goes to the pile. Back to the drawing board. Back to the rack to try on another.

~The Reconnections
via Daniel Jacob



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