Bowie’s New Project

Of possible interest to Bowie fans as well as anyone interested in a few insights re: how things work in the afterlife realm – which spans a vast and various spectrum of frequencies generally referred to as 4D.

[The 4th density is where all earth-centric consciousness, dreams, thought-forms, various entities, and discarnate souls “live.” Our graduation to 5D is expected to end any involvement with 3D or 4D, which are said to be “folding up” or expiring once 5D earth is achieved. This in itself boggles and naturally raises questions, but moving on here … ]

Where one “settles” in this expansive realm depends on the energetic signatures held by a person. Naturally.  :)

First Contact w/David

davidbowie-promo-650The day after he passed, I relayed on this blog what I’d heard via a rather adept medium about Bowie’s crossing over. That post is here. It basically shared that David was immersed in luminous energy fields, zooming around in bliss, and not interested in communicating anything beyond “maybe later – kinda busy with my transition here!” Of note was the absence of the usual “reuniting with family, life review, etc.” that we tend to hear so much about.

Well, a few months pass, and our friend began getting little taps on the shoulder (so to speak) from the star man, who wanted to give an update on his ‘afterlife experience.’

Finding His Mates

David said that after his initial cosmic bliss phase (imagine the joy of being suddenly  *free* of a diseased body – who wouldn’t want to trip the light fantastic!), he arrived at a community filled with (the spirits of) creative artists and musicians, both known and unknown to David in his earth life. John Lennon was the only specific name mentioned, and funny – I knew he would be in this transmission.

These comrades have been showing Bowie the etheric ropes and helping him adjust to a realm where “superpowers” are readily available to all. Right there we have something interesting to ponder: Bowie’s facility with out-of-the-box creativity was obvious in 3D; imagine what he might come up with in a no-limits environment! Just dream it up and voila – there it be in 4D.

Sidebar re: 4D Manifestation/s

bigstock-Diversity-Of-The-Mind-57374144.jpgThoughtforms we hold are always powerful mechanisms of creation, but in 4D, they come into form quite spontaneously. If imagined strongly and consistently enough (all the more so if others are visualizing the same), that form can last. Otherwise it is likely to dissolve back into the unmanifest before long.

Exploring in 4D (as some out-of-body adepts are aware), one might encounter the astral ruins of, for instance, an old religion or belief system that is no longer practiced. Similar to 3D, “unattended” structures can break down. As long as “believers” reaffirm their belief in that sect, it likely remains intact. Or an afterlife homestead created by a soul who has since moved on from there could be seen in a dissolving state. (Yes many do create their ideal homes & environs “over there.”)

101+agarthian+palace_1.jpgA possible glitch lies in making too many changes to a developing form – it can basically explode when conflicting thoughts are projected into it, isn’t that interesting?

In 3D, if there are conflicting ideas among a team re: the direction of a creative endeavor, one potential outcome is the detonation of the project, as the intentions for its manifestation never achieved alignment. In this example, in the realm of slow-mo 3D manifestation, conceptual conflict derailed the effort prior to its chance to manifest in any form at all.

No alignment, no flow, no success.
Alignment, synchronicity, voila!

Here, in 3D, if we keep jumping around re: intentions and never firmly DECIDE about a thing, what do we get? Typically we get static, not manifestation.  Or – if you want to grow carrots in your garden, say, it won’t work if you plant chard seeds. Get clear first.

One of the most powerful “powers” we have is the power to make a decision. One solid, sincere decision can return miracles. Moreso now than ever before. I encourage anyone reading this to make conscious alignments with Source Creator before attempting to manifest a desire.

Worth acknowledging in these wildly shifting energies is, how difficult it can be to get a handle on almost anything – including a clue as to what to DO in these new fields. Many are finding that old patterns, passions, or even an overall sense of identity are dissolving back into the void! Which can be confusing to the point of catastrophic, depending on the person.

Back to Bowie

Bowie’s creative soul is now enthusiastically endeavoring to create a multidimensional “opera-ballet-film” (our 3D language does not do this justice ;) about his experiences transitioning from 3D to 4D. Wouldn’t that be something to “see-feel-experience” as one only can in higher densities! Alas, this spectacular (not to mention spectral ;) production will be witnessed in full immersion only by others in David’s current milieu. But it’s fun to imagine, isn’t it?


This seems an opportune time to mention that I’m holding a considerable collection of material regarding the afterlife experiences of famous people. As it happens, my partner in this endeavor has passed on, himself… leaving me with some questions re: how to proceed with this material. It does give insights into the evolutionary development (or not) of various people, and how they get on in the afterlife.

This Bowie update brings all that other material to mind, including the awareness that these creative souls actually experience much frustration by being unable to share their work with the living! They crave to manifest their words, their music, etc, in 3D… work that often addresses important issues to humanity as a whole, as ‘synthesized’ from a higher perspective.

Also I have to share a couple of links to seriously amazing phenomena to behold. Please watch for the next post and be sure to dive into these experiences!

Wishing you alignment with source & all things delightful :::








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